Attorney Brad "Bad Brad" Louison Schemes to defeat American Citizen in U.S. Court with Lies

Gets Caught - Runs Away Begging for Mercy

Louison's Phony I.O.U. used for False Arson Charge Conspiracy Causes Loss of Fees




This Web Site apologizes to its readership, who have been eagerly awaiting the dirt on Attorney of the Mass. Bar - "Bad Brad" Louison. Oh, the readership was disappointed, they wanted more than the content in the complaint filed against Louison and his Co-Conspirators.

Louison was, back in the 1990's, a privileged character/Jew in the Federal Court. But Louison had a problem and that problem was Michael Elbery and his, at that point in time of 1997, two lawsuits against the Shrewsbury Police Defendant's, who were insured by an Insurance Companies that paid Louison. Louison could not win those cases and he knew it. The only way to win was to  go to one of his fellow Jews on the Federal Bench , conveniently, Saris or Wolf, and get the case rigged; rigging a Constitutionally grounded case/lawsuit comes with risk of possibly getting the Jew Judge in trouble for violating the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights. The other tactic was to get the Plaintiff, Michael Elbery, off the streets and jack him up on more phony charges with newly falsified evidence. Louison and his cop clients would use both methods. They failed at getting the plaintiff, framed-up on their new claim that he started the E-z Mini Storage fire, but Saris and Wolf would not let Elbery win any case, regardless of the evidence. Judge Mark Wolf would have to resign because of his misconduct on the Sklut case, but Saris escaped justice and rigged the Hester case with impunity. 

Are Wolf and Saris Dual Citizen Israelis? Did they participate in formulating PNAC strategies?


The Alternative Course of Action - Fabricate Arson Charges - No More Plaintiff

Louison and his high intellect clients, the Shrewsbury Police Dept., which featured Gus Chester "they don't call him Sparky for nothin' " Johnson, decided they would handle "the problem" themselves. After all, they were a team of Co-Conspirators that thought they could get away with anything and everything, as they had done in the past and still do. But this time they got caught and that little mutt of a bar attorney, "Bad Brad Louison," got in a "little bit of trouble" and got caught in his own stupid trick. Who thought it up, Shrewsbury cop, Gus Chester Johnson? Louison blames the cops, just like Attorney Bobby Sheketoff, when he got caught trying to falsely imprison Michael Elbery. In 1997, only Louison was able to get a piece of paper with Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's fingerprints on it. Louison is a real lightweight when he has to stand on his own two feet.

So what did Louison get caught at while Conspiring with his Cop Clients, the Shrewsbury Police, who were being sued at that point, twice, by Michael Elbery? It is all told in Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's case pleadings. Specifically, in "Plaintiff's Response/Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment" and "Plaintiff's Affidavits in Support of Response/Opposition to Defendant's Summary Judgment".


Plaintiff - Michael Elbery filed the Federal Lawsuit, Michael Elbery v. Daniel Sklut et al. on about August of 1997, after Michael Elbery first filed the Hester case in Norfolk Superior Court in March of 1997. Louison had that Constitutional Grounded s. 1983 Civil Rights, Hester Case, transferred to the Boston Federal Court where his Jewish Judge Friends ran the docket and outcome of cases. Both Cases went to Federal Judge Patti B. Saris.

Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison and his Shrewsbury Police Defendants decided, in December of 1997, that they would get Michael Elbery off the street with some newly fabricated criminal charges. What were those criminal charges? Louison and cop-Co-Conspirators plotted to frame Michael Elbery for setting the E-Z Arson fire of August 4-5, 1994. Phony Arson charges would solve the Co-Conspirators' problems; Elbery would be off the streets and unable to prosecute his Federal lawsuits against the Shrewsbury cops. But even better is they planned to get a conviction against Elbery for the E-z arson that was the underlying event causing his Sklut lawsuit against Louison's Cop Defendants. Michael Elbery would have a difficult time with his Federal Sklut case before a Federal Civil Jury, if the Jury was lied to that the plaintiff was the Arsonist that caused the underlying incident.

So how did the small minds of this spoiled Jewish lawyer and his cop clients decide they were going to frame Michael Elbery on Arson Charges, so they could defeat Elbery on his two Federal Lawsuits against the Shrewsbury Cops? 


The Co-conspirators Fabricate an I.O.U. - small minds working overtime

Louison had paper with plaintiff, Michael Elbery's, fingerprints on it. That's right, through Federal Civil Discovery Attorney Louison acquired a pile of Evidentiary Discovery from the Plaintiff, Michael Elbery, on the Hester and Sklut cases. The Evidentiary Discovery is primarily computer paper and had Elbery's fingerprints on that paper because Plaintiff - Michael Elbery had to type some of that Discovery Paper and, at a minimum, handle it. Some of the standard 81/2" x 11" paper would be blank or partially written or typed on making it custom made for Louison and his Cop Co-conspirators' I.O.U..

Louison and his Co-Conspirators' trick was to use that fingerprinted Discovery paper to fabricate an I.O.U. complete with Michael Elbery's Fingerprints. Louison and the Shrewsbury Police further fabricated that the I.O.U. came from a junky named Robert Breen, who they were claiming was the Arsonist, who torched E-z mini Storage on 8-4-94. The Co-Conspirators were claiming that Breen, a junky, owed Michael Elbery money and that Breen wrote an I.O.U. confirming the debt. Louison claimed the "Breen I.O.U." was found in Michael Elbery's E-z Unit and had Elbery's and Breen's fingerprints on it.


At the late date of December of 1997,  Attorney Louison and the Shrewsbury Cops claimed that the I.O.U. was taken out of Michael Elbery's E-z Unit on 8-5-94, the day of the E-z Arson fire. See the newly fabricated Shrewsbury Police Dept. documentation of December 12, 1997 where Lt. James Hurley and fellow Co-conspirators fabricate they inventoried the I.O.U. taken from Elbery's E-z unit. They also make point that it was taken out of the Shrewsbury Police inventory for fingerprinting.

Jackass, Lt. James Hurley, of the Shrewsbury Police Dept., was, in December of 1997, claiming he was "just wrapping up another case" against Michael Elbery, see "Plaintiff's Affidavits #2-3 in Support of Response and Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment". Hurley don't you mean  you were just fabricating more evidence for another of your customary Shrewsbury Police Dept.'s false Arrests and Malicious Prosecutions?



Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison has a good laugh for himself

After receiving redundant discovery from Attorney Louison in December of 1997 on the Sklut case which disclosed on p. 52 that he, Michael Elbery, was now a Codefendant with a Robert Breen, Elbery called Louison, who was the source of the fabrication. During phone conversation with Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison concerning the needlessly repetitive evidentiary discovery, see Exhibit H below, Louison stated that there was a new arson charges against him (Elbery). Louison had a very difficult time defending Elbery's two cases filed against his defendants, the Shrewsbury cops, and thought it was real funny that new charges for Arson were being brought against his adversary, Michael Elbery, by his Cop clients.

Louison, and Co-conspirators, were claiming that the junky, Robert Breen, gave Michael Elbery an I.O.U., and that Breen burnt down E-z mini Storage. As per Shrewsbury cop documentation, they were also claiming the evidence of the crime of Arson Conspiracy, the I.O.U., was in Elbery's E-z unit and recovered on 8-5-94 by the good police work of the Shrewsbury cop fools.

When Elbery received that Ex. H he knew that it didn't make any difference how much the cops were lying and fabricating by backdating evidence, he knew that one of Worcester Courthouses Kangaroo Judges would be happy to convict Michael Elbery on Arson Charges regardless of the obvious phony evidence. Oh, Worcester D.A. John "Italian Mafia runt" Conte would also be happy to contribute to another false imprisonment.

The Co-Conspirators must have been doing some boasting about their newly fabricated evidence and plan of False Arrest and Imprisonment because "Big Shot" Worcester T & G Reporter, Bob Kievra, knew all about the new, 1997 Arson charges, the Shrewsbury Cops planned against Michael Elbery. Kievra spoke to Michael Elbery and during that phone conversation was happy to disclose that he knew all about the pending Arson charges by the Shrewsbury Cops against him, Michael Elbery. Kievra contacted Michael Elbery about his Federal Lawsuit against the Shrewsbury Cops, per Exhibit P, below.

Hopefully, the new owner of the Worcester T&G, John Henry, is sweeping the Worcester T&G of Vermin like Bob Kievra from the ranks of his employ at that newspaper.


Louison not Tricky Enough - Louison gets Caught by his Own Evidentiary Discovery Documents

The Dopes made some mistakes in December of 1997 in pursuit of their Quest to frame Michael Elbery for the 8-4-94 E-z Arson.. They ignored that the E-z arson of 8-4/5-94 was already the subject of another lawsuit against Charles D. Nolan & Sons Inc., See Exhibit A below and Exhibit B, by Michael Elbery in Dedham District Court (Massachusetts District Court); there was absolutely nothing in the original 1994 inventory documents produced by the Shrewsbury Police, as a result of Illegally Seizing Michael Elbery's E-z Garage Unit, that indicated an I.O.U. was recovered from that E-z unit on 8-5-1994. 


Further, the E-z arson caused the false arrest of Michael Elbery on 8-5-94 and the Shrewsbury Cops had already inventoried the entire contents of Elbery's E-z storage Garage back in August of 1994, See Exhibit E, and there was never any mention of an I.O.U., or even a fingerprinted I.O.U.. Making Louison look even more stupid is that he had already sent Discovery to Plaintiff - Elbery on the Sklut case, (see Exhibits F and Exhibits G, below) that further corroborated no I.O.U. was taken from Michael Elbery's E-z Garage and contradicted the new claim, at December of 1997, of an I.O.U. with fingerprints taken from Michael Elbery's E-z Mini Storage Garage.

Want more Shrewsbury Police Dept. inventories taken as a result of their illegal Search and Seizure of Michael Elbery's E-z Garage Unit on 8-5-94? See these inventories dated September of 1997 (see top right of police document).

See also the August 5, 1994 Search Warrant and Return Service , signed by S.P.D. Chief - Wayne Sampson, himself, as he failed in his attempt to falsely imprison Michael Elbery for Sampson's phony gun violations. There was no I. O. U. in the police inventories taken from Michael Elbery's E-z Garage Unit on 8-5-94.

Coincidentally, where were they all those years from 1994 through 1997? They never claimed, as documented through various local newspaper articles, (See Exhibit L, and Exhibit N, and Exhibit P and Exhibit Q ), or the above two court cases against, Charles D. Nolan & Sons Inc., any claim that Michael Elbery was a suspect for Arson. Nor did the name, Robert Breen, ever come up. Not until Louison and his client- Co-Conspirators ran into "a little bit of trouble". Will someone please give these morons some adult supervision.

Michael Elbery brought the fabricated I.O.U. documentation (see p. 52) to two attorneys that he was working with at the time. Both Attorney Robert Sheketoff and Ken Brekka confirmed that the documentation was plain - Michael Elbery was now a Co-defendant for the crime of Arson with a Robert Breen. Sheketoff was happy to be frank that his former client, Michael Elbery, was up on more criminal charges.


Louison Gets Confused on Motive - Louison and Cop Defendants' Fabricated tricks Back Fire !

Then everything changed. Why would Michael Elbery burn down E-z Mini Storage? According to Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison it was to get the Insurance money for his, (Elbery's), 1990 ZR-1 Corvette. Why would Michael Elbery do that? The car only had 3,000 miles, he could have sold it in new condition. That would not stop Louison and his cop buddies whose insurance company was paying Louison's Law firm big fees for little work. Louison dreamt up, like a good liar, that Michael Elbery had insurance on that ZR-1, but Louison, as usual, was dreaming.

Louison was banking on that insurance on the ZR-1 for his fabricated motive on the phony Arson charges against Michael Elbery brought "Out of the Clear Blue Sky" over 3 years after the E-z fire of August of 1994.


Michael Elbery had no insurance on that ZR-1 at August of 1994. Elbery had taken that ZR-1 off the road and it was not even registered at August of 1994. And the stupid Shrewsbury cops knew on 8-5-94 when they falsely arrested Michael Elbery for gun charges at E-z that his Corvette that was in his E-z Garage Unit was not registered. If it wasn't registered, then, it is not going to have the customary auto insurance that Louison was talking about. There is probably insurance that you could buy to insure contents of the E-z Garage but you might run into trouble when the contents includes a ZR-1 Corvette. Had Louison done his homework he would have learned that Michael Elbery had no insurance of any kind on the contents of his E-z Mini Storage Garage that sustained smoke damage through the Charles D. Nolan & Sons Inc. lawsuit, see Exhibits A and Exhibits B, below. See Exhibit M, below, Plaintiff - Michael Elbery's Answer/Response to Defendant's Nolan's Interrogatories, and see #8 (No Insurance of any kind, including auto insurance).


Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison learned the hard way that Michael Elbery does not like insurance, and had none at E-z Mini Storage.


Louison Beggs for Mercy - Tormented by Notice of Lawsuit

Michael Elbery then went to work on who he knew to be a weakling; Elbery told Louison around January of 1998 that he was going to name Louison and his clients, the Shrewsbury Cops, as defendants in a Federal Lawsuit. At the Hester Deposition of, by then retired, Westboro Cop Tom King, on  February 26, 1998, Michael Elbery put Attorney Louison on notice, again, during breaks of that Deposition that he got caught with his clients, the Shrewsbury Cops, fabricating evidence, so they could Falsely Arrest, Maliciously Prosecute, and Falsely Imprison Michael Elbery. Plaintiff Michael Elbery tormented Louison at the Deposition table, while his client James Hester listened. Louison Begged for Mercy. He begged Michael Elbery not to sue him. Michael Elbery tortured "Bad Brad" with his jabs that he is going to sue Louison and his Co-Conspirators Breen and the Shrewsbury Cop Defendants.

Louison was unraveled and was so upset that he left that Deposition unable to talk coherently. Louison tried to threaten Michael Elbery, that "you will be in trouble for suing me (Louison)". Gee, that didn't work. Not even Cyanide worked Louison, do you think your silly threats meant anything. 


Louison was so upset that he nervously exclaimed, "I will have to go to the Court and report this pleading (Exhibit H, below), if you are going to sue me. I will have to retract that Report (Exhibit H), if you are going to do this."

Michael Elbery mocked Louison at the 2-26-98 Hester Deposition of Cop King and told him "he better start squealing on his cop clients to get out of trouble." Michael Elbery had a good laugh on Louison.


Louison changes his Tune & Co-Conspirators tell lies piled on lies - A stupid Cop Cover-up

Per Exhibit H p. 52 dated December 17, 1997, there is a new phony I.O.U. that was confiscated by the Shrewsbury Cops from Michael Elbery's E-z Garage on 8-5-94, complete with fingerprints.

Then, when Louison got caught, he and his fellow Co-conspirators took the simpleton's approach to his predicament and would then claim there was no such I.O.U., (see Exhibit I, below) that he and his Cop clients falsified.


That's right, per Document produced by Attorney Brad Louison, Exhibit I, below, there is no I.O.U.. Suddenly, Louison and Cops don't know anything about the I.O.U., per Exhibit H on page 52, they falsified to frame Michael Elbery for Arson. They don't know anything about fingerprint tests on a handwritten I.O.U. they had, just in December of 1997, falsified came out of Michael Elbery's E-z Garage Unit on August 5, 1994.

Then after refusing to produce the Breen I.O.U., Plaintiff - Michael Elbery Motioned the Federal Court to Compel the case Document Production. Louison for his Cop Clients then did 180 degree turn and produced a brand new phony I.O.U. per Exhibit J (see last page). The new phony BREEN/Dennis Klug I.O.U.



Louison thought one of the originators of the Phony I.O.U. and fellow Co-Conspirators, Shrewsbury cop, Gus Chester Johnson, could do some lying to get Louison out of an embarrassing Lawsuit. On October 22, 1998, Gus Chester Johnson produces this ridiculous Affidavit that denies Plaintiff - Michael Elbery was ever a Co-defendant. What a pair, Gus Chester Johnson and Attorney "Bad Brad" Louison and a performance suitable for the two idiots. Idiots that are given license to lie and fabricate evidence so they can maliciously prosecute and imprison citizens they don't favor.

According to those Johnson Affidavits, Johnson was promoted to Lieutenant on the Shrewsbury Police Dept. on May 1, 1998. Why not promote Johnson, after all he did some good work for the Shrewsbury cops on 8-4-94, and then he was depended on to continue his lies to rescue Jewish Attorney, Bradford Louison, from his illegal conduct. Don't forget, Johnson had been the Arson Investigator for the Shrewsbury Police Dept., and he knew how to set fires. That's just what he did at E-z Mini Storage on August 4 of 1994 with his cop colleagues James Hurley, Carl Hanson (see S.P.D. Officer Carl Hanson's criminal record), and Chief James Sampson.


Shrewsbury Cop - Lt. James Hurley blames the poor Computer, Again!

Lt. of the Shrewsbury Police Dept. - James Hurley is not to be left out of the lying. Louison and his cop clients, the Shrewsbury Police Dept., would never produce the I.O.U. they documented on December 17, 1997 they claimed to find in Michael Elbery's E-z Garage on 8-5-94, but instead fabricate a brand new story and a brand new I.O.U.. Still trying to lie their way out of lies they originally got caught at, James Hurley claims Michael Elbery was never a Co-defendant. Hurley would answer under oath, per his answer #2, to the case interrogatories that it was all "Just a Computer's Mistake" (See Interrogatory Answers #2 & #11). This mental inferior, Lt. Hurley, seems to have trouble with the computer and making up lies that somebody will believe. This is the same story and poor excuse for 6 gun charges that Hurley and Chief Wayne Sampson used for their fraud on those phony gun charges, once they got caught and sued; blame the Computer! The Computer did it! You bet Hurley, everybody believes you!

Those six gun charges of 8-5-94 by the Shrewsbury Cops at E-z Mini Storage resulted in 6 NOT GUILTIES.


Per answer to Interrogatory #11, under oath, Lt. James Hurley states that the I.O.U. was never taken out of Michael Elbery's E-z unit. That's Hurley's favorite lie when he gets caught is to blame the Computer for unilaterally "merging data fields".

Lt. James Hurley of the Shrewsbury Police Dept. does it again, but Nobody but himself, believes that it is just another computer mistake, See Exhibit O, see #2, below.


Louison helps the cause like a good Co-conspirator. Attorney Bradford Louison even produces and Affidavit dated 3-24-98, (See Exhibit K, below) that claims there is no longer any such I.O.U., as he and his clients claimed existed just a few weeks before.



Co-Conspirators Purge Breen - Presto! No Longer the Arsonist

On March 2, 1998 the Shrewsbury Police decided to change their minds and fabrication that Breen was the E-z Arsonist. Presto - Chango! The junky, Robert Breen, is not the E-z Arsonist. That's all it takes, just produce some more phony police paperwork and the original story made up by Lt. of the Shrewsbury Police Dept., Gus Chester Johnson, and fellow Co-Conspirators, including James Hurley and Attorney Bradford Louison, disappears. On the same date of March 2, 1998 the Shrewsbury cops felt at liberty to fabricate that Al Benoit was the new Arsonist, who torched E-z Mini Storage on 8-4-94 causing The Town of Shrewsbury's biggest fire ever.

Let's see, first, in 1994, there was a "Suspect", then, in December of 1997, it was Robert Breen burning E-z to pay a debt owed to Michael Elbery as recorded on an I.O.U. found, over 3 years after the E-z fire, in Elbery's E-z garage unit. Then, the "Breen Arson/Phony I.O.U. Conspiracy" fails because Attorney Bad Brad Louison gets caught in his lies and that "Breen Arson/Phony I.O.U. Conspiracy"  all vaporizes. On the same day of March 2, 1998 Al Benoit, the former E-z Mini Storage Manager, gets to be the newly fabricated Arsonist. And don't forget in the middle of it all, Attorney Bad Brad Louison and his fool clients wrote up a fresh I.O.U. allegedly written by Breen to Dennis Klug. Klug is a police advocate and works for the motel, Days Inn, located on Route 9, Shrewsbury which is next to E-Z Mini Storage.

All the while it was the Shrewsbury cops, who burnt E-z Mini Storage, so they could legally break into Elbery's E-z unit and make their false arrest for 6 gun charges which they would lose.


Shrewsbury Cops were in Trouble for the E-z Arson - frame E-z Mgr. Al Benoit

"Bad Brad"" could get one of the Federal Jew Judges to rig any lawsuit he had to defend against Michael Elbery. His clients, the Shrewsbury Cops,  were still in some deep dog mess because Michael Elbery, at that point in 1998, had been for 3 and half years, since August of 1994, telling the public (and the Federal B.A.T.F., the Mass. and Federal Judiciary through case pleadings in the various civil cases Elbery had after 1994, and the new manager at E-z Mini Storage, and Worcester T&G reporters Bob Kievra et al.) that the Shrewsbury Cops set the fire at E-Z on August 4, 1994.

The Co-conspirators, Shrewsbury Police and Attorney Bradford Louison, surrendered their frame-up of Michael Elbery for the E-z Arson of 8-4-94, but they had to blame somebody. The Shrewsbury Cops had to arrest an arsonist for the fire at E-z in order to rid blame from themselves. Even if years had past and it was 1998.


The day they dropped Breen as the arsonist, March 2, 1998, Shrewsbury Police Dept. - Lt. Gus Chester "torch" Johnson decided to frame Al Benoit for the E-z Arson, after Johnson and his Co-conspirators got caught by Michael Elbery in their Frame up against him. As usual the Shrewsbury Police take liberty in backdating all their police documents, it is easy enough to do for the cops. The only date on the police reports that the cops can't tamper with is that date at the very top left, March 2, 1998. The rest of the dates of 1994 are all backdated fabrication. What was the evidence against Benoit at March of 1998? E-z Manager, Al Benoit, allegedly talked to more than one cop about the fire at the E-z Mini Storage Facility he managed with his wife, and Presto - the Shrewsbury Cops claim the story isn't exactly identical, so therefore Benoit must be guilty of the Arson! The lesson here is don't talk to the cops. They needed to blame Benoit because Michael Elbery was telling people, who were interested, that the cops burnt E-z Mini Storage, so they could break into Elbery's Garage unit at E-z without a search warrant and falsely arrest him for the guns they knew were in that garage.

The cops had an illegal tap on Michael Elbery's phone for years and when E-Z Mini Storage called him the cops had an arson target.

Al Benoit was arrested/charged for fraud in 1994 because he and his wife, co-managers at E-z Storage, were embezzling. Benoit was the last person to want E-z Mini Storage burning because that brings the cops and the owners of E-z Mini Storage. See also August 30, 1994 T&G no mention of Benoit as Arson Suspect. But Johnson claims per Incident and arrest report of March 2, 1998 that it was Al Benoit at August 5, 1994 (the dates of 1994 that Johnson typed in are cop fabricated evidence). As is that entire 3-2-98 Shrewsbury Police Report that frames Al Benoit for the E-z Arson.

Note, per that same March 2, 1998 Shrewsbury Police Report that Johnson fabricates was an incident on 8-5-94, on page 4, Johnson reads Al Benoit his Miranda Rights on April 14. Johnson gets a "little sloppy" with his style of rambling lies that he uses to tier his adversaries and forgets that  he has to attach a YEAR to that April 14. Oh, Johnson will claim he got a "little mixed up" when he arrested Benoit for embezzlement on April 14 of 1995, but Johnson's backdated 8-5-94 Shrewsbury Police Dept. Incident Report says nothing about embezzlement and the newspaper article indicating Benoit was arrested for embezzlement on April 14 (of 1995) says nothing about arson charges. 

See also Worcester T&G newspaper articles ( Exhibit L, Exhibit N, Exhibit Q) on the E-z mini Storage Fire of 8-4/5-94, there is nothing in those newspaper articles about the E-z Manager, Al Benoit, being even a suspect for the arson fire at E-Z. But according to Johnson's phony Shrewsbury Police Dept. incident report that was backdate to 8-4/5-94 on March 2, 1998, Al Benoit is the arsonist. 

Due to Michael Elbery, protesting via Federal Documents of his various cases and other communications alerting the public that the Shrewsbury Cops were at it again, framing another person, Al Benoit was never falsely convicted of the E-z Mini Storage Arson.

The Shrewsbury Cops got away with burning E-z Mini Storage on 8-4-94, Shrewsbury's biggest fire ever.


Louison Pays for his Conspiracy - some Justice

Louison had to quit the lucrative Sklut case, all because he got caught in an absolutely stupid plan of Conspiracy with his Cop Clients the Shrewsbury Cops. Louison lost about $100,000.00, in 1990's buying power dollars, because of the loss of the Sklut case that went on for 5 years and had 9 defendants. 

Now, Louison pays, again, by exposure of his Scandal published to the World Free Internet.

"Bad Brad" also lost all his hair and has been "bald as a cue ball" since defending the Shrewsbury cops against the Federal Lawsuits filed by Plaintiff- Michael Elbery. That's right, before he had to deal with Michael Elbery, Bad Louison had a full head of hair, after Louison's ordeal (got caught in fabricating evidence) he had nightmares and went bald as a bowling ball.


Plaintiff - Michael Elbery filed the Federal Lawsuit, Michael Elbery v. Attorney Bradford Louison et al. on about March of 1998 in the Federal Boston Courthouse. 

Judge Patti B. Saris got scared and turned the Sklut case over to Federal Judge Mark Wolf, who she knew would protect Louison regardless of law.

The First thing Wolf does for Louison is he orders the name of Plaintiff-Michael Elbery's Lawsuit changed from Elbery v. Attorney Bradford Louison to Elbery v.  Town of Shrewsbury. What right did Judge Mark Wolf have to change the order of the Defendant's in the Plaintiff's - Michael Elbery's lawsuit. Judge Mark Wolf did that  so that the record of the case name in the law books will not name Elbery v. Louison, but Elbery v. Town of Shrewsbury.  New World Order, Jew Judge-Mark Wolf demanded in disgust from his Big Shot Federal Bench, if Plaintiff Michael Elbery sued Attorney Bradford Louison. Louison was  immediately rescued by Judge Wolf, and the case against Louison was immediately dismissed.

Attorney Liz Fahey had to clean up Louison's mess on the Sklut case with the help of the biased Federal Jew Judges. Attorney Liz Fahey did such good job cleaning up after Louison and keeping the Shrewsbury Cops from further foolishness that she was elevated during that pending Sklut case  to a position of Mass. Superior Court Judge. See Promotions this Web Site.

Then after getting Louison's friends, the Jewish Judges, in the act through Motions to Compel Discovery - the I.O.U. and related evidence, Louison's replacement, Attorney Elizabeth Fahey, produces the Cover-up with Shrewsbury Cop - James Hurley see Answer #2, #10, #11. Yes Sir, the Police State in the U.S.A. is given dispensation regardless of how stupid the lie. That is all that is required in a Police State - the police just tell any lie and are immediately excused.


Enter Klug

Federal Plaintiff - Michael Elbery also filed the Klug case which included Attorney Bad Brad Louison and 4 Shrewsbury cops, the Town of Shrewsbury and the Shrewsbury Town Manager as defendants. Guess whose court that case went to? You're right, Federal Judge Mark Wolf after the Klug case was first hijacked by Judge Patti B. Saris. Patti doesn't have as big a set of balls as she wished she had. When the Northern Skies rumble they run in fear.





Plaintiff's Response/Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment

Plaintiff's Statement of Material Facts - Part II

Plaintiff's Affidavits in Support of Response/Opposition to Defendant's Summary Judgment

Document Listing

Exhibit A - Production of Documents by Defendant Charles D. Nolan & Sons, Inc. (Elbery v. Charles D. Nolan Sons Inc.- Dedham District Ct. #97-54CV 0470)

Exhibit B - Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion for Order Compelling Production of Documents (Elbery v. Charles D. Nolan Sons Inc.- Dedham District Ct. #97-54CV 0470) 

Exhibit C - Pretrial Conference Report - Com. v. Michael Elbery #9467 CR 1200 Westboro District Ct.

Exhibit D - Search Warrant - District of Westborough, Mass. #9467-13 - Dated August 6, 1994 for arson search

Exhibit E - Shrewsbury P.D. Incident Report #94010436 (Illegal Arrest by S.P.D. on 8-5-94 Michael Elbery)

Exhibit F - Automatic Discovery made by Attorney Bradford Louison in Federal Sklut Case #97-11743-PBS 

Exhibit G - Pretrial Discovery submitted by Attorney Bradford Louison for Sklut Defendants Case 97-11743PBS

Exhibit H - Supplement Auto Federal Discovery by Attorney Bradford Louison in Sklut#97-11743PBS on 12-17-97 - see last 2 pgs. (p. 52 & 53) contain new documentation of falsified Handwritten I.O.U. taken out of Elbery's E-z unit in 1994 by Shrewsbury cops and Michael Elbery is named as a Co-defendant with Arsonist Robert Breen.

Exhibit I - Defendant's Response to Plaintiff's First Request for Production of Documents - Elbery v. Sklut #97-11743MLW

Exhibit J - Defendant's Supplemental Response of Plaintiff's Document Request - Elbery v. Sklut #97-11743MLW (cover-up I.O.U.)

Exhibit K - Second Affidavit in Support of Defendant Bradford Louison's Motion for Summary Judgment (Elbery v. Attorney Bradford N. Louison 98-CV-1043PBS)

Exhibit L - Worcester T&G 4-14-95, E-Z Mini Storage Manager Faces Larceny Charges

Exhibit M - Defendant Nolan, Inc. Interrogatories, Elbery v. Charles D. Nolan Inc. - Dedham District Ct. #97-54-CV- 0948

Exhibit N - Worcester T&G 8-3-95 Article - "Police tracking suspects in $2M fire"

Exhibit O - Answer by Defendant Town of Shrewsbury to Interrogatories - Elbery v. Town of Shrewsbury #98-CV 1048PBS


Exhibit P - Worcester T&G Article 12-24-97, "Man Files $6M Lawsuit v. Town for False Arrest" 

Exhibit Q - Worcester T&G Article 8-9-94, "Weapons Cache Found" 

Exhibit R - Federal Lawsuit - Michael Elbery v. James Hester #97-11047 PBS

Exhibit S - Federal Lawsuit - Michael Elbery v. Daniel Sklut #97-11743 MLW

Federal Lawsuit - Michael Elbery v. Attorney Bradford Louison #98-10438 PBS

Federal Lawsuit - Michael Elbery v. Attorney Bradford Louison #98-10438 PBS - Amended II

Federal Lawsuit - Michael Elbery v. Klug et al.