The Lee, Mass. Police Department Searched by F.B.I. - Federal Search Warrant Sealed by Federal Judge

Cyanide Gas Target of Search

Jews Sponsor Local Tabloid Cover-Up



The first attempt to murder Michael Elbery with Cyanide gas was in August of 2008.

After publishing an article on the attempted murder of this Web Site's Webmaster, Michael Elbery, in the Web Site - MassInjustice.Org there was a suspension in the cyanide gas attacks.

During the summers of 2009 through 2011 the gas attacks resumed but were unsuccessful only causing the grounds of Lexington Manor Apt. Complex and the next door neighbor's back yard to linger in the hot summer night air with what was learned, years later by Michael Elbery, to be Cyanide gas. The assassins were never able to get another open window in Elbery's Lexington Manor Apt. at night. The front of that apartment building was secure from the cyanide gas attacks because the cops would have killed too many other tenants and they were not able to launch the Cyanide gas at the front of that apartment complex from the field bounding on the north of the complex that runs up to the back of the Mass. State Police Barracks.

Michael Elbery moved to a new location in Lee, Mass. in the summer of 2011; prior to the winter weather of 2011 the stink of cyanide began to make nightly visits in and around his new residence.

In the summer of 2012 the assassins were successful in their attack with cyanide gas on Michael Elbery, resulting in hypoxia to his two calf muscles and resultant 2 torn Achilles tendons. Attorney General - Martha Coakley then arranged to have Michael Elbery's medical insurance cancelled and then prevented Michael Elbery from buying a new insurance policy because the State of Mass. only gave him 2 months credit for prior insurance. Michael Elbery had insurance with that medical insurance organization for 3 years. New potential insurance carriers would not cover Elbery's ankle/Achilles tendon injury because the fraudulent 2 months credit did not provide avoidance of the pre-condition penalty.



Here are the facts of the F.B.I. Search of  the Lee, Mass. Police Dept., as published by over a dozen mainstream News Reporting Organizations including Fox and ABC. (if you don't believe it, then do your own Google search for these reports by news agencies).


On November 19th of 2012 the Lee, Mass. Police Department was searched by the F.B.I. as a result of a Federal Judge issuing a search warrant.

The F.B.I. search of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. lasted for 6 hours.

Then on the same 11-19-12, the F.B.I. searched the Lee, Mass. Chief of Police - Buffis' house. Buffis lives in Pittsfield, Mass.

Chief Buffis was quoted as saying he needed to hire an attorney.

The Federal Judge who issued the federal search warrant sealed the search warrant and return service immediately to conceal the truth or reason for that Federal Search.

The Federal Courts Clerk's Office in Boston and Springfield, Mass. refuse to disclose which federal judge issued the search warrant and then ordered it sealed.

All members of the Lee Police Dept., with the exclusion of Chief Buffis, claimed they did nothing wrong and that the F.B.I. investigation was not targeted at them.

Buffis was made Chief of Police in Lee, Mass. in the fall of 2011. He was preceded by Chief Ron Glidden.

At this date of 2-26-13, there have been no criminal charges issued against Buffis and Buffis remains acting Chief of the Lee, Mass. Police.




Here is more from MassInjustice.Org

The F.B.I. had been watching Michael Elbery in the summer of 2012 due to his publication of Web Site - MassInjustice.Org. and in particular Elbery's popular exposure of Federal Chief Justice Mark Wolf's documented crimes in a U.S. courtroom.

On 9-1-12 Michael Elbery reported the license plate number (.. 9623) of a red Ford extended cab pick up truck whose driver and female companion were attempting to launch cyanide gas attack on Michael Elbery.

The F.B.I. investigated the report and got the assassin's female companion to talk after they scared her with charges of federal obstruction of justice; she squealed on the driver of the red Ford pick up ..9623.

The F.B.I. then got more details and evidence from that driver/assassin which led to Lee, Mass. Chief of Police Buffis.

The F.B.I. had sufficient evidence that a crime (federal violation) had been committed by Chief Buffis of the Lee, Mass. and the Federal Judge Michael Ponsor of Springfield, Mass. Federal Court issued a search warrant.

The Search Warrant issued by Federal Judge Michael Ponsor of the Springfield, Mass. Federal Court for the Search of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. was for cyanide gas as used by assassins to murder.

The six hour search by the F.B.I. and its Joint Task Force (State Police and Berkshire County D.A. Capeless' Office) of the Lee Police Dept. yielded nothing illegal.

The F.B.I. Search of the Buffis' house in conjunction with the D.A. Capeless' Joint Task Force yielded nothing.

The F.B.I. made a mistake involving Berkshire D.A. Capeless' Office in a joint task force - because the Lee Police were alerted in advance to the F.B.I. search resulting in the cyanide gas being relocated for another day of murder by the police.



After the F.B.I. Search of the Lee Police Dept., the Cyanide Gas attacks directed at Michael Elbery stopped.



Local Yokel Newspaper Attempts Rescue of Chief Buffis - Reporter "Dick Lindsay" can be Relied On to Keep his Job with Jewish Owned Newspaper

An article published by a local Berkshire County newspaper called the Berkshire Eagle on 3-7-13 claims that Chief Buffis of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. is being "criminally investigated  by the Federal District Attorney's Office regarding the Lee Police Dept. sponsored "Laliberte Toy Fund" that was run by Buffis for decades". In the same article the Berkshire Eagle mentions the F.B.I. search of the Lee Police Dept. and Buffis' house which happened in November '12 as the first of two investigations against Lee Chief Buffis. All this controversy causing Lee, Mass. Town Administrator - Bob Nason to be quoted by the Eagle as saying, "no action will be taken against Buffis by the Town of Lee because there have been no charges issued against Buffis regarding either investigation".

That's right, according to Dick Lindsay of the Eagle, there are now two separate investigations of this Lee, Mass. Chief of Police - Buffis. One by the F.B.I. causing a search of his house and another investigation by an unnamed federal prosecutor of the U.S. Attorney's Office of the "Laliberte Toy Fund". 

The Berkshire Eagle spends the majority of that same article noting that it is providing the U.S. Attorney with old newspaper articles on the "Laliberte Toy Fund". What an informative news reporting story!


There is absolutely nothing in that Bershire Eagle article that indicates the "Laliberte Toy Fund" investigation was the cause of the F.B.I. search of the Lee Police Dept. in November '12. 

The F.B.I. is not mentioned as being involved or participating in the "Laliberte Toy Fund" "investigation", according to the article.

No Federal Prosecutor's name is attached to the Federal District Attorney's Office alleged "Laliberte Toy Fund" investigation and for good reason.

There is nothing in that article that indicates why the U.S. Attorney's Office had Probable Cause to investigate Buffis and the "Laliberte Toy Fund". In the U.S.A. the government needs some reason to initiate an investigation. Is the U.S. Attorney's Office running a random investigation of  the Lee Police sponsored "Laliberte Toy Fund"? Not a chance.

Could a Toy Fund at the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. result in a Federal Offense? Not likely. Maybe when the F.B.I. searched Lee, Mass. Chief of Police - Buffis' house the U.S. Attorney's Office learned he had too many toys.

According to Internet Searches, no other news reporting agency covered this alleged story.

The Berkshire Eagle has made all its Internet Articles on the F.B.I. search of the Lee P.D. of 11-19-12, "unavailable". But here are more articles by various news agencies. According to that first article by News 10 Albany New York, the F.B.I. got what they needed. Which would lead a casual reader or lawyer to believe that means they Seized the Contraband that was the object of the Federal Search Warrant that caused the Search of the Lee Police Department and Buffis' house.

In the Opinion of this Web Site the Eagle is trying to cause a "Smoke Screen" with this article about the "Laliberte Toy Fund" investigation, in order to cover-up the real reason for the very serious F.B.I. search of November '12 for Cyanide Gas. Due to that article's wording and mention of the November 19, 2012 F.B.I. search in that article most local citizenry have jumped to the conclusion that the reason for the 6 hour Federally issued Search of the Lee Police Dept. in November of '12 was the the same "Laliberte Toy Fund". 


Did the F.B.I. spend 6 hours searching the Lee Police Dept. in November of '12 looking for a stash of loose change stolen from the Toy Fund?

Sadly, the citizenry  in Lee, Mass. has done just as the local Eagle schemed the Eagle set the bait and the locals bought the Eagle trick concluding that the "Toy Investigation" was the reason for the F.B.I. search of the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. and Chief Joseph Buffis' house on November 19, 2012. The citizenry of Lee, Mass., was easily deceived by the Eagle because, like so many in the U.S., they do not understand the law that controls their society. This is just as the Jewish controlled Berkshire Eagle calculated. The Jews have an interest in this Lee Police/F.B.I. search scandal, after all the cyanide gas was being used in the summer of 2012 to stop Michael Elbery from publishing his article on the Big Jew Judge - Federal Mark Wolf. But they lost and Wolf had to resign. The Jews see Michael Elbery and his American Nationalists' Party as an obstacle to the New Jew World Order. No one in this here U.S.A. dares speak out against the Jews' rule of the United States.


Update - Read the Article/hyperlink on Chief Buffis' Indictment to learn what the Eagle was hiding about the Laliberte Toy Fund investigation.