The stock market is a mystery, almost no one that isn't working for a financial institution ever trades (buy/sells) stocks. The average citizen knows to stay away from the it, the unmerciful jungle that is the stock market. Everything in a our society is a specialty, whether its repair of today's complex automobiles, law, building/construction - anything that can make money requires a special knowledge. The stock market requires a mastering of several different specialties rolled into one, but even with the requisite specialty knowledge many fail in the current market; even Hedge Fund operators have thrown in the towel and given up in the last few years. Stock picking/trading is not the subject of mathematical equation or rule.

What all those analysts and fund managers don't tell you is that they don't rely on stock trading ability to make a living. No, the fund managers make a small % fee that they charge all their customers that have pooled billions of  dollars into their mutual funds/stock funds. A small fee on billions of dollars turns into fat salaries and bonuses for these managers. The analysts get paid a salary; the securities analysts don't rely on stock trading as their primary source of income. The Economists you hear on CNBC and Bloomberg Financial Network predict nothing; the Economists are doing good if they can explain what happened in the past concerning the U.S. and World Economy. Ask 30 economists what is going to happen in the World Economics just in the next several years and maybe one or two may, coincidentally, give an accurate prediction (they guess right).


No Wonder the "Retail Trade" is dead!

So with all this negative environment surrounding the Stock Market (too many scandals to list just in the last several years), what do we have now? The Knight Capital debacle. Just another of a series of unbelievable events in the financial markets that cause the by and large citizen to ignore the stock market. The citizenry knows the stock market is controlled by Crooks. Is there any doubt as to why there are No retail customers (non-professionals) buying stocks? The citizenry knows you can't even trust Mutual Funds let alone by your own stocks/equities.

Michael Elbery is a C.P.A. with an M.B.A. from Babson College '77; he played the stock market in college in the early '70's up thru 1982. Most C.P.A.s don't know anything, nor want to know  anything, about playing the stock market; they like to push papers. A C.P.A. has a specialty of knowledge that is required to trade in stocks (the C.P.A. at a minimum understands finance, its terminology, and how to read financial statements). 

 After being released from prison in 2002 Elbery was finishing the Sklut case. The Sklut defendants were represented at that point by Attorney Gerald Fabiano. Fabiano was the third and last defense attorney on that case. Elbery had many conversations with Fabiano and in one of those conversations Fabiano wanted to know what Michael Elbery was going to do now (Spring of 2002). Oh, that homosexual had a hatred for Elbery and love for government that had given the homos special protection and new standing in the U.S. society, including forcing children to be taught homosexuality in the schools. Fabiano warned Michael Elbery that he would not be able to  get a job. Fabiano further insinuated that Michael Elbery would be a disfavored member of society and that he would be hunted everywhere he went, not because he  was a convict, but because of a racial cause by the Jews. So far Fabiano has been right. 



After being pushed out of  the construction business (Michael Elbery is a licensed construction supervisor in Mass.- no felony conviction issue to that license) by the government and their allies, Michael Elbery started playing/trading (not investing) the stock market. Buying and selling stocks had become altogether different with the advent of  the personal computer, the Internet, and  Web Sites. Instead of having to go through a stock broker by phone you simply traded the stocks over the Internet. Instead of paying the worthless stock broker hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a trade it now only costs $7.95 ( in 1970 dollars that $7.95 = approximately $0.99). The information is plentiful on corporations/stocks and is readily available at  the speed of electricity through the Internet. If you know how to use it.

About the end of 2011 Elbery started to be suspicious of a security leak that may have caused him to be squeezed out of his stock positions. Certain stocks he bought acted uncharacteristically and contrary to the rest  of the market  without reason, even though they had top fundamentals and future earnings estimates were high. When he would sell the stock it would become itself again and move up in price. Then 2012 came, and it became obvious - they were pushing Michael Elbery out of his stock positions with volume that was far above normal trading volume - the stocks would plummet forcing Michael Elbery to sell at a loss. They weren't being sneaky anymore, they got reckless. The evidence of the squeezes they were using to force Elbery out of his stock positions was outstanding. 

As they got bolder - they left evidence ( abnormal high trading volume coupled with stock price reversals to cover the short sells intra-day) that wasn't  a coincidence. Elbery contacted the Internet broker, Fidelity, he had used for many years and spoke to one of their  stock traders. Elbery also had a service that provided minute by minute trading activity of exchange traded stocks. He reviewed the stock charts over  the phone - the stock trader reluctantly agreed that the volume on Crimson Exploration (CXPO) was 10x above normal for about 15 minutes  and as soon as Elbery sold his position the trading (within a minute) went the opposite way (up) with identical 10x normal trading volume. Elbery told the trader that this was not the first time this had happened,  but this time the minute by minute trading volume for Crimson Exploration provides irrefutable evidence that someone with some serious money squeezed Michael Elbery out of  his position in Crimson. Prior to this squeeze, Crimson stock had  advanced steadily for a week after Elbery bought shares the day Crimson struck new oil in Texas. In a few minutes those fat stock gains vaporized, but not just for Michael Elbery because there were many other unsuspecting stock holders who saw their stock value disintegrate in a few minutes. Those other stockholders in Crimson don't know why.

Neither does TD Ameritrade or Jeffries Group know why Knight Capital lost $450million on 8-1-12, but those two companies are bailing out a bankrupt Knight Capital in the same multi - million dollar amount.


Stock manipulation happened on all material trades/positions that Michael Elbery held the Spring and summer 2012. Stock manipulation is a violation of the U.S. Securities laws and the federal securities laws are allegedly enforced by the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission.


Honda Motor - and the Half Billion Dollar Backfire by Knight Capital - Wednesday 8-1-12

Honda is a household name in this U.S.A. Honda is Japanese auto manufacturer that is in the process of a major turnaround. A turnaround from the Calamities that occurred in Japan in late 2011. The "Divine Wind of the Kamikaze" didn't protect the Nipponese Republic from a tidal wave that washed out a nuclear power plant on that island nation. Honda was due for stellar earnings and sales reports for the quarter ending 6-30-12 and they, like Toyota, did not disappoint with over 300% Earnings increase and approximately 50% increase in sales.

What made Honda even better  for Michael Elbery is that most of the trading on that stock, Honda, is done on the Japan Stock Exchange (Nikkei), which makes it less susceptible to stock manipulations that Elbery's Jewish enemies can accomplish on the New York Stock Exchange. Honda is one of those stocks that is sold on the exchanges of two different countries.

On July 30, 2012 Michael Elbery bought shares of Honda Motor Co. expecting to profit from the unusually high expected estimated earnings that were due to be reported the next day fort the quarter ending 6-30-12.


On Wednesday August 1, 2012 "they" started hammering Honda Stock. True to form, they like to kill stocks Elbery buys with abnormally huge trading volume of short selling that forces the  stock down over 10% in a few minutes. The wise stock trader gets out either by Stop Loss Sell Order or by entering a sell order over the Internet when a stock starts to fall like an anchor because "they" may be successful in putting you out of business.. 

They really out did themselves on Honda - they must be getting desperate due to the New Chapter in this Web Site on Federal Judge Mark Wolf. Wolf will be protected no matter how stupid they have to get or how many laws they have to violate. It's the documentation they leave that gets them caught - just like Wolf.

Who are "They"?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily and CNBC Financial Channel, Knight Capital did the above described  stock manipulation on Honda. What those publications do not know is that Michael Elbery was the target of Knight Capital's short selling on Honda Motor Corp. at 200 times normal trading volume for about an hour and half the A.M. of 8-1-12. During some of the early minutes of short selling of Honda on 8-1-12 there as many as 144,000 shares of Honda shorted a minute. At about $30.00 per share that caused Knight Capital some big problems worth about $180,000,000.00.

Knight Capital is the leading stock trading service (not an Internet Broker) in the U.S.A. and they are a so-called "market maker". Bernie Madoff (the guy that made off with all the $) was also a "market maker". But Knight is violating the U.S. Securities laws when they become stock manipulators causing the citizenry and professionals to lose money, or when they deliberately spend millions of dollars to force an enemy out of his stock position like Michael Elbery had in Honda. 


Why did short selling cost Knight Capital anything?

Because Knight Capital covered their short position the same day. The short interest % was ZERO on 7-31-12 close and at the close of 8-1-12 and every day up and including today, 8-5-12, the short interest is still ZERO on Honda Motor Corp. (HMC). They have used this intra-day cover-up tactic on many of  the stocks they have sabotaged. 

Why is a market maker selling short? Why is a market maker selling stocks in volume that causes a stock to plummet? No, No, No, you can't excuse everything with the word "glitch". It happened to many times to stocks Michael Elbery held; it was deliberate. 

One thing for sure, a market maker, Knight Capital, caused, at least 2 stocks to plummet on 8-1-12.  Honda and Genworth Financial. 

Why did Knight Capital and the Jews' Hunt-Stock Manipulation Backfire?

Michael Elbery called their bluff and did not sell Honda that day (8-1-12). Honda is a Big Market Cap Stock and it costs a fortune to force such a stock down and it is also becomes obvious and easy to get caught. All stock market transactions are traceable to a person, not just a firm. If someone at Knight Capital secretly changed some  computerized stock trading program, they know who did the tampering with that trading computer code. But Knight won't tell because it will cause them trouble/liability.

It is hard to believe that Knight Capital is allowed to come up with an excuse they defined as a "glitch" that caused them a $450Million dollar loss, and according to the Wall Street Journal, 140 stocks on the N.Y.S.E. to be tampered with. Knight claims they were the only one to lose money, but they never addressed at least two stocks in the list of 140 stocks that they tried to kill through short selling (the two stocks Knight tried to kill through short selling are Honda and Genworth Financial).

Genworth Financial - same treatment/stock fraud - manipulation on 8-1-12

Michael Elbery also had just bought shares in Genworth Financial on July 30, 2012. On 8-1-12 Genworth Financial, according to the Wall Street Journal, was also a victim of Knight's trading activity. Knight did a good job shorting Genworth and killed that stock. Elbery did sell his position of those shares at a substantial loss. Those shares of Genworth plummeted out the gate at 9:30am on 8-1-12; that stock does not have the fundamentals that  Honda has, so Elbery was forced to sell by Knight's shorting/manipulation of that security. Genworth will be avoided by the market for some time after such behavior even though the Wall Street Journal and other financial authorities put Genworth on the list of 140 stocks effected by Knight Capital on 8-1-12. Those same financial reports by the Wall Street Journal etc., do not disclose that Honda and Genworth went down in price; they only disclose that Knight's trading "glitch" caused a 140 stocks to go erratically up in price (Wizzard Software was one stock that went way up in price).  

How did Knight Capital Group identify and target Michael Elbery

Knight does not do business with Michael Elbery - Knight Capital does business with Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity. From Elbery's computer to Fidelity's Web Site/server and the trade is forwarded to Knight Capital who trades on the exchanges. Everything is computerized and through the Internet, so how do "they"/including Knight Capital identify Elbery in order to target his Stock positions?


Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity, gives its customers an account number and that account number is used for identification when the trade/order goes to Knight Capital. The only organization or anyone besides Michael Elbery that knows who belongs to his account number is Fidelity. But here's the key - Fidelity provides No Security for its customers. Did you say No Security?? In today's America! That's right - this international Internet Broker, Fidelity, has scores of offices and thousand of personnel who can gain access to any customer's account i.d. and account activity/trades and stock positions.

Now, at least one person  at Knight Capital knows Elbery's account number. And that Jewish Operative at Fidelity has forwarded that number or identification to all the market makers and trading groups, including Knight Capital. All those stock traders/"market makers" have Jews either owning or working for those companies that would gladly comply with the Jewish Agenda.


 So Why are you Blaming the Poor Jewish People and What is the Motive?

Read this Web Site - see the articles on J.D.L. leader Mo Bergman or the article that documents the failed attempt by the Jews to again falsely imprison Michael Elbery. The Jews have been hunting Michael Elbery for years - all those Jewish lawyers Michael Elbery hired when he was in the Bar business and the Jews decided Michael Elbery was a person that they should destroy? The Jews will hunt anyone that disagrees with their social design policies/Agenda. The Jews have operatives in every financial institution in the U.S.A. - they control the S.E.C. and the Stock Exchanges - they have high ranking managers working at all 4 major stock trading groups (all 4 are "market makers") including Knight Capital - they have high ranking managers working/running the major Internet Stock Brokers including E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, etc.,


Their motive is complete on this Web Site, at a minimum the Jews don't like Michael Elbery and they want to put him out of business. Nor have they given up trying to put him in a jail, again, on false charges. The Jews are good at fabrication both in courtrooms and the financial markets. No  wonder they run the Federal Reserve - all the Federal Reserve's Trillions of money is a fabrication. That central bank creates money out of thin air (called "money creation"). The U.S. Federal Reserve does not "print money" as the news media would mislead - the Federal Reserve accomplishes their "money creation" with accounting entries to Fed reserve accounts of Banks in the U.S.A. - Abuse of "money creation" puts an economy out of business - first the massive money supply caused by the fake money causes inflation - the same inflation that has caused food to skyrocket  and the same inflation the U.S. government says does not exist. Then the consumer will buy less because of  the inflation and then the snow ball effect results and production/jobs go by-by because the commerce slows. Then there is Economic Winter and all the Federal Reserve money can't buy anything and there is nothing to buy.

Most American citizens still believe that the Gold in Fort Knox is backing to the money in the U.S.A.! There is not one nation on the Planet Earth that backs its money! This has been the case for decades. Prior to World War II, and since the dawning of Civilizations on Earth, all nations backed their money or it was not accepted.

So has anything been Done to Stop them from another Episode of 8-1-12 and Stop the Criminal Stock Manipulation

Michael Elbery filed a written complaint with the Federal S.E.C. on May 4 of 2012 when he was forced out of his position in Crimson Exploration (CPXO). 


Michael Elbery filed a complaint with the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission, again, with an S.E.C. agent on 7-10-12 regarding the stock manipulation of another stock - Homeowner's Choice (HCII).

On both occasions/complaints to the S.E.C. Michael Elbery documented the illegal trading activity that caused him to lose his stock position at a material loss. It was the same technique - exponentially abnormal trading activity forcing the price down (short selling). In the case of Crimson Exploration the stock manipulators covered the short positions intra-day. Within a minute after Michael Elbery sold his position on Crimson Exploration the volume continued at the same 10X normal volume but the stock went up (the stock manipulators covered their shorts sells of Crimson). This entire episode with Crimson started and ended within 30 minutes.

Michael Elbery, after filling out all the S.E.C. complaint forms on 5-4-12 heard absolutely nothing from the S.E.C. - Michael Elbery did speak to two S.E.C. employees/lawyers in a brief phone conversation on the same day (5-4-12) but they were brief and Elbery never heard from them again.

Each complaint disclosed to the S.E.C. that the source of the information required to cause this stock manipulation was from Michael Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity, because they were the only organization that knows his account number or what stock he is trading and what stock positions he has. Nobody else knows what Michael Elbery is doing in the stock market; however, Fidelity has thousand of employees, who are all able to gain access to his account information.

Each incident of stock manipulation that caused Michael Elbery to file complaints with the S.E.C. also resulted in Elbery contacting his Internet Broker, Fidelity, and telling them that at least one of their employees was making unauthorized access to his account and the information taken about his account was being used by other parties, at a minimum "market makers", to manipulate stocks he had bought, all to cause him to lose money.

And all the other Internet Brokers have the same "no security" system that allows thousands of their employees, internationally, to view all customers' accounts and related activity.

These were not the only incidents of stock manipulation that Michael Elbery experienced but it seemed pointless to report the other incidents, although some are blatant and too obvious to be anything but deliberate; there was no further interest by Michael Elbery to report every incident of stock manipulation because there was no interest by the S.E.C. or Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity. 

However when things got to outrageous to ignore, Fidelity became interested and took action after Elbery called them again on 8-1-12 and told them Knight Capital was manipulating his stocks (Honda and Genworth) and that they had someone in their company providing at least Knight with Elbery's account information and stock positions that allowed Knight to manipulate stocks held by Fidelity's customer, Michael Elbery. Fidelity took action to protect themselves, they immediately, on 8-1-12, stopped using Knight Capital to make stock transactions on the Stock Exchanges for their customers or themselves.

All stock trades on the Stock Exchanges in this country are traceable to the person responsible. If you want to blame "Glitches" then someone tampered with the software that controls the stock trading at that company/financial institution (Knight Capital). There is at least one stock trader working for Knight Capital that initiated the trades on 8-1-12 and that trader is known by Knight.

And the problem may be much bigger, Knight Capital may not be the only trader causing this Jewish stock manipulation. The mole at Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity, is probably working with other stock trading companies/"market makers"; these "market makers" trade Billions of dollars worth of stock a day. But these "market makers" are not supposed to be shorting stocks or causing them to go down let alone collapse!

The records of all Michael Elbery's stock trading and the activity (time, volume, price, source of trade) of the stocks he traded remains with the Stock Exchanges. Michael Elbery also has record of the stock activity (price - volume - time) on the stocks that he complains were manipulated such as CXPO, HCII, HMC, GNW.



The Honda Stock Fraud/Manipulation of 8-1-12 and Elbery's Internet Broker - Fidelity Acts 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the major Internet Brokers stopped using Knight Capital as a trader on the Stock Exchanges after the mess they made on August 1, 2012. A Couple of days later TD Ameritrade and Jefferies Group not only renewed their business/stock trading with Knight Capital, but financed the Bankrupt Knight in the amount of $450Million, so Kinight could continue commercial existence and escape going out of business because of  the losses they sustained on 8-1-12.

TD Ameritrade and Jeffries were not told the truth - they were without information that Michael Elbery provided his Internet Broker, Fidelity, as a result of the Stock Manipulation by Knight Capital on Genworth Financial and Honda. 

Michael Elbery's Internet Broker, Fidelity, never returned to do business with Knight Capital because of  the complaint Michael Elbery made to them on 8-1-12 regarding Honda and Genworth. Fidelity saw Elbery's account activity and had been alerted to the Stock manipulation of the Stocks Elbery held including Homeowner's Choice and Crimson Exploration.

Until 8-1-12, when the Jewish operative at Knight Capital got careless Michael Elbery did not know who was doing the actual stock manipulation (short selling stock to cause him to be forced  to sell at a material loss). Michael Elbery only knew the source of the information necessary for the stock manipulation scam (Elbery's account number and stock positions) came from Fidelity.

Since Michael Elbery alerted/complained about Knight Capital's stock manipulation of 8-1-12, Fidelity is avoiding liability by using their shell corporation F.D.L.. Fidelity forwards all their customers trades to this conduit, F.D.L., and then F.D.L. forwards the trade to one of the stock traders. Fidelity does not disclose which "market maker"/stock trader actually makes the trade. Fidelity is attempting to remove themselves from liability of the stock manipulation by the Jewish Stock traders, as well as, protecting disclosure of the "market maker"/trader.


According to the Wall Street Journal, I.B.D. or the Financial T.V. Networks, there is no mention that on 8-1-12 Knight Capital caused at least two stocks to plummet through short selling - to hear them and read/listen to all the financial news reports Knight would mislead you to believe that all 140 stocks that they manipulated (they claim caused by a computer "glitch") went up. They don't mention that they killed ( stock price sharply down) Genworth Financial on 8-1-12 after that company reported triple digit increase in earnings for the quarter reported the same day (8-1-12) or that they shorted Honda on 8-1-12 at 200 times normal trading volume causing that Big Market Cap Stock to plummet.


Another Bail Out

Knight wanted the S.E.C. and N.Y. Stock Exchange to cancel all the trades that caused them a $450Million loss of 8-1-12. But the answer was NO.


Jeffries Group and TD Ameritrade, as above, came to Knight's rescue with a $450Million investment. This money allows Knight to again start trading as a "market maker". This trading ability is what allows Knight to be a danger, but Jeffries and TD Ameritrade were not provided the truth by the Crooks at Knight Capital. No, Jeffries and TD Ameritrade believe in "Glitches".

Knight never offered to reimburse the stock holders of Genworth Financial and Honda that lost fortunes because of Knight's destroying the value of those two stocks on 8-1-12. Michael Elbery was not the only stock holder of these two stocks - there had to be thousands of people that lost money because of Knight's stock manipulation.


So how did Knight Capital tamper/manipulate 140 Stocks?

Grinch or "Glitch", its all fiction. Knight Capital like all their competitors use software that controls their stock trading all via computer. All software/programming is done by a human being. Contrary to Knight's Nonsense, there is a person that can be traced to all this criminal Stock manipulation and their 8-1-12 "Glitch". Nobody in their right mind believes the event of 8-1-12 that Bankrupt Knight to the tune of $450million was a software "Glitch". Knight side steps the whole thing like it was just a a simple mistake ("glitch" sounds so innocent and a "mistake"). You will  never  learn exactly who caused the stock manipulation by Knight on 8-1-12; Knight is not going to turn themselves in and admit the truth. They have a civil/monetary and criminal violation motive to have the World believe it was just  an innocent "glitch".

An employee of Knight Capital programmed their software to cause stocks held by Michael Elbery to plummet using exponentially high trading volume; in the process of their stock manipulation software programming they screwed up and lost the farm. What a shame.

And did the S.E.C. do anything? Nothing - Zero.

O.k., now tell the World what exactly constituted the "glitch" instead of treating everybody like they are morons. If you listened to the commentators (financial pros) on the 3 financial T.V. networks they were insulted and didn't believe in glitches anymore than they believed in Grinches. Most of those commentators cannot afford to be too controversial but Knight did not convince them of anything. Maybe this Chapter of MassInjustice.Org will help them be more informed.


Who was the Jewish Operative that spied on Michael Elbery to get information that he traded stocks?

Hint: She works for a Jewish dentist in Lenox, Mass. - She is a white woman and a dental hygienist.



The Jewish operative at Knight Capital did not intend to put Knight Capital out of business to the tune of $450million. That Jewish operative only wanted to cause Michael Elbery financial damage via his positions in Honda and Genworth.

So how is it that 138 more stocks were traded out of control by Knight Capital? No one is going to make Knight Capital tell.

But it looks like Fate or something else was at work on 8-1-12.