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Friday, June 20, 2014

BIG! BIG! BIG! This case just got blown wide open! A knife has been thrust into the heart of JFK officialdom! I found this image of Oswald and Shelley in New Orleans in August 1963. 

 You see Oswald giving out his Fair Play for Cuba leaflets. Standing behind him and hovering with the others is Bill Shelley. 

The dark suit, the skinny tie, the slender build, and the pompadour hair are all a match to Bill Shelley. Here he is alongside Bill Shelley.

That is the same clothes, the same hair, the same man. Look closely at the hair:

What are we talking about here? A coincidence that a guy who looked that much and dressed that much like Shelley and who had hair that laid that much like Shelley's just happened to be there? 

Think about what this means. It means that Bill Shelley, the manager of the "miscellaneous department" at the TSBD had a connection to Oswald before Oswald returned to Dallas and started working there. Now, we know exactly why Oswald cited Bill Shelley, of all people, out front. This proves that William Weston is right, that the TSBD was a CIA front company, doing clandestine activities under the guise of distributing Dick and Jane books for little kids. Do you really think that a guy who was in Army Intelligence during World War II would be content to work in the field of distributing little kids' books? For 16 years up to that point? It was all a ruse. They did it. They actually did it. But, it was just a cover. 

This discovery thrusts a knife into the heart of JFK officialdom. It proves that Oswald was set up. It proves that Bill Shelley was in on it. And it proves that Shelley lied to Joseph Ball:

Mr. BALL. On November 22, 1963, the day the President was shot, when is the last time you saw Oswald?
Mr. SHELLEY. It was 10 or 15 minutes before 12.
Mr. BALL. Where?
Mr. SHELLEY. On the first floor over near the telephone.
Mr. BALL. Did you ever see him again?
Mr. SHELLEY. At the police station when they brought him in. 

LIAR! Shelley saw Oswald outside, and he was probably the one who instructed him to go to the lunch room. 

This discovery of Oswald and Shelley together in New Orleans in front of Clay Shaw's International Trade Mart is one of the biggest discoveries in all of JFK assassination research. It is the biggest discovery since "out with Bill Shelley in front". 

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