Information they Don't Want You to know about Adolph Hitler - Why?


Adolph Hitler was an Austrian born in 1889, to what would have best been described at that time in Europe, as the middle class. Life was different in the late 1800's, even in the Industrialized countries of the world, than today; modern conveniences that are presumed today did not exist and nothing was given away. Life was hard by today's U.S. standards and war was insured. There were not  yet  antibiotics or even central heating or plumbing, death came early even in the Industrialized Western World which was dominated by descendants of Teutons.

Hitler aspired to be an architect. That's why his "art work" featured tiny people amongst the buildings he drew. He applied to the leading world architectural school and his application was not accepted. He wasn't drawing people but architectural renderings.

Hitler joined the Kaiser's German Army in 1914 with the outbreak of the Great War. So what's the big deal? Hitler fought on the front lines of Northern France for the entire 4 years of that Great War and his function as a German soldier was a messenger. The Generals did not have radios at 1914-1918, so they would jot down a message. A soldier like Adolph Hitler would take the message through the front lines jumping from one trench to another until he made the communication delivery. While he was traveling along the front lines to deliver communications to German Generals he was a target. Hitler survived 50 (Fifty) World War I Battles on the Front Lines. Some of those battles featured 30-50 thousand men dying in a day.

Adolph Hitler was wounded at least five times. Reluctantly, the German military awarded Hitler the Iron Cross First Class, and a second Iron Cross. The Iron Cross is the equivalent of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor; only and rarely received except for extreme courage and bravery. Most receive such 'Badges of Courage" only after death that was caused by such heroism. The German Military was reluctant to give Adolph Hitler the Iron Crosses because he was not Nobility or even an Aristocrat. At World War I the German Military was still a continuity of the Old World and its German Military Tradition that was born centuries before and featured the upper class of Nobility, namely knights. The Red Baron was a German knight as is given away by the prefix on his name Baron Von Rickthofen.

Hitler's political power came from his military achievements. He was leader of the German Free Corps. The German Free Corps. were the undefeated and disbanded German Army caused by the Versailles Treaty . They say the Germans surrendered, but you can't point to the battle were the German Army was defeated by the enemy and surrendered. Similar, to the U.S. military and the Viet Nam War, who so many Americans claim were defeated and surrendered. The U.S. military never lost even one major encounter with the enemy in that illegal war. The reason for the Paris Armistice of 1973 was all the yelling and shouting by the hippies in the streets and by the entire country by 1971. Even that polecat Lyndon Baines could not take that constant protest of hippies in the streets of America; he had no experience with such conduct and quit.

Hitler took back for the German people what was taken from them at Versailles, including the Saar and the Rhineland; he never paid one penny in Restitution, as required by the Versailles Treaty. His initial conquests in Central Europe were by merger of German inhabited territories and caused almost no blood. The victory against France in 4 weeks during 1940 may have only been possible because the French were permanently defeated by the mass carnage of World War I. The French use the French Foreign Legion to do their fighting since World War II, so that no Frenchman will be a casualty of war. Had the French used their inferior tanks to attack the column that was left behind across Northern France in May of 1940 they may have cut off the superior German Panzer tanks that were on the coast in quick time. 

Hitler's Waterloo was the island nation of Britain which had a moat to protect it since 1066. Hitler knew that the British Isle, including the lowlands of Scotland, were settled by his ancestors and wanted to settle with the bloody Brits, but to no avail with the British Aristocrat Churchill. The Soviet Union was an easy victory for the German Field Marshals, but Hitler took victory from them at the Soviet capital with orders that delayed their Panzer tanks until November of 1941 and slow death by sub - zero Russian winter. Men dressed for summer victories don't last long in 40 degrees below zero blizzards. The German victories had to be swift or they would lose to to the overwhelming odds of Soviet attrition and American industrial production and natural resources; the German Army was outnumbered on 3 fronts in World War II.

The Jew will yell and scream, as will his politically correct Useful Idiots, who are paid by the Jews or rely on political correctness to keep the butter on their bread, but by any measure of men and history on this Planet Earth, Farrakhan was right that Hitler was a Great Man. No apologies will be made by this Web Master, Michael Elbery, for disclosing the truth of history. Jews' lies should not be tolerated, especially in the Yankee's homeland of the U.S.A.. The Jew can try to re-write history and brain wash the young in the schools of the U.S.A., but they can't fool everyone nor can they scare everyone. Better dead than enslaved by a bunch of thieving, sneaky Jews.

The greatest carnage of World War II came after the German Surrender, not the approximate 1 1/2 million Jews who died from 1939-1945. Stalin murdered all German men in the Eastern Quadrant after using them for slave labor. The East German women were ethnically cleansed by Stalin's Slavic and Asiatic troops, resulting in a race that is not German. The Allied Powers' repatriation of German People, who lived in parts of Europe other than Germany, resulted in the deaths of over 4.5 million Germans. Most of  those Germans killed by unmerciful repatriation were German children. The Constitutions of all conquered countries in World War II were newly written at 1945 by Jews and their Socialist/Communist allies and Victors of World War II. These new Constitutions in the countries conquered by the Germans during World War II paved the way for more ethnic cleansing. Countries like France jail their citizens for any speech that can be construed as "racial." Actress Brigitte Bardot was arrested twice and imprisoned the second time for stating that the "Africans must be stopped and France saved." Italy has been for decades infested by Africans that the Government is helpless to restrict, although the Italians despise these invaders. And of course, the U.S. Army remains in Germany and Italy, all to insure the New World Order Policies are enforced, including the ethnic cleansing, via millions of non whites that the German people are forced to allow in their country.

Even the Great American General, George Patton, despised the post World War II policies that encouraged the ruthless murder of Germans. General Patton spoke out against the murder of German civilians and P.O.W.s and quit as military Governor of Germany after World War II. Patton also publicly spoke out against the Jew, calling them "lost of all decency", "lower than animals", "sons of bitches". Patton called the Allied Powers' enslavement of German P.O.W.s to work in foreign lands (U.S.S.R.) as "wholly Semetic (jew)". Patton died a few months later.