Colloidal Silver - A Miracle Cure for Diseases the Physicians just Except

Rid the Pathogens from you Body

Cures Genital Herpes Virus


We already gave the cure for the germs/pathogens in your mouth, including the bacteria that causes Gum Disease and Cavities, and if enough of that bacteria gets into your Blood it can cause a Heart Attack. That cure for the germs in your mouth is of course Hydrogen Peroxide.


But what if the Bacteria had infested your body for years? The bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease can infect your large intestine and penetrate the intestinal wall. That's right the bacteria travels from your mouth to the large intestine. What will the physician tell you about the Intestinal problems? The physician will tell you it is "Irritable Bowel Syndrome". "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" is more physicians' Fraud; it is something the physicians made up as a category because the physician had no clue what is ailing your intestinal function. The patient wants answers from the physician and giving the patient an answer in the form of an incurable disease like "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" for the patient's intestinal problem also is an attempt to try to gain confidence with the sucker patient, who walks away thinking the physician knows something about his ailment even if the physician doesn't pretend to have a cure for the intestinal problem. However, the physician will prescribe a money making treatment drug that will not cure the "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", but will come complete with adverse effects that all pharmaceutical drugs have.

Warning: the Colloidal Silver will kill the "good bacteria" in your large intestine as well as the "bad bacteria" from the gum disease. However, the good bacteria will grow back, some sources recommend eating natural - plain yogurt to aid in reproduction of the good bacteria.

It is not recommended that you swallow Hydrogen Peroxide, in fact, don't. Hydrogen Peroxide works as a mouth wash, just rinse it around. Although this author has not tested Hydrogen Peroxide internally, it is doubtful that it will be effective to combat bacteria in the large intestine. Most likely the Hydrogen Peroxide will breakdown and its chemical composition will change.

Colloidal Silver will cure some cases of "Irritable Bowel Syndrome". The bacteria that traveled from your mouth to your large intestine will not survive Colloidal Silver. Why? The silver attaches to the membranes of the bacteria which prevents the bacteria from getting oxygen, thus ending the bacteria.

So what is Colloidal Silver and however does it work and whatever will it cure? Colloidal Silver is simply microscopic particles of silver suspended in water. A 16oz. bottle of Colloidal Silver costs between $25.00 to $45.00. Take as directed, usually a table spoon taken once per day before sleep at night.

Is Colloidal Silver harmful? No, silver is not harmful although it is not a required trace mineral. Silver is included in some multiple vitamins. But taking silver in vitamins tabs/capsules does not have the benefits of Colloidal Silver. But it is recommended that in addition to following directions only take Colloidal Silver until your medical problem is resolved. Some people take it daily, like vitamins, but there is no need to do this and it is advisable not to do take more Colloidal Silver than needed to remedy your health problem.


Colloidal Silver Cures Genital Herpes


One case study inadvertently cured Genital Herpes by using Colloidal Silver for a tooth infection until he could find a dentist. There was no evidence that the Colloidal Silver had any effect on the tooth infection, it certainly did not cure the tooth infection. However, by taking the Colloidal Silver for over a month this case study inadvertently  cured his 40 year old case of Genital Herpes. How does this case study know the Genital Herpes are cured? Time is the test and 3 years have past since using the Colloidal Silver for the tooth infection and no Genital Herpes, normally they would show up a few times a year.


The Colloidal Silver worked on bacteria and a virus, as above. But it is much simpler and effective to use hydrogen peroxide to immediately kill the germs in your mouth before those germs can enter your body.