Today's Health Tip - Glucose Control





Diabetes II  is one the many chronic illnesses that plagues the U.S. population and that today's physicians are helpless to cure. The physicians apply all their learned skill and education and jack up the patient with harmful drugs and when that doesn't work any longer, insulin. There is a better way to control Glucose in the human body.


The answer is insulin mimickers. These insulin mimickers cause the glucose to enter the body cells.


What are these insulin mimickers? The best is chromium and the other is vanadium (often it comes in the form of vanadryl sulfate). Here's more good news - both of these two insulin mimickers are not only good for you but are trace minerals that are required nutrition for the human body similar to vitamins and other minerals like iron. You can purchase these trace minerals from any vitamin mail order house or over the Internet from a company that sells vitamins. It is easy, just take one capsule as directed on the bottle - that's it, ready to go - no measuring.


One case study found that a harmful glucose reading of 210 would plummet to 110 in 30 minutes by taking the combination of chromium and vanadium. Just two capsules, one each as directed, and the glucose is where it is supposed to be and out  of your blood. Don't ask the physician he doesn't know about this - the physician will claim that nobody can make such claims because there was no double blind study done by the U.S. medical authorities to determine if it is valid. The physician won't tell you that it is against the law for them to recommend such remedies, as required trace minerals, which are the nutrition needed by the human body. The physician is regulated and is only allowed to deal in drugs - he can only prescribe drugs for Diabetes. The physician will tell you, if you get one that is honest, that his medical school training did not include nutrition; that is his excuse for knowing nothing about the nutrition that the body is required to have.

Chromium and Vanadium work best if taken about an hour after eating.


Other insulin mimickers include, all anti-oxidants, B and C vitamins also have some insulin mimicking effect, reportedly. What is an Anti-oxidant? Grape seed, Alpha Lopoic Acid , resveratrol are examples; they are all derived from natural food products and are good for you - no adverse effects. Do a Google search for Anti-Oxidants or look at a Vitamin company's catalogue and you will find more.

The physician does not know what causes Diabetes II but will tell you it's hereditary. How convenient! But the physician makes a mistake when he tells a patient the cause is heredity when that patient has no diabetes in his family tree of ancestors. Other, so-called "maverick physicians" who are disgusted with the such lies, admit in books they write to help people that there is absolutely no evidence that heredity is the cause of Diabetes II.

It is well settled that there is no substitute for losing the extra weight and getting exercise which also will aid you in your battle against high glucose. Some people have not just controlled Diabetes II but cured it.