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The toxic gas attacks resumed in full force in August of the summer of 2012 against Michael Elbery; the gas attacks had been sporadic between August 2008 and thru 2011. What was Michael Elbery doing that caused him to, again, be on the receiving end of toxic gases? He was writing the Chapter of on Federal Judge Mark Wolf. Elbery would update rough draft segments of that Wolf Chapter like he has done on all Chapters of this Web Site because of the threat of more false arrests or death, instead of waiting to complete the Chapter before publishing it to the Internet. The authorities and Jews don't want this Web Site (free speech) on the Internet because it is the documented truth and destroys people like judges, particularly Federal Judge Mark Wolf, who are not supposed commit illegalities in a U.S. courtroom with impunity.

In 2008 Michael Elbery got saturated by poison gas while he was sleeping in his previous residence in Lee, Mass. The perpetrators have been prevented from, again, getting a direct hit on him with their gas while he is sleeping. There were subsequent occurrences of the same distinct, unique, strong smell of that same gas detected by Elbery in and around his residence from 2008-2011; it would always be at night but those subsequent incidents were easily defended against in Elbery's previous residence. "They" were never given another opportunity to gas Michael Elbery while he was sleeping. Elbery moved to a different location in July of 2011 and that corner duplex was not as easy to defend against the poison gas attacks.

The Mass. Judiciary hides under their "Judicial Carpet" and their murdering cops hide under the cover of dark. One can't hide anymore, what will happen to the other?

This past summer of 2012 the gas was again being used against Michael Elbery. The same distinct strong stink that is unmistakable, the same gas as in 2008. No direct hits like in 2008 but  random nightly presence around Michael Elbery's apartment in the hot summer air, as the poison gas traveled through the open windows into Elbery's new/current residence in Lee, Mass.. The police and their operatives, after repeatedly dumping of their poison gas, were successful in catching Michael Elbery as he exited his back door in August, 2012. No Assassin in sight, they were driving through the apartment complex and launching, what turned out to be Cyanide Chloride Gas, out the windows of their vehicles; no noise and nothing that could be seen just Cyanide Gas that invisibly filtered through the night air . If there was a possibility of detection, the Assassins would keep on driving and continue through the parking lot driveway past Elbery's corner duplex apartment and exit out to the street. 

See Assassination Attempt August 18, 2008 for more on how Elbery discovered the Poison Gas was Cyanide Chloride Gas.

Cyanide Gas Causes Hypoxia

In August of 2012 Michael Elbery was having problems walking and his left ankle joint ached. Was it the cumulative effect of the poison gas? There was no event, such as a fall, slip or accident that caused the injuries but both Michael Elbery's ankle's/ligaments and Achilles tendons would become useless by September of 2102. Initially, there was no swelling - no skin symptoms. Was it toxins from the gas settling in spaces in the body. The joints have spaces that toxins will settle in after the body fat is saturated. [This diagnosis from medical authorities is incorrect/1-30-13- see below for hypoxia caused by the cyanide gas].


Initially, Michael Elbery believed the poison gas caused toxins to saturate his body resulting in the problems with his ankles, but he would learn in the winter of 2012 that the poison gas was Cyanide Chloride Gas. The F.B.I. was in Lee, Mass. that summer of 2012 and then the Lee Police Dept. was searched, on 11-19-12 after Michael Elbery disclosed on his web site (see below) that he could not walk and that he had caught a red Ford pick up truck, reg. .. 9623, as below, attempting a delivery of Poison Gas. It had been Elbery's opinion that it could not have been Cyanide Gas because he believed he would have been dead in 2008 when the police Assassins got him with a direct hit. The human body's affinity for cyanide is twenty times greater than for oxygen, and when you put a demand on a human muscle, like the demand caused on a human calf muscle when running up long steep hills, the human body uses 50 times more oxygen than at rest. A little cyanide gas would have an exponential effect, if exercising/running. Cyanide displaces oxygen in the human organism. 

On 8-22-12, Michael Elbery tried to get an appointment with his alleged primary care physician Dr. Davenport of Hillcrest Medical in Pittsfield, Mass. As usual and had been the case over the last year, he was scheduled with a Hispanic physician named Dr. Alejandro D. Jorrin-Simon. Jorrin brusquely reviewed the problems Elbery was having with his left ankle and Jorrin told him it was "just a leg injury" and "you'll be healed up over the weekend". Elbery requested crutches and Jorrin wrote a prescription. Days past and the ankle injury became both ankles and Elbery was unable to walk without crutches.

Jorrin left the employment of Hillcrest Medical the next week and allegedly moved back to Florida, according to his assistant, Debra.

Next on 8-27-12, Michael Elbery went to an emergency room at Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington, Mass. There was a fat brassy looking Jewish girl working as the receptionist. Michael Elbery presented his health insurance card and she keyed his name into the computer. She reacted as she was alerted to something on her computer screen and started reading and then spoke to somebody in the next room. Her attitude changed as it became hostile. The same Jews control/run Fairview Hospital as control Berkshire Medical Center and Hillcrest Medical. Need medical care in Berkshire County? There will be a Jew and his Jew policies to decide what medical care you will get.

Eventually, after receiving inhumane rude treatment at Fairview Hospital, a Dr. Adrian Elliot asked Michael Elbery what his medical problem was and what caused it. Elbery told that physician there was no event, such as a twist or fall, that caused the injury, but that he had experienced a tweak in his left calf while running the Berkshire Hills one night in August of 20012; at that date of 8-27-2012 there was no swelling just pain in his left ankle (where the ligaments connect the leg bones to the foot bones). Eliot had an x-ray done on the ankle. Dr. Elliot never diagnosed the ankle; he never gave Michael Elbery any more information about his ankle problem than Elbery already had. Two nurses then gave Michael Elbery the "bums rush" after showing him how to put on an ankle brace that he had requested in order to support the ankle. The fat redheaded nurse told Michael Elbery he could use the door to leave.

Michael Elbery learned from his experience with the Medical Authorities in August of 2008 not to say anything about gas, especially poison gas such as Cyanide. He knew if he said anything about poison gas he would be immediately refused medical assistance, as had happened in 2008 at Berkshire Medical Center and with Dr. Michael Kaplan. In the final analysis it didn't make any difference because the doctors weren't going to do anything for Michael Elbery and his injuries.


Before exiting, Elbery realized  he never got the results of the x-ray, so he turned around on his crutches and went down the hallway. In a lunch room, at the end of that hallway, he found Dr. Elliot sitting with the women/nurses that had briefly dealt with him. Elbery yelled to Elliot, "you didn't say how the x-rays turned out?" Elliot looked up and said the x-rays were "negative". Elliot then chased after Elbery, who was on crutches leaving the area of Eliot and his lunch room. Elliot urged Elbery that he should be able to walk with the ankle air brace without crutches. Wrong Eliot, the little ankle brace was worthless; the crutches were a necessity. Michael Elbery would later have to purchase two inflatable walking boots/casts.



State of Massachusetts Cancels Medical Insurance and prevents re-insurance

Then the State of Massachusetts cancelled Michael Elbery's medical insurance on 8-31-12. What a coincidence!

And worse, the State of Massachusetts fixed their "Certificate of Creditable Coverage", so that Michael Elbery could not avoid the "pre-exiting conditions" penalty with subsequent insurance companies. On that "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" the State of Massachusetts gave Michael Elbery credit for 2 months of coverage, when in fact, Michael Elbery had that insurance coverage for years. See health cards documenting coverage for at least 3 years. The State of Massachusetts was successful with their deliberate fraud and prevented Michael Elbery from buying any future medical insurance that would cover the pre-existing injury ( 2 torn Achilles tendons ) caused by the police attacking him with Cyanide Gas.


Web Master Can't Walk - Cyanide Chloride Gas 

The two physicians, as above, never made a diagnosis, they were looking for the easy answer/reason for the cause of Michael Elbery's, at that point in time (August '12), ankle aching/injury, if they were looking at all. After seeing these two physicians, as above, the injury became much worse. The cyanide gas caused Michael Elbery's calf muscle to collapse (hypoxia). When the calf muscle collapses there is no support for the Achilles tendon and ankle. As a result of the calf muscles collapsing, both Achilles tendons tore and each peroneal tendon became at a minimum inflamed, as well, all five ankle ligaments on both ankles were actually loose from the lack of support. According to the medical authorities, an Achilles tendon tear takes about 3 months to heal, if the patient is lucky. Michael Elbery wore two walking boots (not a puny ankle brace) for over 12 months, including sleeping. Additionally, he wore a walking boot on his right leg for almost 2 years. The Achilles tendons must remain in place and never bend in order to heal. On top of all that, when there is no support for the lower leg provided by the calf muscle the entire structure of the leg is disrupted, and in Elbery's case caused bone marrow edema (swelling) in the Fibula bone; the ligaments no longer controlled the structure of the leg due to the calf muscle damage and the Fibula bone was hitting the abutting bone in his foot.

Cyanide gas displaced the oxygen from Elbery's calf muscles; causing a condition is called hypoxia. Cyanide caused hypoxia results in irreversible destruction to the muscle tissue.


"They" may not have gotten a direct hit on Michael Elbery in August of 2012, but they caused him leg/calf damage when he walked out his back door into one of the invisible Cyanide Chloride gas clouds. Elbery walked out his back door to go running that August night and he was met by Cyanide Chloride gas that had been silently launched by the police without notice. It wasn't the first time he walked into that same pungent stink of invisible poison gas launched in and around his residence; he ran through the gas in order to avoid it, as he had done in the past. But this time, he continued running, as planned that night, resulting in his left calf initially suffering a tweak followed by a blister in the calf muscle the next day. The injury got worse and took its toll, as per the article, and related links on this Web Site. 

At May 2014, Michael Elbery still can't walk without crutches. 

In June of 2016, Michael Elbery began to walk again, and by October 2016 had regained most of his mobility. Michael Elbery lost about 15 degrees of extension in his right ankle joint making it impossible for him to run on flat surfaces. However, by October 2016, he was able to run up the steep long hills of Berkshire County. By December of 2016 Michael Elbery ( 65th birthday in February - 2/8/1952) was again able to run up Margerie Rd. in Lee, Mass.; Margerie road is the same steep hill at the corner of the Apartment Complex where he lives where the Cyanide got him in August of 2012.  That's right, Michael Elbery was crippled from the police Cyanide attack of August 2012 for 4 Years. 


At October of 2012 it is too late, Federal Judge Mark Wolf, your Chapter that has been memorialized in MassInjustice.Org is almost in final form and has been uploaded to a new Web Host.

Destruction of the Web Master's Achilles tendons and ankles, $250,000,000.00 Jewish dollars spent to buy out Michael Elbery's web host (Host Gator) and Knight Capital goes out of business to the tune of $450,000,000.00 because the Jewish operative screwed up the computer trading code that he was illegally using to "short sell" and drive down stocks owned by Michael Elbery. All this and MassInjustice.Org is alive and well and published World Wide, day or night, via the Internet.


You doubt the diagnosis? Then see this confirmation by a hospital and their physician that our society have elevated to levels of infallibility.




The gas is dropped just after dark - ..  9623

Michael Elbery did manage to observe unusual  activity in the driveway that runs behind his apartment building; an apartment building that is on a country road in the middle of nowhere. Why would a red Ford extended cab pick-up truck flee from that driveway and then return again 5 minutes later and flee when the driver again saw Michael Elbery seated outside? Each visit the Ford pulled into the driveway at about 30m.p.h. and made a B-line pulling up behind Elbery's truck which was parked behind his apartment. Elbery was barely able to walk on that Saturday night, 9-1-12, but did catch the license plate number. The last 4 digits are 9623 (Mass.). There was a young woman passenger in the truck. She was protesting to the driver saying, "I'm not doing it".

Once the F. B. I. searched the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. on 11-19-12, the traffic through the parking lot/driveway of the small 10 unit Apartment Complex Michael Elbery lived in was all but eliminated at night. The exiting driveway of the Apartment Complex ran only a few feet along the side of the building, so at night it was almost impossible to even see a description of a passing vehicle, let alone get the registration number, out the narrow vision angle of double-hung windows from inside the apartment. And those visiting night vehicles always took a left on to the street from the Apartment Complex driveway, so they would be shielded from further detection by the building.


The fat Italian State Cop with the big ugly nose who waited in the Big Y Supermarket parking lot for Michael Elbery every week day that summer of 2012 to exit his street on to Rt. 102 must have had his day ruined every time he had to report that Michael Elbery was still alive. This approximately 50 year old Italian would then drive through the McDonalds and next door Shell Station to make sure he wasn't seeing things because the cops' Cyanide Gas is used to murder. That fat Ginzo cop is easy to identify - with a nose that belongs on livestock he is unmistakable. That same Italian cop disappeared once the F. B. I. came to town followed by Homeland Security, all in the little hamlet of Lee, Mass.. It seems that Homeland Security picked up on the Cyanide Gas that only terrorists are supposed to be using. It takes the F. B. I. and Homeland Security to stop the cops from murdering and no one gets arrested.


Cyanide Samples and Test Strips

Because Cyanide gas has a half life of 1-5 years when it settles on inanimate objects, it was to Michael Elbery's surprise that he was able to obtain samples of the Assassin's Cyanide gas. Just as surprising, there are companies that sell test strips for identifying numerous gases including cyanide. Michael Elbery has a sealed container filled with debris that is saturated with the residue resulting from the Cyanide Gas Attacks. Maybe the F. B. I. is interested in this evidence of attempted murder. The samples are not located at Michael Elbery's residence.



See a year's attempt at medical care with the Jewish Dr. Fribush and his Medical Walk-in, Israeli Doctor Rachmiel, Jewish Dr. Mark Kentor, Carla M. the Jewish Spy, Mitt M.D. and the two initial doctors' alleged medical care by Dr. Jorrin and Dr. Adrian Elliot in "More Cyanide Attacks Cripple Web Master" (above) and denial of medical treatment by Jewish Dr. Michael Kaplan.

See all the Chapters of MassInjustice, below, for the Continuing Saga of Cyanide Death Attacks and the Medical Authorities hope you Die.


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