Dr. Mark Kentor - Allowed to Scavenge ER for Surprise Private Fees

Another Jewish Doctor looking to get rich off sick people


Last Chapter of MassInjustice.Org., Michael Elbery had two torn Achilles tendons caused by Cyanide Gas Attacks in the summer of 2012 intending to stop him from further writing of this Web Site and in particular the Chapter on Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts - Judge Mark Wolf.

Michael Elbery started to experience complications from those Cyanide caused injuries and again tried to get medical help. This time he went to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Mass. on 3-7-13. He was refused medical help from a Jewish doctor named Dr. Alexis Rachmiel, an Israeli. BMC sent Elbery a bill for $780.00 for their non treatment. 

Next Michael Elbery thought he might avoid the Jews by going to a Catholic Hospital 50 miles away in Springfield, Mass. - What a mistake. Elbery entered the Emergency Room waiting room at Mercy Hospital in Springfield on 3-13-13. He waited two hours and was admitted into an ER patient room operated by a young woman who said she was neither a physician or medical student. She quickly, after Michael Elbery removed the cast from his  right foot, said he should be seen by the physician. Elbery, on crutches, was located by a hospital staff to another room down the ER corridor.

Michael Elbery waited in that ER room for about 30 minutes and a person identifying himself as a physician entered the room. Michael Elbery explained his two Achilles Tendons injuries and the new complications around the right ankle.

The physician wasted no time, he quickly diagnosed the problem as not belonging in the ER and told Michael Elbery that "I don't know" (what was wrong with Elbery's right ankle area). This physician named Mark Kentor told Michael Elbery, "go to an orthopedic surgeon, I don't know".

Michael Elbery requested an MRI because Kentor said "the only way to know what is wrong with your right ankle is an MRI". Elbery requested one, but Kentor said, "an MRI is to expensive".

A young nurse entered the room and said, "we need you now" and Kentor exited the room Elbery was in after quickly indicating his ER visit at Mercy Hospital was over. Michael  Elbery  on crutches exited the Hospital.


Several weeks went by and Michael Elbery received a bill from Mercy Hospital for $180.00 for the Emergency Room incident at Mercy Hospital,  as above. Elbery called Mercy Hospital and asked why he was being billed anything at all because he received no value, benefit, treatment, goods, or  service,  let alone help with his  medical problem that he went there for. The woman representative  from Mercy Hospital said, "You are being charged for entering the Emergency  Room". Michael Elbery agreed with her that he entered the ER but then exited the ER and received no help  for the injuries he had requested. The telephone woman at Mercy had no other information just, "you entered the ER".

Do you think that was it? No, the ER bill for $180.00 did not, as Michael Elbery was later put on notice, include the alleged services (non-services) of the ER physician, one Dr. Mark Kentor.


A week after receiving the ER bill for $180.00, Michael Elbery received an additional bill in the mail - this one was from Dr. Mark Kentor for $135.00.

Michael Elbery called Kentor's office at Emergency Medicine Solutions in Holyoke and asked the billing lady, Liz, why he received another bill due to the ER incident at Mercy Hospital on 3-13-13.

Liz, explained that Dr. Mark Kentor does not work for Mercy Hospital but is a private physician who can't make any money at that ER unless he bills as a "private physician".

Michael Elbery replied that Kentor did nothing why is he billing me anything?

Elbery continued, stating, that no one told him that Dr. Kentor was allowed to privately charge him in addition to the Hospital.

 The billing person, Liz, indicated that Michael Elbery was being charged for an "evaluation and management fee". Michael Elbery replied that Kentor must have defined his "evaluation" as his statement "I Don't know what is wrong with your ankle"  and the "management" by Kentor was "see an orthopedic surgeon" or "bum's rush" and no  medical care.

Michael Elbery exclaimed I don't owe this guy anything and will pay him nothing. Liz threatened, "if you don't pay his bill he will put it in for "Collection"".

Elbery then stated that Kentor represented himself as an ER physician, no one told him that this Kentor was hustling ER patients. Elbery stated, "this guy Kentor has to notify me that he does not work for the ER and that his alleged services are an additional private fee not included in Mercy Hospital's bill".

Elbery further stated, "I am not responsible to pay for this physician - Mark Kentor's deceit and misrepresentation, in fact, he is liable to me for this illegal conduct. Dr. Mark Kentor has no right to any money because he did nothing to earn a fee". 

Not only did Kentor in his tricky business fail to notify Michael Elbery of his  private hustle in the Emergency Room, but in all his quick moves Kentor failed to get the proper legal papers signed so he could rip patients off and then claim a legally binding contract. When Michael Elbery was admitted at Mercy Hospital he refused to sign one of the three papers that had all the fine print contract terminology that the admittance lady was going to give him at least 5 seconds to read. Oh, she did not want Michael Elbery reading that 2d document but she wanted him to quickly sign it. Michael Elbery didn't sign it, but wrote "PATIENT DECLINES". Too bad Dr. Kentor, you can't rely on your plan of contractual fraud with Mercy Hospital. 

Michael Elbery also inquired how much does this doctor charge an hour? It must be $1,000.00 per hour because even if he did something and earned a fee, which he did not, the 10 minutes Kentor spent telling Michael Elbery to get lost which was billed at $135.00 is the equivalent of $1,000.00 per hour. This Dr. Mark Kentor is a typical example of today's physician - a greedy crook. And Kentor has no problem defrauding ER patients via his misrepresentation.



Michael Elbery then notified Liz at Kentor's Office that, if he puts that bill into collection, Kentor will be sued for fraud and a 93A s. 9 violation. Kentor was sent a M.G.L. C. 93A s. 9 letter informing Kentor of his illegal conduct and Elbery's pending lawsuit.



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