Dr. Ellis Fribush - Jew Doctor who thinks he's smart


We live in a U.S. society that is controlled by physicians and lawyers. Everyone is wise to the attorney/lawyer; everyone is at least suspicious of the lawyer, most despise the double-crossing untrustworthy lawyer. The physician is slicker than the lawyer/attorneys of the bar - the physician in the U.S. has positioned himself on top of his synthetically created Social Pedestal and enjoys a status unparalleled in today's American Society. The physician makes a living off the sick and dying. If your child is dying in your arms today's physician wants a big fee just to observe that child. It wasn't always that way. Just a few short decades ago good men with a conscience filled the ranks of physicians in the U.S.A.. They were not looking to make millions off the sick and injured, but still made a better living than most. A good living is not exploitation. Today's physician has cures for nothing but deals in drug treatments that will cause him and his partners the drug companies repeat customers until the patient drops dead from the adverse effects of the drugs. Due to the discovery of the Scottish scientist Fleming the physician knows how to combat bacteria but is helpless against the chronic illness the decimate and infest the populations of the Western World. This while some know better, today's physician is happy to continue on his quest for millions off the sick and avoiding the word "cure".

This Chapter of MassInjustice.Org is about Dr. Ellis Fribush one of today's physicians in the U.S.A.

On 2-23-2013, Michael Elbery was experiencing complications from his two torn Achilles tendons caused by attempts to murder him with Cyanide Chloride Gas. His Medical Insurance Company cancelled his coverage on 9-1-12 just, coincidentally, after he initially sustained the Achilles injury in August.

The insurance company (which is actually the State of Massachusetts) fixed it so that Elbery could not buy another insurance policy to require a new medical insurance company to cover prior medical problems. Although Michael Elbery had medical insurance for years his Medical Insurance Company would only credit him with two months subscription. Six months prior medical insurance coverage was required by Mass. law in order for Elbery to buy new insurance from another company and require  the new company to cover prior/existing medical conditions.

Michael Elbery needed a medical person to confirm what he thought were the new complications with his Achilles injury or tell him, maybe with the aid of an MRI, what they found were his injuries.

Elbery entered a dingy 5-10 Medical Walk-in, North Main St., Pittsfield, Mass. which is owned by a Jew physician named Ellis Fribush. Jewish Fribush had taken a dilapidated old wood structure in downtown Pittsfield, Mass. and converted it into little medical profit centers to exploit the sick and injured. Downtown Pittsfield, although barely defined as an urban area, is another of the unanimous urban areas that have been decimated by Urban Blight caused by Jewish Social Design Policies in this here U.S.A.

There were two unkempt women barricaded in a reception area enclosed by bullet proof glass who took Elbery's admittance information. The woman who handled the admittance had a difficult time reading the most obvious print. There were only 3 "patients" ahead of Michael Elbery, but he would wait two hours and two people who came in that store front after him were seen before him.

After about an hour and half of waiting to get medical help in this dirty medical profit center of Fribush's, a tall thin, gaunt, white middle-aged woman entered and sat in the same waiting room as Michael Elbery. She was seated at right angles to Michael Elbery a few seats away but within easy talking distance. Quick to converse, she claimed she was there because she thought she had pneumonia. Nice, thought Elbery, this looks like a good place to catch a contagious disease like pneumonia or tuberculosis. In fact, the fixtures, seats, etcetera looked like they were high side for being objects that were collecting such germs ready for distribution, not to mention there was no ventilation for that germ pit of a waiting room.

This gaunt woman asked a bunch of questions; she was eager to engage Michael Elbery in conversation. Strange, most woman are suspicious and reserved in such settings with men they have never seen before. The conversation centered on the topic of why we there. Elbery explained he was there because the of hypoxia to his calf muscles caused by Cyanide Gas that resulted in his two Achilles tendons tearing because there was no support, via his calf muscles, for his Achilles Tendons any longer. She was not taken back when he stated that the F.B.I. search of the Lee Police Dept. was caused by the same Cyanide gas. She was actually nervous and wanted to know if the damage to his calves was permanent or reversible. Michael Elbery responded he did not know; she reacted in disappointment at Elbery's answer. She got her information and did not talk anymore. Michael Elbery had waited in that tuberculoses pit of a waiting room for two hours so Fribush's office could call the cops on him. 


The gaunt middle-aged woman was a cop and as soon as her inquiries were done Michael Elbery no longer had to wait in that dirty waiting room of Dr. Ellis Fribush's. It is amazing what the sick and injured will put up in hope of getting help.

She got all her information and the conversation stopped and  Michael Elbery was admitted to see a nurse named Linda Skermerhorn who refused to help him, but instead gave him the "Bum's Rush". Skermerhorn said she could not do anything until she got x-rays; she refused to even look at Elbery's Peroneal tendon or Achilles tendon or attempt to even comment on the problems that caused him to enter that alleged medical facility of Dr. Ellis Fribush's. Elbery told this Skermerhorn that he already had x-rays taken in August '12 and that they were negative.

Skermerhorn sent Michael Elbery a few blocks down the street to get x-rays that he didn't need and that Skermerhorn used as an excuse to give Elbery the "bum's rush". 

Fribush and his 5-10 Walk-in charged Michael Elbery $95.00 for their non-medical treatment upon exiting the treatment area with Skermerhorn. Elbery asked the receptionisnt when a medical person would address the injuries/medical problems that he was there for. She replied, "If you don't pay now we will call the police". Michael Elbery paid Fribush's $95.00.

The gaunt undercover lady cop was still seated and waiting for Michael Elbery to exit the patient care area; she stared at him as he exited the premises of Dr. Fribushe's medical fraud profit center at 5-10 North Main St., Pittsfield, Mass. Elbery got in his vehicle and drove across the street and observed the lady undercover cop get into a car about 5 minutes later. She was not there for medical treatment but was worried about fellow cop Chief Buffis of the Lee Police Dept., and the F.B.I. counter measures for his participation in the Cyanide Gas attacks that were intended to murder Michael Elbery.

Michael Elbery went to a facility for the x-rays at 610 Main St., Pittsfield, Mass. which is part of Berkshire Medical Center (BMC). When he got through with the pointless x-rays being taken he exited that facility to his vehicle to find that it, coincidentally, had a flat tire. That's all right Michael Elbery bought another tire.

Yes sir, those two haggard looking women in the barricaded bullet proof glass knew who Michael Elbery was when they entered his name on their computer. As with BMC and Fairview Hospital, 5-10 Walk-in had a special designation in their computerized files in order to enforce Jewish Social Design Policies and stamp out all white men who don't agree with the Jews and their control of the U.S.A.

Skermerhorn and Fribush's medical company made no attempt to contact Michael Elbery about the results of the x-rays, so he contacted them a few days later. Over the phone they stated the x-rays were "negative"; there was no information by this non-medical telephone person as to what bones were x-rayed  and Michael Elbery was never allowed to know. Michael Elbery asked when Fribush's medical facility would address his medical problems that he paid for and when there would be follow-up. Fribush's phone person responded, "there will be nothing more done here get a primary care physician."



Dr. Ellis Fribush Admits Guilt

After some research of Mass. Corporate records, Michael Elbery was able to get to Fribush's office that was in the same wooden building at 510 Main St. After brief conversations, Fribush agreed to credit Michael Elbery in full for the $95.00 that they had stolen from him a few days earlier. This credit and return of the money Fribush stole is an admission of guilt.

A $95 dollar credit – an admission of Guilt by Dr. Ellis Fribush

Michael Elbery demanded that "Walk-in" refund the $95 they charged him. The telephone person at Walk-in refused. Elbery then researched "5-10 Walk-in" and found that it was owned by a Dr. Ellis Fribush’s of Pittsfield, Mass. corporation – Walk-in Physicians Inc. . In fact, that entire junky wooden structure at 510 North Main St., Pittsfield, Mass. is owned by Dr. Fribush. Fribush has broken that building into little medical profit centers and he owns each of those little medical enterprises.

Michael Elbery called Pittsfield Medical Ass. which is another medical profit center at 510 North Main St., Pittsfield, Mass.. A woman identifying herself as "Stacey" answered the phone and admitted that the Mass. corporate records were correct and that Fribush owns ‘5-10 Walk-in" via Walk-in Physicians Inc.

Michael Elbery demanded that Fribush and his profit center – Walk-in Physicians Inc. refund him because they had done absolutely nothing for the $95 they charged him for, except waste an afternoon waiting in a dirty medical facility and running around for x-rays that he did not need. That Fribush’s Walk-in Physicians Inc. was a planned rip-off that did nothing but make Fribush exploitive profit.

The woman telephone person from "5-10 Walk – in" called Michael Elbery and told him that they would "call the police" if he came on the Premises at 5-10 Walk-in. She also stated that Dr. Fribush agreed to refund the $95 to Elbery's credit card.

They took five days to enter that credit for $95 hoping that Michael Elbery would phone them complaining there was no credit, so they could call the cops claiming a trespass. A phone call can be a trespass under Mass. law. In today's U.S.A., especially Massachusetts, they are all calling the cops!

Dr. Elliot Fribush’s "5-10 Walk-in" made no attempt to help Elbery with his medical problem, as above, or even address them. Instead, Schermahorn used the x-rays as a tactic to give him the Bum’s rush.

Dr. Elliot Fribush and his Walk-in Physicians Inc. deliberately fraudulent x-rays as done at Berkshire Medical Center cost $427.25. Those two worthless x-rays that were billed to Michael Elbery at a cost of $427.25 was part of Dr. Fribush's and Schermahorn's intent from the beginning to deny Elbery medical care and steal his money. 

Fribush and his 5-10 Medical Walk-in is part of the Jewish Doctors Conspiracy; Fribush has all his medical business organized on a computerized system that has Michael Elbery on a list. Anyone on this "Jews list" is denied medical care. The Jews control all medical care in Berkshire Country, including the hospitals.



Dr. Ellis Fribush's deliberately caused worthless two x-rays in the amount of $427.00 was a small part of the monetary damages. Here is the M.G.L. C. 93A s. 9 Consumer Protection letter sent to Dr. Ellis Fribush alerting him to his medical business' illegal conduct.


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