The Jewish Spy and Fascinations of the Past

More Denial of Medical Treatment


This is another chapter of MassInjustice.Org that unfolds in the continuation of events resulting in the Injustice that Michael Elbery fights against the Authorities that destroy the once Great United States of America. As disclosed in previous chapters of MassInjustice. Org, Michael Elbery got caught in haze of Cyanide Gas in August of 2012 which crippled him causing him two torn Achilles Tendons. The Medical Authorities and Government terminated his medical insurance and fixed it so he could not buy a new insurance policy due to the prior medical condition restriction, all coincidentally, on August 31 of 2012.

The loss of use of his feet didn't stop the author of MassInjustice.Org; Michael Elbery was successful in de-throning Chief Justice of the Federal District of Massachusetts in October of 2012. Chief Federal Justice Mark Wolf resigned from his top rank as Chief Justice only 3 days after Michael Elbery published the documented illegalities by Jewish Wolf in an American Courtroom during one of Elbery's Federal Cases against the Police.

After a series of refusals by the medical authorities in Massachusetts for help with the cyanide gas caused crippling effects ,Elbery regained medical insurance on about March 15, 2013 due to successfully embarrassing the State of Massachusetts with their Scandal of canceling of his medical insurance on August 31 of 2012. Elbery sought medical help in April '13 with Hillcrest Medical in Pittsfield, Mass. and his primary care physician of record, Dr. Robert Davenport. Hillcrest delayed and gave Michael Elbery an appointment on May 6 of 2013.

At that May 6 appointment, Michael Elbery, thought he finally would get help from a physician that is supposed to know the best methods to handle such injuries as sustained by Elbery due to the police attack on him with Cyanide gas in order to stop him from exposing the illegalities of Federal Wolf and Attorney Louis P. Aloise and other enemies of the U.S. Constitution.

But Davenport was quick to point out that he hadn't helped his alleged patient. That's right, Michael Elbery thanked Dr. Davenport during that doctors visit and examination by Davenport of Michael Elbery's Achilles Tendons and adjoining parts. Davenport replied, "I haven't helped you yet". Davenport was right and he would do nothing to change that state of events. The physicians are today's Scribes and Pharisees and do as they please in this U.S.A., the physicians are controlled by the Jews.


The M.R.I. - 10 months later

Ten months had come and gone by the time Elbery had this appointment with Dr. Davenport from the date Elbery incurred his injuries. Davenport decided it was appropriate to order an M.R.I. for only Michael Elbery's right leg. Davenport claimed that he had to apply to the medical insurance company in advance for the M.R.I. of Elbery's calf and Achilles Tendon. Michael Elbery asked why he just could not go, now, and get an M.R.I. at the local hospital and let the insurance company handle this common medical procedure for torn Achilles Tendons and Calf muscles? Davenport said they might not pay. That's new. Did they really reinstate Michael Elbery's medical insurance? Or are the same people who are responsible for canceling Michael Elbery's medical insurance trying to do everything possible to still prevent him from getting valid medical treatment? 


Davenport offered no assistance and did not offer his opinion as to what Michael Elbery's injuries were. No wonder Michael Elbery has to function as his own physician! The Jewish controlled medical profession instructed Dr. Davenport to commit this malpractice.

In June of 2013, after 10 months of two torn Achilles Tendons, and now with a licensed physician, Michael Elbery downloaded an application from the Mass. RMV for a handicap plaque and sent it to Dr. Davenport's Office because it had to be signed by a licensed physician. What a surprise, on the second page of that form, Davenport reveals what Michael Elbery had known for almost a year; Davenport disclosed that his alleged patient had torn Achilles Tendons and torn Calf muscles. It would have been customary to tell your patient that; but Dr. Davenport never told his alleged patient, Michael Elbery, what Davenport diagnosed as injuries. Davenport got nervous when the government got involved and documented the injuries. 

This would be the second physician or "Source of Medical  Authority" to  confirm that Michael Elbery did have torn Achilles Tendons. And this guy Davenport didn't care about the cause of Elbery's injuries, or at least he didn't ask the cause of these Achilles injuries. He most likely already knew because he was warned by fellow physicians and the police that Elbery was targeted for death by Cyanide Gas. At that May 6th appointment, when his alleged patient, Michael Elbery, alerted Davenport that he should have asked the cause of the injury, Davenport reacted in evasion. Dr. Davenport didn't want to talk about the cause of the torn Achilles tendons, so Michael Elbery told him that "the police got me going out the back door with Cyanide Gas". Davenport was all upset about the possibility that the police were responsible. Davenport said, "I thought the F.B.I. searched the Lee Police Dept and Chief's house because some "Toy fund" was embezzled.  Then he made a lousy comment under his breath, as he walked away.

During a follow-up phone conversation with Dr. Davenport's assistant, Franny Frarquwart, regarding the status of the M.R.I. approval, Franny "the Fanny" Frarquwart started her usual rude yelling. Franny stated in a holler "this is a 9 month injury - it's not urgent!"


The medical insurance company's approval process resulted in a refusal for the M.R.I. because Dr. Robert Davenport made an error in coding for a foot M.R.I. in his first application. Davenport made more error than that because his application was for the wrong part of the right Lower Extremity (right foot and leg). Davenport, per documentation of the insurance company, applied for an M.R.I. of only the right foot and ankle, not the injuries to Michael Elbery's Achilles Tendon and Calf muscle diagnosed per Davenport as documented on the RMV form. That's right, Dr. Davenport confirmed, per the RMV form that he filled out, that Elbery's injury was to his Achilles Tendon and Calf, but he applied to the insurance company for an M.R.I. to Michael Elbery's right foot

When Michael Elbery finally got his M.R.I. at the Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, Mass. - hospital) it was only for Elbery's right foot. That's right, the M.R.I. technologist stated that the M.R.I. was going to be only for Elbery's right foot. She commented that, per her review of some unspecified information that she had in her possession, that she was caused to call Dr. Davenport's Office and ask why the calf and Achilles Tendon were not the object of the M.R.I.. She told Michael Elbery that Davenport instructed "just the right foot". The M.R.I. technologist acted puzzled because Dr. Davenport prescribed an M.R.I. for the wrong part of the body; she asked Michael Elbery "do you still want the M.R.I. of the foot". Elbery instructed the technologist to do the M.R.I. of the foot, after first being denied his request to that technologist to do the M.R.I. on the calf and Achilles Tendon.

Davenport blamed the insurance company for the M.R.I. being incorrectly taken of the foot and not the area of obvious injury, the Achilles Tendon and calf. You would have thought that when the insurance company refused the first application for M.R.I. because of Dr. Davenport's coding error regarding the foot, that he would have made proper correction on the second application for M.R.I. and ordered correctly for the area of obvious injury, the Achilles Tendon and Calf. Davenport's object was not to help his alleged patient.


"Spy in my Eye"

Dr. Davenport did a good job of delaying Michael Elbery's needed medical care and an even better job sabotaging any chance of getting him an M.R.I. that would provide needed information about his 10 month old cyanide caused injuries to his Achilles Tendons and Calf muscles, but the M.R.I. technologist used torture in attempt to discourage Michael Elbery from pursuing further information, via medical technology, about his injuries. Did you say, "do no harm"?

Jewish spy Carla (aka Carla M.) the M.R.I. technologist at Berkshire Medical Center did the incorrect right foot M.R.I.. 


Unusual Circumstances Surround this M.R.I.

There was something wrong from the first second. The M.R.I. technologist named Carla M. entered the patient waiting area of the radiologist department. Michael Elbery responded and lined up his crutches in order to walk, after she read his name off her list. This Carla, the M.R.I. technologist, immediately walked ahead with no eye contact, and never said hello, or offered any introduction. She walked all the way to the length of a hallway and stopped at the left turn/corner. Carla pointed to a small room off the M.R.I. room and instructed Michael Elbery to have a seat. Strange a seat for an M.R.I.? Carla took the opportunity to interview her target, Michael Elbery. So Michael Elbery took advantage of the situation and had some entertainment on Carla the Jewish M.R.I. worker/spy.

All the forms had been previously filled out, so there was no excuse for Carla's interview but "other" information for her Jewish file.

 Didn't the prescribing physician - Davenport already do the interview concerning the injuries? She stated she just wanted to ask a few questions. She sat down with her note pad and it appeared she wanted some information for her Jewish files. Which she would get. She was ready with pen in hand and that pen never stopped moving across her note pad which was all very flattering of Carla the Jew Spy.

Responding to Carla's first question, Michael Elbery stated he had two torn Achilles Tendons. Elbery followed by commenting that Achilles only had one torn Achilles Tendon and it killed him, but that he was a mere mortal and Achilles was invulnerable.  Elbery had Carla's attention, so he gave her more for her file about his Achilles Tendons. Michael Elbery revealed that in 1983 a seer told him he would have trouble with his Achilles Tendons, after first asking him if he had ever had trouble with his Achilles Tendons. Elbery told the seer, "No - never any problem with Achilles Tendons". That seer, a woman named Joyce who Elbery did not know previously stated, "you will". Carla didn't like it, but it got her attention and the "seer" bothered her. If she had had her way the interview would have ended but she had a job to do.

Michael Elbery wanted to calm his interviewer, Carla, so he instructed her that at that time (1983) he believed in nothing. That the supernatural was to him, at the time, foolishness; that he grew up in the old Yankee culture that discounted such things as seers, the supernatural, ghosts, witchcraft as superstition.  Elbery went on to point out that there was still fear in the 1950's  Yankee New England of a recurrence of the Salem witch trials of 1680's. 

Carla reacted, she didn't like the Yankee culture that she appeared to recognize, but it quickly pleased her that Michael Elbery regarded such supernatural occurrences as superstition. 

Elbery went further with his information. He told Carla that this seer was insulted by his lack of  belief in her predictions. Carla was told that the seer instructed Michael Elbery to gamble because he would win a lot of money. Elbery didn't gamble and told the seer that she was no more to him than someone off the streets. "Joyce - the seer" had no tolerance for that comment which she considered an insult.


What Carla did not learn during that interview is that the first prophesy made by this seer was that Michael Elbery would be imprisoned. Joyce the seer didn't know why when questioned. The seer -Joyce didn't make a good first impression in that White City Dunkin Donuts coffee bar back in 1983 with her introduction to Michael Elbery of "jail". Joyce the Seer lived in Shrewsbury, Mass. at that date, 1983, and was a real estate agent; she was of Swedish decent. Joyce was obese and struggled with her food problem. Although, Michael Elbery has tried to retrieve her last name from past acquaintances while writing this chapter of MassInjustice.Org, he got misinformation. To Michael Elbery's best memory this Joyce had a last name that began with "S" and was a Swedish surname. Ironically, during the few exposures/conversations, all at that coffee bar at White City Dunkin Donuts, Joyce expressed hate for the Jew who she classified, due to her experience, as "evil".

Carla the Jewish spy wanted information, so Michael Elbery knowing they have wanted to know more about their enemy told her that this seer stated she did not see the future in many people because "most men live quiet lives of  desperation and do not have notable events in their lives". Carla looked at the enemy that was seated in front of her. 

It was only fair that Carla should be provided more information, after all it made no sense that an M.R.I. technologist was even interviewing the subject/patient let alone listening to what she seemed to classify as superstition from her limited replies.

This witch made only 3 predictions and all came true. The prison would come in 1993 and the Achilles Tendons injuries in 2012. The witch named Joyce reversed the money she saw Michael Elbery winning. She wanted vengeance because Michael Elbery refused to believe in her prophesies, she put a curse on him and directed it at his Solar Plexus. He told Carla that this witch pleaded with him to remove his hand from in front of his Solar Plexus (sternum) that he positioned when she chanted at him. Joyce the seer (witch) walked away from that Dunkin Donut coffee bar at White City flinching her head and body making noises after putting her curse on Michael Elbery; Joyce the seer exhibited distress/pain moving her head/body as she exited that Dunkin Donuts coffee bar. Joyce made comment while exiting to Michael Elbery, "your real tuff, I didn't see that in you". Elbery told her, "when the shit hits the fan I'm the last one left". But that wasn't what the seer was experiencing - she was interfering with more powerful than her Satanic sourced witchcraft. Something didn't go right for that seer - Joyce, even though Michael Elbery moved his hand from in front of his Solar Plexus. 

Carla was unprepared when Michael Elbery told her that witchcraft is not mere superstition, that they get their power from Satan. When someone makes prophesies 20 and 30 years in advance and they come true, then the evidence is outstanding and irrefutable and can't be simply written - off as "Coincidence".

Why was Carla taken back? It is what she wanted to hear. Look in your Bible, both New and Old, it is full of Satan, curses, sorcerers. They cherish their manmade religious organizations that they give credibility via the Bible, but the hypocrites have no use for what is written in their claim of foundation for their man made religion.  

Carla would learn during that interview that "Joyce the seer" would, a few years later, claim it was Michael Elbery's fault that she was dying; according to a mutual acquaintance, Joyce would blame Michael Elbery for her death that came a few years after her curse. Michael Elbery responded to the mutual acquaintance, who alerted him that Joyce had died, that maybe the cause of her death was the 11 liposuctions she had a physician do to try and combat her obesity. (Carla was being teased by Michael Elbery with this "cause of death", she almost thought she had some spying worth its objective. Carla thought she had something to run to the cops with, so the Jews could stop their enemy who exposes their social crimes in this U.S.A.)   .

Carla, finally thinking she found fault with Michael Elbery, exclaimed, "wait a minute you waited 30 years for her prediction of Achilles injury to come true". No Jewish, I didn't wait for it to happen, but it did happen. Where would the Jew be without the White Man to invent, build, produce, so the Jew can figure a way to steal it.


Interview Ends - 

Defeated, Carla appeared out of gas and disappointed, the "interview" ended and she moved to the adjoining M.R.I. room. But Michael Elbery still tormented Carla the "Jewish spy" with extended conversation. Elbery told her that, "at 62 if it wasn't for the excitement I'd dry up and fade away". When she learned that just a year ago before being crippled by Cyanide gas that her patient could do 23 pull ups, pick 400 pounds off the floor, and run the steep hills that go on for miles in Berkshire County. Carla replied, "Good".

Carla was fastening/strapping Michael Elbery's foot  into an apparatus within the M.R.I. machinery. Elbery seeing this wanted confirmation that Carla was doing an M.R.I. of Achilles Tendon and Calf muscle. Carla exclaimed that she would be doing an "M.R.I. only on your foot". Carla further confirmed that she knew Michael Elbery's injuries in advance and said she called Dr. Davenport's office and asked  why the M.R.I. was not being done of the Calf and Achilles Tendon. Carla further explained that Dr. Davenport instructed that the M.R.I. should be done on the right foot, only. Carla the M.R.I. technologist agreed with Michael Elbery that the M.R.I. was being done on the wrong part of the body. She then asked Elbery if he even wanted the M.R.I. done. Elbery responded, "if you can't do the calf and Achilles Tendon then go ahead a do it on my foot".

Carla realized that Michael Elbery was familiar with M.R.I.'s, so she asked if he had prior injuries. Elbery told her that he had two knee injuries. The first in 1993 that cured quickly because the cartilage grew back and the second knee injury in 1998, was on the other knee that lasted for 7 years  and dozen of doctor's examinations and M.R.I.'s. The orthopedic surgeons could do nothing and Dr. Joseph Barr, who Elbery had as an orthopedic surgeon examining the knee for several years of that injury, informed him that nothing could be done for his left knee injury and that he might need an artificial knee in years to come. Michael Elbery explained to Carla that his immune system had been almost destroyed in the 1980's from the booze he was consuming while he was in the bar business. He went on to explain that the hdl measure is a barometer of  the human immune system. Michael Elbery further explained he mistakenly found a cure for the knee injury which was no more than a space in the knee that would not close/heel due to his week immune system. This knee injury required crutches for a short period of time, but resulted in knee joint pain and impaired complete use of the knee including running and quick pivots. When Michael Elbery cured his gum disease with Listerine Whitening (the active ingrident is hydrogen peroxide) in 2005 the immune system was relieved from fighting the bacteria in the mouth and the immune system almost immediately went to work healing his knee and closed the space in that knee. Sometimes the greatest solutions are accidental, Michael Elbery bought the Listerine Whitening to whiten his teeth but got more for his money than he bargained for.

Michael Elbery told Carla that the physicians and dentists know that hydrogen peroxide in Listerine Whitening will cure gum disease, but they don't want the people to know because it will hurt their pocket book. Carla smiled when Elbery told her that "they" (greedy physicians and dentists) don't want you to know about cure for gum disease. Michael Elbery finds it amusing how most people associated with the greater medical profession despise physicians. The physicians are such a greedy fraudulent bunch; they act like they can walk on water yet they have cures for almost nothing. They are a strange union of profession who get full pay at astronomical fees even if their patient dies or if they can offer no positive results. The medical profession in the U.S.A. is totally different than it was just a few decades ago, now they are more social parasites that produce little to justify the 20% of the G.N.P. of the U.S.A. that goes to the greater medical Industry.

While Michael Elbery was on the subject of cures that the medical profession disdains because they can't make profit from simple answers, he instructed Carla that Chromium and Vanadium would control glucose better than the drugs the physicians prescribe for Diabetes II.  Carla was puzzled by this White Man that she spied on.

Michael Elbery realized that he was giving Carla too much information for a medical person to understand, so he  referred her to his Web Site and instructed her to scroll down on the home page to the hyperlinks under "Scribes and Pharisees" section "Today's Health Tips" . So that Carla could learn and understand the White Man's knowledge for free.

Carla flinched when Elbery said, "Scribes and Pharisees section"  - she never asked name of the Web Site because she already knew.


30 minutes of Torture

The M.R.I. was 30 minutes of Torture by this "Jewish spy" M.R.I. technologist.  Carla had Michael Elbery's foot strapped in the apparatus, so that it stretched and strained the ligaments and tendons in an already injured anterior of the foot and ankle joint. The pain was acute and caused Michael Elbery to clench his fists and grit his teeth in pain. He didn't end the M.R.I. because he was afraid that they would say he was refusing medical care. At that point, almost a year of Cyanide induced injuries, Michael Elbery was desperate for the possibility of medical answers, via an M.R.I. 

When the M.R.I. finally ended another technologist named Dominic entered the room and unfastened Elbery's foot/ankle. Michael Elbery exclaimed in pain that he needed a few seconds to recover from the severe pain damage/weakness in the already damaged joint he was suffering. Michael Elbery while seated on the M.R.I. table rubbing his foot and ankle asked this Dominic, "where's the girl?" Domic replied, "she's around somewhere, I don't know". Elbery stated, "it was her voice that announced on the intercom that the M.R.I. was complete, so she must be here - I would like to talk to her". Elbery then asked if the M.R.I.'s came out o.k. because he thought he moved his foot due to the overpowering pain caused by Carla. Dominic exited the M.R.I. room and returned quickly saying, "she says the M.R.I.'s came out fine and that you must not have moved." Elbery then stated, "the girl (Carla) is on the other side of that wall, why is she hiding?" 

After 5 minutes of trying to massage out the pain and weakness, Michael Elbery still could not walk with crutches in order to escape Berkshire Medical Center and its Jewish controlled torture. She (Jewish Carla) had the ankles in that vice apparatus and almost ripped the front of the ankle joint from the leg .


What was the point of this "Jewish spy" ? Was her objective to simply to insure denial of medical care and to cause some pain, and to create a file? The Jews kill anybody that they fear, especially white men who can communicate and disclose the truth to the masses. The Jews have a custom of piecing together information to obtain their objectives of fabricated insanity with their shouting and pointing Jewish finger. If you counter the Jews' plot then they claim you are paranoid and delusional and need psychiatric care , but it ain't enough you need more Jew. I save you the work and disclose the irrefutable documented truth in advance to the World Free Internet. The Jew and their Authorities and physicians and police are sensitive to publicity of Scandal, murder, rigged evidence in Judicial proceedings, grand larceny, Exploitation of the Masses, and documented truth.

As it turned out the M.R.I., although deliberately ordered wrong by Dr. Robert Davenport, indicated a surprise assortment of serious injuries to Michael Elbery's right foot. What would Michael Elbery learn about his injuries if these lousy medical jerks would order, as requested by Elbery, M.R.I.'s of both his lower extremities (includes everything below the knee to the toes). Still no M.R.I. on the Achilles Tendons because they don't want Elbery to know. This 6-6-13 M.R.I. of Michael Elbery's right foot did coincidentally examine about an inch of his Achilles Tendon (at the location above the heel) which confirmed injury to that Achilles Tendon.



Complaint on Record - Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, Mass. - Hospital)

Oh, in today's America you must complain, be prepared because your enemy will lie and scream to the Authorities who will grind the axe for them. So Michael Elbery registered complaint with Berkshire Medical Systems (Pittsfield, Mass. only hospital), Elbery complained that the M.R.I. was torture and that there was an unnecessary interview that caused Carla the M.R.I. Tech. to take continuous notes for over 10 minutes. Michael Elbery understood why his M.R.I. was torture but he made issue about the interview that was used to get "information" that had nothing to do with a category called "medical".

Several days later a Kathy Mellee returned a call from Pittsfield, Mass. Hospital (aka BMC, aka Berkshire Medical Center). Mellee stated that she  was the "head goose" in that hospital's M.R.I. division; she claimed to be the boss. Michael Elbery was quick to tell her that she was not really the final decision maker in that radiology dept. but that she answered to Jews. The Jews control the medical profession in this here U.S.A. and that is why there are so many problems with today's physician and greater medical profession and hospitals.

In reply to Michael Elbery's complaint about Carla, Mellee claimed Carla represents that she took only 1 note during the 10 minute "interview" which was  "2 torn Achilles Tendons". Mellee doesn't understand that Carla's real notes will never be scene or disclosed; Carla's pen never stopped writing on her pad of paper during that 10 minute "interview". Mellee avoided any statement about the torture that Carla used via her M.R.I.


Violation of Geneva Convention

Even the Geneva Convention requires medical care for P.O.W.s, but Michael Elbery does not get that same medical care in Totalitarian Jewish state of Massachusetts which is center of the Jewish New World Order.

Royalty is gone who will protect the people? Where are the leaders that emerged out of Reformation and flourished after the Age of Reason/Enlightenment?

The Jew knows that killing the culture that produced the Great men of the past will eliminate some of the obstacles to power and World Control in the future. But the Jew miscalculates.


Complaint on Record - Dr. Robert "wrong foot" Davenport

The day after the M.R.I., on 6-7-13, Michael Elbery called Dr. Davenport's office to complain about the deliberate denial of needed medical treatment; Dr. Robert Davenport deliberately instructed/prescribed an M.R.I. for the wrong part of Elbery's lower Extremity. Instead of directing an M.R.I. for the Achilles Tendon and Calf that he diagnosed as the problem during Elbery's office visit with Davenport on 5-5-13 and as Davenport documented per the R.M.V. form, Dr. Davenport prescribed an M.R.I. for Elbery's right foot. Davenport's assistant, Fran Frarquwart, took the call and started yelling, "that's it, no more MRI's".

Dr. Davenport then returned a call to Michael Elbery shortly after Franny Frarquwart's yelling decision of "No more M.R.I.'s". Dr. Davenport claimed it wasn't his fault that the wrong part of the body got the  M.R.I.; Davenport claimed it was the medical insurance company's fault that the M.R.I. was done on the foot and not correctly on the Achilles Tendon and Calf.

But during that phone conversation on June 8, '13, Dr. Davenport  sounded worried about the situation. Davenport said there were all kinds of complications/medical problems with Elbery's foot even though he admitted that the Achilles Tendon and Calf should have been the subject of the M.R.I..

Dr. Davenport was nervous and said maybe the insurance company will allow an M.R.I. of the Achilles Tendon and Calf since there were so many injuries in your foot. But Dr. Davenport still remained that only the right leg should get attention, although the same injuries were suffered by Michael Elbery in his left leg. And of course Dr. Davenport  wanted Michael Elbery to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon because he claimed, "I don't know this stuff". The Orthopedic Surgeon's office never called Elbery back when  he left a message with them about an appointment.

Dr. Davenport said he presumed that whatever was wrong with the right leg via M.R.I. would be the same for the left; even though he would not even consider an M.R.I. for the left leg injuries. And Davenport didn't even want to know how the injuries occurred or what was the cause; why was he presuming?


More Dr. Davenport Sabotage - Another M.R.I. done deliberately wrong

Dr. Davenport's assistant, Franny Frarquwart, called Michael Elbery at the end of May '13 and informed him that Davenport was successful in getting him another M.R.I.. Ya, this is the same deutchbag that screamed that Michael Elbery would receive "no more M.R.I.'s". Another M.R.I. was scheduled for July 9, 2013 at the same Berkshire Medical Center that did the 6-6-13 M.R.I., according to Fran Frarquwart. This time Dr. Davenport's Office was sure that this July 9, 2013 M.R.I. would be on Michael Elbery's right Achilles Tendon and Calf.

On July 8th Michael Elbery called the radiology department of B.M.C. and spoke to a "Tammy the receptionist/appointment person", and learned the  M.R.I. was ordered for only the Calf of the left leg. No Achilles Tendon. Tammy called Fran Frarquwart of Dr. Davenport's Office causing Fran to call Michael Elbery and claim that she got the problem corrected and had arranged to have the M.R.I. done correctly of the right Achilles Tendon and Calf.

Fran Frarqwart assured Michael Elbery that the whole lower extremity (right leg) including Achilles Tendon and Calf would be the subject of the M.R.I., as ordered by Dr. Davenport.

On July 9, 2013, Michael Elbery entered the radiology dept. of B.M.C. as scheduled. An M.R.I. tech  named Lillian Goodrich was waiting for him, he didn't get a chance to sit in the waiting room. They knew exactly when Michael Elbery entered the building. This M.R.I. technologist, Goodrich, had an escort - they were ready as planned with all their medical tricks.  Before the M.R.I. started Goodrich confirmed that both Achilles Tendons and Calf of Elbery's right leg would be the subject matter of the M.R.I.

When the M.R.I. was complete the M.R.I. technologist, Goodrich, asked Michael Elbery to wait so she could check and make sure the M.R.I.'s reproduced without any problems associated with movement during the M.R.I.. Goodrich confirmed that "the M.R.I.'s came out fine". It is standard procedure for these M.R.I.'s to be checked by the technician to insure the M.R.I. was not defective from movement or other problems.

On 7-10 Dr. Davenport called Michael Elbery with the results of the July 9 M.R.I.. Davenport told Elbery that you are "lucky" because there was no compartmentalization! Dr. Davenport reported that his patient, Michael Elbery had an inflamed calf/soleus muscle. Dr. Davenport, after being asked by Michael Elbery, replied that there was no report on the Achilles Tendon that was supposed to be also the subject of the M.R.I.. Davenport agreed with Michael Elbery that the inflammation would have been caused by a toxin probably the Cyanide that Elbery reported. It was a very brief phone conversation and Dr. Davenport expressed anxiety during the conversation; he repeated that his patient, Michael Elbery, had an orthopedic problem starting with the bone marrow swelling (edema) and Achilles Tendons and that he didn't know what to do. Davenport pleaded with Michael Elbery to see an Orthopedic surgeon who would be able to help him.

Dr. Davenport was totally speechless and at least pretended to have no clue as to how to approach this medical problem other than to say he doesn't know anything about it and please see an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Davenport commented that there will probably need to be a tissue sample surgically removed from Elbery's calf in order to determine the toxin causing inflammation. Dr. Davenport offered absolutely No help or instruction as to care and treatment for the injuries.

Dr. Davenport pleaded with Michael Elbery that his problem was orthopedic and that he should make an appointment with a local orthopedic surgeon. Davenport recommended a non-Jew named Mitt who Davenport claimed was a "good Catholic" who Davenport saw attend church every Sunday. Dr. Davenport wanted to control Michael Elbery's "choice" of orthopedic surgeon; Davenport stated, "if you don't like the orthopedic surgeon we select you can always get a second opinion." At the 5-6-13 visit Dr. Davenport started to freak out that his alleged patient had driven to Springfield, Mass. to attempt to get medical treatment. Davenport knew he and his doctor colleagues were at risk for their malpractice and violation of law, via denial of medical care to Michael Elbery.

A review of this 7-9-13 M.R.I. done at Berkshire Medical Center discloses that there was absolutely Nothing done on the Achilles Tendon which was, per Michael Elbery and his physician-Dr. Davenport, the main problem or concern. A review of the M.R.I. will also show that it is not the original  M.R.I. report from B.M.C. but a regurgitation from Davenport. What else are they hiding?

The alleged physician, a foreigner named Kedia Sanjay, who originally interpreted the M.R.I. into a report claims on page 2 of  that his "study was limited due to patient motion". Yet, the M.R.I. technician claimed the M.R.I. came out fine and no movement by the patient, Michael Elbery. Isn't it customary for the M.R.I. technician to take a second set of M.R.I.'s, if there is a problem with the first? The answer is yes. But this alleged physician and his colleagues had an Agenda.

Why would Davenport engage in such malice and divisiveness towards a patient in the name of medical treatment? Davenport is scared, he is stuck in the middle. Dr. Davenport does not want to be part of this but he has Jews to deal with that control his investment in medical school and his profession. What would a guy like pitiful Dr. Davenport do without his pitiful practice of drug medicine? Not much. The Jew knows the physicians they control will always opt for the the thick coating of butter that is spread on their bread, so they can maintain the standard of living they expect because they are doctors. Doctors that have cures for nothing.



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