Did D.A. Martha Coakley Order a New False Arrest of Michael Elbery

In Order to Prevent Him from Publishing the Truth?




Did Massachusetts District Attorney Martha Coakley order a new fabricated arrest of Michael Elbery by the Lee Police Dept. and Berkshire County District Attorney's Office?

Coakley orchestrated the false arrest and malicious prosecution of Michael Elbery in 2000 that resulted in a jury of 6 finding Elbery not Guilty of those two phony criminal charges in Framingham District Court on 7-20-01. See Home Page of this Web Site "A.G. Martha Coakley and J.D.L. Manchurian Candidate et al."

It appears from the evidence/activity observed at Lexington Manor Apt. Complex in Lee, Mass. that a false arrest by the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. and the Berkshire District Attorney's Office (Capeless) is in progress.

Today on 10-10-10 a man identifying himself as the father of  Elbery's neighbor , named "Moreau", has insinuated that Elbery is responsible for vandalism to his son's, Jeff Moreau's (Jeff Moreau is mid-twenties and lives with a male room mate in the next apartment), pick up truck. Elbery organized tenants in his apartment building and lodged over a dozen complaints to owner/landlord -  Knight Realty regarding the nuisance that Moreau was causing at Lexington Manor Apartments. When Elbery asked Moreau why he was accusing and attempting to interrogate him, Moreau claimed, "we don't think you had anything to do with it"; "we are looking for witnesses who saw the vandalism done to Jeff's truck". Elbery asked, "why were you pointing to my apartment and asking about me?" Moreau claims the Lee police will be taking finger prints on the truck via an investigation. Elbery told Moreau's father that he has been set up on false evidence before. 

Moreau's father, a Post Office employee, claims the scratches on his son's truck "looked random". Michael Elbery said they scratches/damage to Jeff Moreau's truck look deliberate; deliberately done by Jeff Moreau, who no doubt has full insurance on the truck. When Elbery ended the discussion with Moreau's father, Moreau offered a hand shake. Elbery wouldn't shake his hand and told Moreau that he didn't shake hands with people that were trying to frame him. Elbery told Moreau exactly what he thought of him and his trouble making 26 year old kid.

Elbery expects that the Lee Police Dept. will be true to form, as per injustice in Massachusetts, and falsify evidence that they will claim is evidence against Elbery. Another false arrest is to follow against Michael Elbery. Since when do the police do fingerprint tests on a truck that has been scratched? Never, unless the cops are up to no good (which is customary for cops in Massachusetts - they have no problem falsifying evidence and lying). The object of this next false arrest by the Lee Police and the Berkshire County District Attorney's Office is to stop the article on D.A. Martha Coakley.



Who has more motive to stop that chapter of massinjustice.org than D.A. Martha Coakley - her political career depends on the police making a false arrest and imprisoning Elbery, so that he cannot expose D.A. Martha Coakley's participation and leadership in that malicious prosecution in Framingham District Court, as above. Coakley wants to be a U.S. Senator and next would be a possible shot at the U.S. Presidency. Now Martha Coakley is involved in a scandal that is destroying her career.


Was Preview of the Martha Coakley chapter a Mistake?

This Web Site www.massinjustice.org always previews its future chapters of injustice as experienced in the Massachusetts Courts; this including the story on "A.G. Martha Coakley and the Jewish Manchurian Candidate". Was this "preview" (a heading under "coming soon" on the Home Page of massinjustice.org) a mistake by webmaster - Michael Elbery causing A.G. Martha Coakley to believe she should have Michael Elbery arrested before the chapter was published to the World via the Internet? It looks that way. Hey, I'm in the process of trying to finish that chapter of this Web Site you better have the Lee Police Dept. hurry in their new fabricated arrest. The longer it takes the Lee cops the more A.G. Martha Coakley is exposed in her corrupt injustice/lawlessness.

The Next Step for the Lee cops is to find a phony witness that will point his/her finger and lie for favor and/or reward. Observing the activity at Lexington Manor in Lee, Mass., today 10-10-10, the lying witnesses will probably be the "Drug Couple" in A Building (the Drug Couple are also friends of Jeff Moreau). And no doubt they know enough to rig the jury; its a small rural population in Berkshire County.



There has been no arrest at this date 8-6-12 regarding this Moreau. Michael Elbery fared much better than Robespierre (first name Maximillian)  or Dorothy Kilgallen. Robespierre was guillotined the day after he made a pre-announcement during the Reign of Terror in  France circa 7-28-1794. Dorothy Kilgallen was a New York newspaper Reporter who did the early 1960's show "What's My Line". Dorothy got an exclusive interview with a guy named Jacob Rubenstein who was in a Dallas Texas jail after being convicted of killing a person alleged to be Lee Harvey Oswald. The same Oswald that served his military duty during the height of  the Cold War working for U.S. Navy Intelligence and then faked a defection to the Soviet Union claiming that he suddenly became a Marxist. Lee Harvey Oswald was an American Spy. Unbelievably, Oswald was allowed by U.S. State Dept. to return to the U.S. and with his new Russian wife, Marina. The U.S. State Dept. gave Oswald a new passport after all this "defection" just a few years prior (not even a possibility unless there was something else going on). Yes, a.k.a. Jack Ruby shot the alleged Oswald before he could do anymore talking - shot live right on national T.V. on a Sunday Morning in November 1963.

Marina Oswald would claim and plead on U.S. t.v. including the Tom Snyder - Tomorrow Show on NBC that Lee was a Russian and that when she met Lee he spoke fluent Russian. Mariana was right, although all the t.v. shows did was shout her down and insult her, the guy in the depository that they named Lee Harvey Oswald spoke Russian as his first language - his English came with an accent. That's why Oswald's family would have nothing to do with him when he allegedly returned from the Soviet Union in 1962 - according to Oswald's brother they knew the guy they saw getting out of the airplane was not their brother but someone else.

Kilgallen interviewed Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) and then pre-announced  that she was cracking the Kennedy Assassination wide open. The prison guards screwed up and allowed Ruby to be interviewed alone with Kilgallen. Kilgallen was strangled (November 1965) going up the back stairs to her apartment in N.Y. City and never got a chance to reveal/publish the truth about the Kennedy Assassination. The Fifth Estate was silent.