Governor Argeo Paul Cellucci Acted on the Truth




The Governor of Mass., Paul Cellucci, "Acted on the Truth", he knew Michael Elbery was framed and falsely imprisoned. The governor and his council could read simple and fabulous evidence of fabrication and conspiracy to maliciously prosecute contained in Elbery's Motion for New Trial that was presented to Governor Paul Cellucci and the Mass. Executive Branch via the Mass. Commission on Judicial Conduct. The same document, Elbery's Motion for New Trial, was presented to the Mass. Judiciary. See Table of Contents - Home Page.

Cellucci wasn't going to ruin his political career by appointing Attorney Louis P. Aloise or Mass. Superior Court Judge Daniel Toomey.

Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci was in a position never before experienced by the head of the Executive Branch in Massachusetts. There would be 5 vacancies on the Massachusetts S.J.C. (Supreme Judicial Court) during his administration. Cellucci, as head of the Executive Branch in Mass., had the duty to appoint new judges to these vacancies. The first two vacancies would come in the summer of 1999. 

Judge Daniel Toomey applied for the first of those vacancies on the S.J.C. in the summer of 1999. According to the Boston Globe and Worcester T & G, Superior Court Judge Daniel Toomey was billed as a front runner from amongst an elite field of over 45 applicants to life appointments to the highest court in Massachusetts. Michael Elbery having had success in blackballing Louis P. Aloise from ever getting appointed judge in Mass. decided to expose Toomey for his participation in the conspiracy with Aloise and John Conte's Worcester D.A.'s Office to frame Elbery for crimes causing false imprisonment for 10 years in State Prison. Elbery had filed his "motion for new trial" (See Table of Contents) in Worcester Superior Court on July 6, 1999 complete with supporting transcripts from the trial, Grand Jury, and Probable Cause Hearing. Elbery took a duplicate of this same material and filed it with the Mass. Governor's Council and Judicial Nominating Committee as he did 2 years earlier with his 3 page documented letter concerning Louis P. Aloise's bid for judgeship in 1997. Elbery was not well received by the staff at the Judicial Nominating Committee as they were reluctant to even take his documentation that would prove Judge Dan Toomey was guilty of helping frame Elbery. It was apparent to Elbery that his enemies had re-grouped since his earlier victories against Attorney Arthur Goldstein and Aloise. Elbery's numerous litigation used to expose the atrocities he had suffered at the hands of the Worcester authorities and Shrewsbury Police (Elbery filed Federal lawsuits against the Shrewsbury Police - these documents will reveal who started the 1994 E-Z Mini Storage Fire - Shrewsbury, Mass. biggest fire ever) were a growing scandal of proportions not seen in Mass. since Sacco and Venzetti. The Mass. authorities would make the same mistake they made decades earlier with Sacco and Venzetti, they continued the injustice refusing to admit wrong and yield to justice.

Within a few weeks later, the Globe, and Worcester T & G reported that Toomey had made the cut and was one of 8 finalists to be selected by Governor Cellucci to the appointment of the first of 2 vacancies on the Mass. S.J.C.. Elbery used the only other resource he knew to expose Toomey to the Governor. Elbery compiled another duplication of the same legal documents that he filed with the Governor's Council and Mass. Judicial Nominating Committee and knocked on the door of the Mass. Commission for Judicial Conduct at 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Elbery introduced himself and was well received after an attorney for that organization briefed Elbery's letter of complaint against Judge Dan Toomey supported by Elbery's Motion for New Trial and supporting documents and transcripts. The Commission welcomed Elbery's complaint against Toomey. It was the beginning of the end for Judge Dan Toomey, as the Commission forwarded Elbery's complaint, so that  Governor Cellucci was alerted to the irrefutable evidence that Toomey had been the judge at the trial where he knowingly allowed and controlled the Malicious Prosecution of Michael Elbery and then sentenced Elbery to 10 years in Prison. The documents were clear and undisputable that Judge Toomey was a participant in the Conspiracy to frame Michael Elbery.


The Commission also reported Judge Toomey's misconduct/illegalities, as documented by Elbery, to the Mass. S.J.C. (Supreme Judicial Court and highest court in Mass.), but unlike the Governor, Cellucci, they chose to wash their hands to the incident and did nothing. Actually, the SJC became, at that point, participants in the frame-up/malicious prosecution of Michael Elbery because by doing nothing they ratified the injustice.

Governor Cellucci was no fool and was not going to have his political career ruined by association with Judge Dan Toomey. Cellucci was alerted to Judge Dan Toomey's crimes via Elbery's 115 page "motion for new trial" (see Table of Contents on Home Page), as forwarded by the Commission for Judicial Conduct. Instead of appointing Toomey to the highest Court in Mass., Cellucci had the Mass. State Police investigate Toomey at his home regarding the evidence of conspiracy by Toomey against Elbery (a crime). This was all reported in the front page of the Boston Globe, (see p.2) and Worcester T&G on 9-27-99; Elbery was referred to in those newspaper articles as the "disgruntled convict" complaining about a conviction in Toomey's court.

No one can point the finger at Paul Cellucci and accuse him of not voiding Toomey's hopes for judgeship at the earliest time he was alerted to Toomey's Conspiracy. The Governor acted swiftly and decisively on the evidence that Elbery presented. Toomey, like Toomey's coconspirator Attorney Louis P. Aloise in 1997, was blackballed by the Mass. Executive in 1999

Governor Paul Cellucci would leave  Michael Elbery to finish the 10 year prison sentence. An Act of Injustice.


See  the "Aloise Blackballed" and "Toomey Killed" links on home page of this Web Site for detailed explanation and series of events that caused the Mass. Executive to Blackball both Attorney Louis P. Aloise and Judge Dan Toomey because they acted with A.D.A. Mike Ball to frame Michael Elbery for 10 years in prison.

As corrupt as the political system may be in Massachusetts, the Judicial System is far worse. Judges in Massachusetts are appointed for life, no elections. They answer to no one, especially the citizen's. Governor Cellucci, a politician, and the Mass. Executive Branch, acted because they were alerted to the illegal conduct of Judge Toomey and Attorney Louis P. Aloise. A politician with a political future to protect has to avoid association with people that get caught in their illegalities, as Aloise and Toomey did. The Mass. Judiciary was also alerted but refused justice and maintained the illegalities by refusing to overturn Elbery's conviction. In fact, the Mass. Judiciary retaliates against Elbery to this day for his petitioning the Courts. The Mass. Judiciary and their friends/network, to this day, try to put Elbery out of business and stop him from even making a living. 

Cellucci and the Mass. Executive Branch acted on the truth about the false conviction of Elbery, twice. Toomey is dead, and no Governor will appoint Attorney Louis P. Aloise to a judgeship or their political career will be destroyed. Aloise's Scandal prevents him from receiving any Appointments from Elected Officials.

As above on Judge Dan Toomey, Governor Paul Cellucci did act on the innocence that Michael Elbery proved, via his Motion for New Trial, presented to Cellucci in 1999. But Cellucci left Michael Elbery in Prison to finish the 10 years and that is Injustice. Cellucci would resign as Governor in 2001 when Bush II appointed him to U.S. Ambassador to Canada. This Ambassador post resulted in Cellucci upsetting diplomatic relations with our Northern neighbors when he insulted their intelligence; Cellucci tried to pressure Canada to join the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. The Canadians knew better and refused to be fooled by the Jewish backed Bush II administration's claims that Suddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction" and that Iraq was responsible for the Twin Tower Bombings. The Canadian Government had seen the initial U.S. TV Network coverage of the Pentagon Bombing and "Shanksville Hole in the Ground" and knew that there were no Boeing Jumbo Jets involved in the events of 9-11.

In 2005, Cellucci admitted the Canadians were right and that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was fraud on the American People and the World when he said, "we're not always right, and on that particular one it looks like we weren't right", when speaking about the Iraqi War.

Cellucci took a job in 2005 with a Horse Racing Company named Magna Entertainment Corp. as a PR man hired to get government regulations removed from horse racing. This amounts to advocating animal cruelty and gambling. A good job for the son of a bookie in Hudson, Mass. and of course you can't engage in that type of illegal enterprise unless the local police are paid off.

In 2011 Cellucci was diagnosed with a terminal disease and died in 2013 at the age of 65.



Worcester D.A. John "the Mafia" Conte's Lackey's have to pay

The prosecutor in the trial that framed Michael Elbery, Assistant District Attorney Michael Ball, of John Conte's Worcester D.A.'s Office, got away with his participation in the conspiracy to maliciously prosecute and imprison Elbery, until 2007, while his co-conspirators (Toomey and Aloise) had already received some punishment. See Motion for New Trial for A.D.A.'s Mike Ball's part in the planned lynch party.



It is time Worcester A.D.A. Mike Ball is removed from his position as assistant District Attorney in Worcester County, so that he is no longer allowed to do to others as he did to Michael Elbery back in 1993. In fact, it is a shame he has had opportunity so long. Freedom, justice, liberties are concepts that Worcester A.D.A. Mike Ball is incapable of understanding; he is a former cop and has a typical police mentality.


UPDATE - Apparently A.D.A. Mike Ball has been recently removed from the Worcester D.A.'s Office as a result of the good work of the newly elected District Attorney - Early. Bravo, A.D.A. Mike Ball received some justice, even if it took 14 years. Noteworthy, A.D.A. Todd Mathieson, who attempted to prosecute the Probable Cause Hearing against Elbery on January 20, 1993, and lost, was also released from his duties as A.D.A. in Worcester County. Attorney Todd "the Squirt" Mathieson now works for Cataldo & Co., another Worcester Italian law firm.