Chicopee, Mass. Police train "Bill" in Law to Frame Michael Elbery with C. 258E Restraining Order

Presiding Chicopee Judge Vega Conspires with 258E Restraining Order for False Imprisonment



The Police and the Chicopee Court of Judge Vega have worked together to find a new way to Falsely Imprison Michael Elbery. It must be discouraging to the Authorities in Massachusetts that Michael Elbery is still alive and even worse they have not been able to Imprison Michael Elbery.

The Massachusetts State Police and the Lee Police tried unsuccessfully to kill Michael Elbery with Cyanide Gas only to be stopped by the F.B.I., after the F.B.I. searched the Lee, Mass. Police Dept. for the deadly and illegal Cyanide Chloride Gas.


In Chicopee, Mass., Elbery's landlord cooperated with the Authorities and rented the apartment next to Elbery's to an operative whose only objective was to obtain a phony Mass. C. 258E Restraining Order in the Chicopee, Mass. Court of Judge S. Vega, so Vega could then have Michael Elbery thrown in prison by Judicial whim. Elbery still lives in that Apartment Complex as the landlord, coincidentally, died soon after his plot against Elbery failed.

The Mass. Authorities and Jews had already tried and failed by using a Jew to make false claims of Assault and Battery in Framingham District Court, but the Jews lost before a jury. That case goes back over 20 years along with the fabricated and knowingly false charges by the Shrewsbury Police against Michael Elbery for possession of guns; those gun charges were found to be a "not guilty Verdict".

This all goes without mentioning how the Police recruited Italians who dominate the automotive repair business in Massachusetts to sabotage Elbery's Vehicles.


So what are they up to know? What is their latest trick of Injustice?

On November 4, 2022 at about midnight, Michael Elbery was in the doorway of his apartment looking out the door enjoying the quiet of a beautiful Autumn evening while flossing his teeth. No one was stirring, all was quiet for a few minutes. About 100 yards away a tenant in the same apartment building known as "Bill" decided to engage in another of Bill's well-known incidents of insults/name calling to try and provoke Michael Elbery, so that Bill can call the police as he has done so many times against other people in that Apartment Complex. "Bill" walked past on the sidewalk about an inch from were Michael Elbery was standing on his front door threshold. Bill walked about 50 more feet on the sidewalk that fronts the Apartment Building and turned around not satisfied that he had nothing to complain to the Police about. No Bill was not putting out his trash, he had nothing in his hands, as is his usual excuse for causing trouble in the Apartment Complex is he is on his way to the dumpster; Bill claims he has a right to use the sidewalk, but Bill does not have the right to stand in front of Elbery's apartment looking in the window or doorway and yelling insults and making stupid claims and most of all threats of assault.


Upon his U-Turn, Bill could not keep his mouth shut as usual and bellowed you didn't get the c... hair out between those teeth. Bill then stood in Michael Elbery's face challenging Michael Elbery to step out and fight. Elbery as always countered "I'm right here." The exchange of words climaxed with Bill claiming, "you think I'm Stupid, don't you". Elbery replied, "I think you are an ignorant half-wit that knows nothing". Bill was wild with rage and stated that his "cop buddies" instructed him on the law for him to gain a C. 258E Restraining Order so to put you (Elbery) in jail. Bill then started yelling, "attempted murder, assaults, threatening to murder." Bill, while shaking stated that he knew all about Lee, Mass., whereupon, Elbery replied, "it's public information read my Web Site, it will give you more information than cops gave you." Bill was told by the Chicopee cops they want to get even with Elbery for defeating the cops in Lee, Mass. and Berkshire County.

Fat Bill repeated, "I'm going to have you put in jail". Then Bill spit on Elbery's apartment window. As unjust  as it is, the times have changed and Michael Elbery, although having enough of this derelicts' shit, decided to do what he never does and that is to call the cops. Elbery dialed 911 right in his doorway and reported to the cops that Bill had just spit on his window. Elbery wasn't keeping his eye on Bill and Bill reached inside Elbery's apartment to grab the phone while Elbery was talking to the 911 dispatcher; then, Elbery yelled, "I've been assaulted. Elbery yelled to the 911 dispatcher I can't hear you, he's yelling to much, hear him."

The 911 dispatcher wanted to know the name of the "spitting person" and Elbery replied, I don't know his last name but his first name is..., whereupon, Bill started yelling "Scott", repeatedly. The 911 dispatcher became hysterical because she thought there was a fight and she ordered Michael Elbery in his apartment; Elbery replied, "I'm in my apartment and I never left my apartment." With more dispatcher yelling and needless questions Elbery ended the call. Immediately, the dispatcher called back screaming I got cut-off, no Michael Elbery got sick of listening to you and hung up.

Bill has been well trained and emboldened by his "police buddies", because he never left but leaned up against the brick in front of Elbery's apartment and when his "cop buddies" arrived he ran out to them screaming, "he spit on me". Bill rambled to the cops for about 5 minutes while Elbery remained at his door. Talking to the cops, as Elbery knew would be the case, was a waste of time. The belligerent cop with the deformed nose wanted to arrest Michael Elbery and defended his agent Bill.

The cop with the funny nose did admit that it is illegal to do what Elbery described Bill as doing; the cop used the term "disorderly" as apposed to the term "Harassment" that Elbery used to describe Bills illegal conduct. 

"Bill" had made numerous complaints to the prior management about Elbery, unbeknownst to Elbery, until the prior landlord tried to set Elbery up with a Restraining Order by fat Jasmine. The management told Elbery they didn't contact him about Bill's complaints because they know he is "mentally ill and they consider the source." The Apartment Management  stated that Bill and his friend, Darlene Nicely, make a complaint to the office everyday.

Bill went to Michael Elbery's door and threatened Elbery, "I'm going to knock you through the wall." Bill then started shaking in his boots and peed himself and dumped his cup of coffee and wobbled his big fat ass away.

Another incident of threatened violence occurred when Bill yelled at Elbery's neighbor (who was standing next to Elbery in front of Elbery's apartment), "we're after that white haired M..... F....." not you.

Bill also pursued the same neighbor as above paragraph where this disabled neighbor (aka Hosma) collapsed on the sidewalk in front of Elbery's apartment. Bill attacked Hosma threatening "I'm going to beat you up" while making continued load threats and making assaulting movements with his fists at Hosma while Hosma was already collapsed on the sidewalk. It was Sunday afternoon in November 2021 and Michael Elbery had his window open while watching the Patriots football game. Bill's noise interrupted the game and Hosma was entitled under the law to protection which Elbery gave Hosma. Elbery opened his door and ordered Bill to get the f... out of here. Bill responded, "I have the right to use the sidewalk". Elbery replied, "you don't have the right to attack Hosma and threatened me and make all that noise get out of here." Elbery never left his threshold so Bill and his cop buddies would have less to complain about. Bill then threatened "to beat up" Elbery; Bill mocked Elbery that he "wasn't man enough to come out and fight like a man". Elbery said, "I'm right here in front of you, you're so close I can smell your breath." After being insulted by Elbery Bill was shaking violently and ran away screaming that he had been "spit on" and he ran to call the cops. The reporting cop agreed that Bill did pursue Hosma to assault him from interviews with several other tenants who witnessed the incident.

Bill has had at least 2 Restraining Orders issued against him by the Chicopee District Court, according to those "in the know" at the Apartment Complex. Bill takes it upon himself to be traffic cop at the Apartment Complex stopping cars that he feels are not driving to his liking or making to much noise, etc.. Bill has had numerous fights in the Apartment Complex and uses the same Method of Operation; Bill immediately loses the fight falling on the ground shaking and screaming for the police. Bill starts the trouble and claims that he is an innocent victim and 65 years old so everybody else is criminally wrong.


Bill may be a 5' 9" 300 pound slob at 65 years old but his target, Michael Elbery is 71. At 71 Elbery can still do 27 pull-ups (there you go cops, evidence - chase your tail).


Bill is allowed to act illegally, due to the laws in Massachusetts, the Enemy Police, and the Biased Courts in Mass. Michael Elbery is not allowed to defend himself.

Bill declared I'm going to the Police station on Monday to get a Restraining Order on you and your going to Jail. All it takes is lies and the pointing finger to frame a person and put them in jail in Mass. and the Mass. Courts, including Judge S. Vega of the Chicopee District Ct., and the Prosecutor's Office will gladly oblige.

No wonder Judge Vega of the Chicopee, mass. District Court refused to Recuse herself from Michael Elbery's cases. Judge Vega waits and Conspires to frame and Falsely Imprison Michael Elbery with the Judicial whims of a Mass. C. 258E Restraining Order based on the lies of their new derelict operative "Bill".

There is victory to beating the cops and the Judiciary, whether they are trying to jail or murder Michael Elbery, but having to deal with aardvarks like "Bill" and Jasmine lacks any sense of triumph.