Attorney Louis P. Aloise is Blackballed




Besides being Michael Elbery's defense attorney in 1993, Attorney Louis P. Aloise was a well connected former head prosecutor of John Conte's Worcester D.A.'s Office in the 1980's. He was, and still is, a member of the Worcester Club which is one of the controlling organizations of what is Worcester, Mass.. Lou would often boast that one day he would be a Superior Court Judge in Massachusetts. See Attorney Louis P. Aloise before double-crossing Michael Elbery and being blackballed by the Governor of Massachusetts.

In the Spring of 1997, Aloise, still in private legal practice, applied for a judgeship that opened in Worcester District Court due to Judge Luby retiring. Aloise was billed by the Worcester T & G as the favorite among 50 candidates for that much sort after District Judge position. Coincidentally, Michael Elbery, acting pro se (as his own lawyer), had his first major victory in the courts in March of 1997 by winning the case against disbarred attorney - Arthur Goldstein. 

See more on Disbarred Attorney Goldstein's Fraud and More S.J.C. Corruption.

It was this victory against Goldstein that may well have caused Aloise to seek sanctuary as a Mass. judge, as Aloise may have believed he would have to answer to Elbery, due to Elbery's new knowledge of the law, for Aloise's part in the conspiracy to falsely convict Elbery and sentence him to ten years in prison. Big Lou Aloise was more than concerned about Michael Elbery and his 4 day trial against Goldstein in Worcester Superior Court. Aloise appeared in the Worcester Courthouse after the Jury's Verdict of Fraud against Goldstein, just coincidentally, to drill Elbery about the events and evidence of the trial. Elbery let Aloise know the facts and evidence and of his new sport in the Courts. Elbery was delighted to beat his own former attorney, Goldstein, and was looking forward to defeating Louis P. Aloise, another of his former attorneys. Aloise looked sick when he learned of the details and victory by his former client that he had help frame. Aloise knew the "Writing Was on the Wall of the Worcester Superior Court House" that day on.

In June of 1997, Michael Elbery wrote a 3 page letter that documented third party independent evidence that Aloise helped frame Elbery for crimes that caused Elbery a 10 year State Prison Sentence. Elbery, was doubtful that the letter of complaint would result in any action in Mass., let alone the Executive Branch and the Governor of Mass.. Regardless, Michael Elbery sent the letter to both the Mass. Governor's Council and the Mass. Judicial Nominating Committee regarding Aloise's candidacy. Also see original 3 page template letter sent to the Regional C Committee, The Governor's Council, and the Judicial Nominating Committee, as well as, Administrative Judges Zoll, Berg, and Irwin. See also the U.S. Post Office Proof of delivery to Central Mass. Regional Judicial Nominating Committee. 

Justice was swift. Aloise's application was immediately rejected in June of 1997 according to the Worcester T & G, although that newspaper only disclosed the rejection of Aloise's application by the Executive Branch not the reason. The record of Elbery's 3 page letter is in a file with the Mass. Executive Branch and will cause Aloise to be forever blackballed regarding a judgeship in Massachusetts. All judges in Massachusetts are appointed by the Executive Branch or Governor.

No one cared about Elbery being framed for "attempted mayhem". But the people, Mass. Nominating Committee and Governor's Council, that answered to the Governor of Massachusetts had a duty to make sure the Governor did not appoint someone like Aloise who Elbery documented helped frame him while Aloise was Elbery's defense attorney; something that is repulsive to voters and the American society. Governor Cellucci and Weld never had a chance to associate themselves with Aloise because the Judicial Nominating Committee and Governor's Council were alerted to evidence that was irrefutable and rejected and blackballed Aloise from judgeship consideration. For any Governor to appoint Attorney Louis P. Aloise would and will be political suicide for their future political careers.

Louis P. Aloise has never applied for judgeship again. Louis P. Aloise, a Boston College Law School graduate, is blackballed in Mass.

See Attorney Louis P. Aloise after his blackballing by the Massachusetts Governor because he helped convict his own client, Michael Elbery.

See Attorney Louis P. Aloise after this web site,, was published to the Internet in 2007.


The 3 page letter Elbery sent to the Mass. Executive Branch contained only a small percentage of the evidence of frame-up and malicious prosecution and false imprisonment Elbery presented to the Mass. Judiciary or Courts via his Motion for New Trial and related appeal procedures. See Table of Contents on Home Page of this Web Site.

The point made is that the Executive Branch acted on not just Michael Elbery's claim of innocence regarding the criminal charges, but acted due to the fact that Elbery proved through undisputable documentation that he was framed by his own lawyer in cooperation with Mike Ball of John Conte's  Worcester D.A.'s Office and trial judge Daniel Toomey.

The people that run the State of Massachusetts for the citizenry protected themselves, acted on Elbery's innocence by blackballing Aloise in 1997, but Elbery finished the 10 year state prison sentence in 2002.


See Menu on left of Home Page for all the evidence of Attorney Lou Aloise and his Co-conspirators to frame Michael Elbery.

See chain of Letters requesting the Westboro P. D . subpoena and related evidence that Attorney "Big Shot" - Lou Aloise refused to turn over to his former client, Michael Elbery, so Elbery could present that Evidence in his Motion for New Trial. Aloise subpoenaed the Westboro P.D. for King's records which disclosed King was subjected to a disciplinary hearing at the Westboro P. D . and was demoted. Aloise protected that lousy cop and concealed the evidence Aloise acquired as a result of that subpoena. Cop Tom King was the alleged victim that got Michael Elbery 10 years in State Prison. What were King's real cause and extent of injuries? See Claims I -III of Michael Elbery's Motion for New Trial.

See chain of "Order to Withdraw Letters" by Michael Elbery to Aloise trying to force his name off the record of his case (Com. v. Elbery). Aloise knew he was a Co-conspirator in framing his own client, Michael Elbery, causing Aloise to be afraid another lawyer would discover Aloise's crime. Aloise's solution was to refuse withdraw, so a new lawyer could not represent Michael Elbery on the Direct Appeal of the case.

Also Read - Attorney Mike Wilcox "mistrust letter". Wilcox delivered that letter in person in a Worcester Court Room by throwing it on the floor, instead of handing it to Michael Elbery. Wilcox became Aloise's right hand man after Aloise's grand legal career and former Law Firm started to collapse and disappeared. See the letter head stationary that law firm;  all those lawyers listed on the left hand side of the letterhead went somewhere else, just coincidentally, after Aloise railroaded his own client in 1993, Michael Elbery. Aloises' former law firm was housed in an old Mansion on Cedar St., Worcester, Mass. That law firm disappeared in the late 1990's after that same old Mansion on Cedar St. was broken up, in the mid-1990's, for about 10 different new and independent lawyers, who rented from what was left of Aloise's original and former Law Firm. Aloise and Mike Wilcox formed their own law firm and moved to an office located in the downtown area of Worcester in 2002. 

Wilcox was also a former cop. Wilcox was the overweight little runt with a physic in the early 1990's resembling Porky Pig. According to Lou Aloise, Wilcox had a cholesterol problem back in the early 1990's, . Wilcox also lost all his hair before he was 40. Aloise would comment about Wilcox and his health problems in context of conversations with then, client - Michael Elbery, in the early 1990's. Aloise pointed out that Wilcox was taking Lipitor; Wilcox would have been better off taking EX-Lax. Elbery told Aloise that most cops have to take anabolic steroids because they are scared and benefit from the doubling of strength that those steroid drugs produce in a few weeks. Elbery commented further that hair loss at a young age, high cholesterol, and overweight are common symptoms of that drug use, anabolic steroids. Michael Elbery instructed Aloise that anabolic Steroids are cholesterol and that when these clowns inject with the anabolic steroid drug their hormones become dangerously out of balance. The Free Testosterone increases usually by a multiple of TEN and then amortizes (converts) into female hormone, Estrogen, and D.H.T. causing a lifetime of health problems. Aloise had no clue about steroid drugs, so Michael Elbery further instructed Aloise that he should tell his partner that he needs to do post cycle treatment to prevent some of the numerous adverse affects caused by this crazy injection of massive amounts of Testosterone or one of the other Anabolic Steroids sold on the Black Market.

Michael Elbery commented to Aloise back in the early 1990's that per review of Wilcox, who was at that time a feeble physical flabby flop, that in his Opinion Wilcox should live with his genes and forget about trying to be something that Wilcox is not. Most anabolic steroid users have short lived gains that make them feel like the man they wish they could be, but then they end up suffering for the rest of their life from the adverse effects caused by the hormonal imbalances and subsequent breakdown into the female hormone Estrogen. The Anabolic Steroid cholesterol cakes the inside diameters of the human arteries causing heart attacks.

Hey, Wilcox, you lackey, of course I find Aloise totally responsible for helping frame me for "Attempted Mayhem", see my Motion for New Trial.

Back in the early 1990's, when client- Michael Elbery observed Attorney Lou Aloise didn't look to happy in his Law Firm's Worcester County Telephone Book ad, Aloise commented  he wasn't happy with the new lawyers hired by his law firm and that they were not up to the Standards of the other attorneys in his firm. Aloise referred to the one new lawyer just hired by his law firm as a lightweight. Aloise allowed Elbery to know he meant Mike Wilcox. Aloise should talk, he is not the self-described "Heavy Hitter" but curries for favor with the Home Rule Gangsters in Worcester Courthouse for court appointed cases, so he and Wilcox can make a living off of law. Aloise does legal work for the Boston Red Sox; work gained through influence peddling of years past. Do the Boston Red Sox know they are paying a lawyer that has been blackballed several times (see below) by the Mass. Executive Branch? 



Attorney Louis P. Aloise was a long time member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services. That is a taxpayers funded state organization that allegedly oversees how money and resources are used regarding criminal defendants who cannot afford an attorney. Aloise was on this "Committee" for years, 1991-2000 and was the Committee's Chairman from 1998-2000. In 2000,  Attorney Louis P. Aloise was forced to "step down" when his appointment expired - his appointment was not going to be renewed. The Mass. Bar and Mass. S. J. C. (Supreme Judicial Court - highest court in Mass.) know that Aloise framed his own client, Michael Elbery, as has been recognized by the above actions taken against Aloise by the Executive Branch of Massachusetts. Why is Attorney Louis P. Aloise still allowed to practice law in Massachusetts? The Mass. Bar is controlled by the Mass. S. J. C., (attorneys are officers of the court) they disbar attorneys for a lot less, but they sponsor this Attorney Aloise to continue practicing law even though the Executive Branch of Massachusetts has twice acted against Aloise for his misconduct, via frame-up of his client for pay, Michael Elbery.


Attorney Louis P. Aloise and motive for the Cyanide Attack of 8-18-08 on Michael Elbery - A New Conspiracy of Murder for Attorney Lou Aloise

Who wanted Michael Elbery dead by 8-18-08? Who had a motive to want Michael Elbery dead at 8-08-18?

The Answer is Attorney Louis P. Aloise of Worcester, Mass.; Aloise wanted to stop Michael Elbery's Web Site - MassInjustice.Org. This Web Site discloses irrefutable documented evidence that Aloise was part of the Conspiracy to Maliciously Prosecute and Imprison his own client, Michael Elbery.  That conviction resulted after Attorney Aloise represented Elbery at the Probable Cause Hearing on the same phony criminal charges and Judge Milton Raphaelson found there was NO PROBABLE CAUSE to arrest on the charges. Lou Aloise was having a hard enough time wiggling his way around those impossible judicial chain of events back in 1993 and on, but even a cultivated liar like Aloise could not successfully lie to fellow Mass. Bar Members and lawyers around the U.S.A., once Michael Elbery published the transcripts and medical documents on that same conviction via MassInjustice.Org.


The "Means" - Lou's cop Friends do the Dirty Work

But how could such a coward like Attorney Louis P. Aloise murder Michael Elbery? Aloise lives his whole life with his tail between his legs. Aloise runs from one Ivory Tower to another making sure he is surrounded by police and court bailiffs. This weakling lawyer isn't capable of doing his own dirty work or even able to defend himself.

Lou is well connected with the Mass. State Police as a result of convicting a Puerto Rican who killed a State Trooper in the early 1980's. Lou was a "Big Shot" prosecutor. Lou would claim/boast that he was protected and that his friends the State Police were "pretty good". In the early 1990's, Lou would drive out to a remote hick town in Central Massachusetts called Barre to drink with his friends the Mass. State Police. He wasn't worried about driving under the influence for about 40 miles on back roads to get home at night because he knew the cops. 

When Michael Elbery was almost asphyxiated with Cyanide Gas the Web Site - MassInjustice.Org. was in its rudimentary stages. Wolf wasn't an issue on that Web Site until a few years later. There was only one other miscreant on that Web Site that had a motive at 8-18-08 to stop Michael Elbery and his irrefutable documented Web Site that could not be hidden under the "Judicial Carpet" and that was Attorney Bobby Sheketoff. But Bobby didn't have police connections, he worked for Organized Crime. In 2010 Sheketoff invited Michael Elbery for lunch in Boston; Michael Elbery declined the invitation excusing himself with the 260 mile round trip from Boston to Lee, Mass. There was no doubt that the object of a desperate Attorney Bobby Sheketoff was not a free lunch. They need you to walk into an ambush because on equal terms they ain't nothing.

At 8-18-08, both Attorney's Sheketoff and Lou Aloise knew the weather up ahead wasn't looking good, as it had been getting overcast for them since the Web Site - MassInjustice.Org was launched on the Internet in April 2007. These two "brilliant" legal minds got a big F...... surprise when this Web Site disclosed that these morons signed their names to a criminal conspiracy. Sheketoff will claim his post-conviction work is absent of any proof of wrong doing. If you don't believe Sheketoff deliberately blew Michael Elbery's Direct Appeal and was attempting the same on a Motion for New Trial Sheketoff tried to get Elbery to accept for filing, then read the Wolf Chapter of this Web Site and see what he did on the 8-5-94 gun charges that he allegedly defended for Michael Elbery.

Both Attorney's know that "People Love a Scandal" and that their reputations have been destroyed by MassInjustice.Org while everybody in legaldom talks behind their backs. Reputations are everything to a smug attorney like Lou Aloise; Lou thinks he can fool the World. Stay in Worcester, Mass. Lou, only there will they put up with your act.


Who else was featured on MassInjusticeOrg at 8-18-08? Toomey was dead and Cellucci, who covered his ass and blackballed Aloise and Toomey, could say he had no obligation to do anything else. Bergman was also featured at that date, but he was a nobody in the World of  the Judicial - Law. Bergman's claim to fame was/is his position with the Jewish Community and Secret Jewish Leagues. Bergman's firing from D.A. Conte's Office as a result of getting caught lying on the witness stand was looked upon as Bergman's stupidity. Regardless that his stupidity and laziness got him caught and fired, the Jewish Community viewed Bergman as doing "his part" for their "cause against the white man" and he continues to get more support than before due to his exposure on MassInjusticeOrg. Bergman's professional damage was not enough for Jewish Killers to act. At 8-18-08, Michael Elbery had not exposed the "Jewish Take Over" and Jewish Control of this here U.S.A.; at 8-18-08 there was not enough on the Web Site - MassInjusticeOrg. for action by Secret Jewish Leagues or Mossad. They were to busy getting caught in Norway and Sweden in the illegal executions. Bergman and his Secret Jewish Leagues don't trust white dominated Mass. State Police.


They put Men in Prison for Life based on Circumstantial Evidence

Here is some physical evidence - On 8-18-08, Michael Elbery lived in an Apartment Complex that is connected by a field to a Mass. State Police Barracks 500 yards away; the field travels up a hill behind 5 houses between the Apt. Complex and Police Barracks.  All the assassin had to do was walk down the hill behind five houses that fronted Route 20 in Lee, Mass.. Those five houses in the rural Town of Lee have backyards that extend over 1000 feet and most is just a field that is uninterrupted as you walk the hill that will connect you with Lexington Manor Apt. Complex and the Mass. State Police Barracks. On the night of 8-18-08, the assassin came from that field. He may have had a delivery system that allowed him to launch the Cyanide Gas from the edge of that field and all the thick brush that grew along the boundary of green lawn of the Lexington Manor.

The subsequent poison gas/cyanide attacks always left the residual cyanide stink coming from the property beside Lexington Manor Apt. Complex that also bordered on that field. They had no success ever hitting Michael Elbery with cyanide gas, again after 8-18-08, while he  lived at Lexington Manor; not until July of 2011 at Elbery's new residence in Lee, Mass. did the cyanide assassins have success. It is a wonder how the people who lived next door to Lexington Manor (in the white house whose back yard was constantly polluted with Cyanide Gas Stink) fared. That's probably explains why their dogs stopped barking. But those people will never talk if they learn of the Cyanide because of Fear of the Police and Government.

The cops in Berkshire County had no motive, as that Web Site had no issue with those cops at 8-18-2008. The cops were repaying a favor in Lee, Mass. that was owed from Worcester, Mass. in 1980's.

Lou can't deny that he engaged in a criminal conspiracy to frame his client - Michael Elbery back in 1993; read the evidence and transcripts of this Web Site, even Lou can't lie around those irrefutable documents. But Lou will claim it is impossible that the Mass. State Police would murder or commit any crime. Lou will say there is no proof of any of this. This Web Site only presents the evidence and does not expect Aloise to admit the truth.

Who has access to poison gas that Kills? Who has access to Cyanide Gas and delivery systems that will prevent the assassin from being the prey? Try and get some Cyanide Gas or any Chemical or Gas that will Kill a human; you will have a very difficult task and will probably end up getting arrested unless you are the police. The only person with means and motive on 8-18-08 was Attorney Lou Aloise with his trusted friends the police.