Wanted By www.MassInjustice.Org - Attorney Louis P. Aloise - For Questioning

Re: Murder Conspiracy - Cyanide Gas




Have you seen this Worcester, Mass. Attorney?



He was last seen in Worcester Courthouse doing court appointed cases, allegedly, to defend indigent criminal defendants.



Warning! This Attorney is scared to death because he knows what he got caught. Aloise tries to hide in public with his sun glasses hoping no one will recognize him.


Aloise teaches at the non- accredited law school in the ghetto section of Springfield, Mass. called Western Mass. School of Law.




Attorney Louis P. Aloise thinks he's a big Fish in the small puddle of a pond called Worcester, Mass. (a.k.a. Wormtown).



Originally from northern New Jersey, he is skilled at the trick, lie, and deception. Lou Aloise is skilled at falsifying evidence and conspiring to maliciously prosecute those that don't agree.



Lou was recently seen on Jersey St., Boston, Mass. to visit his favorite client the Boston Red Sox, but was concealing his identity hoping to avoid recognition. But this Italian has an appendage growing on his face that should not be mistaken for something other than human. Aloise's nose should not mislead you that he is livestock.

Caution! Don't Question this big shot attorney, Lou Aloise, he has a smug answer for everything. Attorney Lou Aloise will tell you that he is the good man regardless of the documented evidence that he helps frame his clients via malicious prosecutions and imprisonment and the fact that he can never be appointed to any of those government positions that used yield him a nice fat side  pay check at the taxpayer's expense.

Warning! As a former Hot Shot prosecutor in D.A. John "mafia" Conte's Worcester District Attorney's Office, Aloise still thinks his job is to prosecute you after he takes your money to support his family in Sutton, Mass.. If the police have falsely charged you with a crime, do not hire Lou Aloise for your defense.