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2020 Presidential Election Rigged - President Trump & U. S. Media Silenced with Threat of Criminal Prosecution 

Totalitarian-Globalists Jews Stole the 2020 Presidential Election & Your Way of Life



The leader of the Free World was overthrown by the rigged Presidential Election of 2020; it was the final and only successful coupe of three coupe d' tats against Trump's Government. The leaders and planners of the 2020 Election rigging were Jews, including its financier Mark Zuckerberg.

Joseph Stalin said, "it's not who votes, but who counts the votes that determines an election."

The Globalists - Totalitarians, and their media warn all who dare say that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen and threaten them with retaliation of arrest, imprisonment and cancellation. Cencorship has become the Rule of the U.S. MSM (Main Stream Media) and no one is allowed to speak of the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election on U.S. TV.

The Globalists have their people in place, they know how to rig elections and now they will never give up their power to fair elections. Except, they are surrounded in a land that belongs to the Americans. When the Globalists' allies become unsatisfied the Globalists will be left helpless. First the Globalists and their Left-Wing allies must be exposed and identified. The Globalists' "Takeover" of the U.S. relies on those that they must pay-off with the tax dollars of the Americans. The Globalists are the "Enemy Within" and their "Takeover" relies on their future enemy.

The Globalists seek World Control and a "New World Order" and the Americans are their biggest obstacle to World Control.

Donald Trump, a total outsider in U.S. Politics, entered the White House without going through the U.S. political process that traditionally involves prior years as a politician and government experience before becoming President. With the two party system in the U.S. an independent like Trump would never have made it through the U.S. political process to a level of President; Trump's independent political thought would have been cancelled before he ever reached an opportunity to run as President. Trump caught them by sneak attack in 2016 while the New World Order Globalists were secure in their scheme of continued increase of power in the U.S.. Trump's victory in 2016 stirred up the hornet's nest of the sleeping Globalists and their Ultra Left Wing. The Globalists, and their Democratic Party that the Globalists' control, woke up in 2016 and accelerated their Conspiracy to "Takeover" the U.S. by using the next 4 years to plan to Rig the 2020 Presidential Election swearing that a "Trump experience" will never happen again. Trump put a real monkey-wrench in the Globalists' plan of "New World Order" and "Takeover" of the U.S., just like Ronald Regan did in 1981-1989. 

Trump's 4 years as President of the U.S. was dominated by three Coupe d' tats by the Left-Wing; the third and final Coupe d' tat was successful resulting in the Globalists' candidate Biden to be a phony U.S. President.


Biden's Admission of Guilt to Massive Conspiracy to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election

The lackluster 2020 Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, ran a "cellar campaign" and admitted that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged when he said on 10-24-20 on a pod cast and during an 11-5-20 televised interview that "we had put together, and you guys did it for President Obama before this, we put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." The Democrats claimed that Joe meant his voter fraud team was looking for fraud by Trump's campaign, but that's not what Biden said, as above quotation. Well, Trump's campaign and re-election organization must have been more than honest because the big-mouthed Democrats and their Jewish Controlled U.S. media made no claims of election improprieties by Trump's side. No, the real truth is that Joe Biden blew it, by, for once, telling the truth that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged so Biden could win.

President Trump had a second term won as President of the United States by the late hours of Election Day - November 3, 2020, then, the Election Vote Counting stopped, so the Left-Wing Democrats could implement their Globalists Masters' scheme and those Left-Wing operatives would spend the next  four days falsifying enough counterfeit votes for Biden to offset a landslide Trump victory. They excused this four day extension of the vote counting by claiming they needed the extra days beyond election day to count the "mail-in" votes ; those mail-in votes counted for days after the election were illegal fraudulent votes. However, the legal mail-in votes (not the illegal mail-in ballots that were allowed to be voted via extension beyond Election Day) had been received before or on election day and would have been counted on election day and not caused need for any more time to count all voted ballots than previous elections.


Biden lies that he would Write-Off Student Loans - gains Millions of votes

Oh, the memory of the U.S. MSM ( Main Stream Media ) is conveniently short! The MSM seems to forget that Candidate Joe Biden promised that he would write-off all the over one Trillion Dollars in Student Loans held by young voters in the U.S.. Biden gained millions of votes for his fraudulent campaign promise to eliminate Student Loan Debt, but once elected Biden admitted on a televised press conference he could not write-off any Student Loan debt. Two years later, Biden's August 2022 decree that $10K in student would be written-off for each student debtor has yet to be made officially legal and if challenged will be reversed by the high Courts, after the 2022 Federal Election is conveniently over.


The Big Picture of Fraud and 2020 Presidential Election results that are not Reliable to a Mathematical Certainty

The Globalist-Totalitarians have their agents, the left Wing Main Stream Media, and elected officials like Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, shout "there is no evidence of the 2020 Presidential Election being contaminated by Fraud." Quite to the contrary, the evidence of fraud and illegal voting procedures (also fraud) in the 2020 Presidential Election is overwhelming. Not only didn't the U.S. MSM look for Evidence of Fraud of the 2020 Election but they prohibited any Evidence of Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election from being broadcast by penalty of Cancellation. The big picture of fraud is easily exposed and proves that the 2020 Presidential Election was at a minimum not reliable as follows:

President Donald Trump receives 20% more votes in the 2020 election than his win in 2016 Election. Trump received 62,979, 984 votes in 2016 vs. 74,216,603 in 2020. Not since the Presidential Election of 1828 (John Quincy Adams lost to Andrew Jackson ) has an incumbent President increased his vote total and still lost his second bid for election as President, but the voting process was totally different back in 1828.

26.6 Million more votes were tallied in the 2020 Presidential Election for Trump and Biden combined, as compared to the votes for the 2016 Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There were 155,475,167 ( Biden 81,268,564 + Trump 74,216,603) votes in the 2020 election vs. 128,824,953 ( Clinton 65,844,969 + Trump 62,844,969) in the 2016 election.

22 Million more votes in the 2020 Presidential Election than the 2016 Presidential Election. There were 158,380,304 votes in the 2020 election vs. 136,452,150 in the 2016 election. These numbers include the third party candidates.

Too many votes counted in the 2020 Presidential Election as compared with Registered Voters in the U.S.. There were 158,380,304 votes in the 2020 Presidential Election and 168,308,000 registered voters in the U.S. in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau published in April of 2021, [see Ex. 25]; That is a 94% voter turnout rate of registered voters in the U.S. for the 2020 Presidential Election. The maximum turnout for registered voters was never higher than 89.8% when Obama won in 2008, [Ex. 29, last pg.] & [Ex.34]. According to Biden during his 11-5-20 victory speech, as quoted above, the elections were also rigged with fraud to make Obama President. The 94% turnout rate for registered voters in the 2020 Election is way too high and not credible, especially when you figure in the number of registered voters who died or moved and remain on the voter records in the various states.  

According to "Judicial Watch" at September 2020 there were 353 counties in the U.S. that had more registered voters than eligible voters for a total of 1.8 excess ineligible registered voters, [see Exhibit 26]. According to data compiled by the watch dog group, Election Integrity Project, in 462 Counties in the U.S., there were 3.5 million registered voters in excess of adult citizens who inhabit those counties, [Exhibit 27]. Using the Federal Electoral Assistance Commission data released in 2019 the watchdog group, Judicial Watch, found that a minimum of 2.5 million voter registrations were invalid. Judicial Watch using the same data also found that in 378 U.S. counties voter registrations rates exceed 100% of the adult population. [Exhibit 33]. The Federal Electoral Assistance Commission data only included data from 38 States, the balance of 12 did not even respond; had those 12 states responded there would be more invalid registration. There are 3143 counties in the U.S.. The PEW Center found, in 2012, that approximately 24 million  voter registrations (one in eight voter registrations) were no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate, including 2.75 Million people registered to vote in more than one state, [ Exhibit 28]; these invalid registered voters either moved, died, or were phony, and they are never removed from the voter rolls. We are certain that 158,380,304 votes were counted in the 2020 Presidential Election, but how many invalid voter registrations were there at November of 2020? We don't know exactly, but it is at least between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 invalid voter registrations and probably higher in the entire country. That causes a registered voter turnout in the U.S. for the 2020 Presidential Election of a rate, conservatively calculated, of between 96% (158/165) and 97% (158/163), which is even more impossible. 


Snopes, Jewish Voice for the Left,  put on the Defensive but not a Rescue of the bad registered voters

I know you are saying 5,000,000 invalid voter registrations in the U.S. is not supported by the numbers, as above. Well, don't forget what the PEW found and that was 24,000,000 voter registrations were invalid. [Ex. 28]. Also, look what Ultr-Left Wing Jewish Internet Publication, Snopes, was good enough to donate. Snopes is everything "Jew World Order" and nothing Pro-American. In a Snopes article countering Judicial Watch's finding that there were 3.5Million invalid voter registrations in 38 states for the 2020 Election, Snopes unwittingly volunteers that the Blue State of California reported that its "inactive voter registration tally" is 5,065,746. [Ex. 35]. Obviously, that 5,065,746 was not included in Judicial Watch's 3.5 finding of invalid registered voters. California goes out of its way to mark those 5,065,746 registered voters as "inactive" which helped the fraudsters that Zuckerberg's financed CTCL had placed in Election Departments throughout that State, make easy access in gathering those "inactive" registered voters for fraudulent gain for Biden.

Snopes is seriously bent out of shape claiming Judicial Watch's finding of 3.5 Million invalid registered voters in the U.S. is both "problematic" and "questionable". But in the process of their article, Snopes, either lies to support their argument or aids the credibility of the 3.5 Million invalid registered voters. Snopes chief argument is that the 3.5 Million invalid registered votes is only in 38 States and that the remaining counties in the 12 States that did not submit data to the Federal Government's Federal Electoral Assistance Commission might have "substantially fewer registered voters on their rolls than adult residents who are eligible to vote." [Ex. 35, p.3]! No, Snopes regardless what the numbers are in those 12 non-reporting States, those 3.5 invalid registered voters remains and does not get averaged down. Most likely there would be more of the same in those 12 non-reporting States and more invalid voter registrations to push Judicial Watch's 3.5 million up to 5 Million invalid registered voters.

Snopes further complains about Judicial Watch including "inactive" registered voters to get its 3.5 Million invalid registered voters. However, Snopes reports, California reported 5,065,746 inactive voters on their rolls that are still nonetheless registered. [Ex. 35, p. 4]. One State, California, reports to have over 5Million inactive registered voters and Judicial Watch only finds 3.5 Million invalid registered voters in 38 States; looks like Snopes helped Judicial Watch's cause and now should add at least 5 Million invalid registered voters to its total of 3.5 Million. At any rate, the vote fraudsters who were placed in the numerous Election Departments throughout the Counties of California must have had a "field day" turning those "inactive" registered voters into Biden Votes. Snopes follows-up with more defense of California stating that the California Secretary of State's Office lists "more than 25 million people eligible to vote residing in California", but fewer than 19 million registered to vote", therefore everything is wonderful in California. It is wonderful until you add in the 5,065,746 inactive registered voters California Secretary of State did not include which causes the most populous State in the Union to have almost 100% of eligible voters to be also registered to vote which is not believable, but impossible.

A registration rate of 60% of eligible voters is historically high, a lot of citizens pass on the political system because they know it is hopeless corruption, cheating and dishonesty.

Snopes also makes claim that "the high voter registration rates reflects the "high-water rates" at "book closing" which is the period immediately before an election when there are usually large numbers of new registrants and when election officials are restricted from removing people from the voting rolls". Snopes states that the law explicitly prohibits the removal of the voter's name from the rolls unless either the voter confirms the change of address in writing or a sufficient waiting period has elapsed, and the States are prohibited from removing registered voters from the voting rolls for 3 months before a federal election. Snopes says this causes a State to have ineligible voters on its registration rolls for a limited period of time and is the reason for PILF's (Public Interest Legal Foundation) calculation that 248 counties in the U.S. have more registered voters than eligible voters. [Exhibit 35]. Evidently, Snopes does not feel that Judicial Watch's calculations are incorrect, however, this argument as to why there are more registered voters than are eligible to vote by Snopes is not believable because there would have to be a mass exodus just before the election in those 248 Counties for this argument to hold up.

Regardless of Snopes, or the Jewish lawyers who write Snopes, the evidence is that the voter registration records in the U.S. are a big ugly mess of invalid registered voters, who either died, moved away, or never existed, or were frauds that were registered to vacant lots and commercial addresses, deliberately, so the insurgents can commit voter fraud for the candidate of their choice (Biden). If the above statistics are not enough to get you to recognize the obvious then read below in the last section of this investigation, "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FIVE DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO FABRICATE A BIDEN VICTORY!"

There were 157,596  registered voters in the U.S. in 2016 and 153,066 registered voters in the U.S. in 2018 per the U.S. Dept. of Census. Not only was the Registered voter turnout to high in the 2020 Presidential Election but there was a huge increase in the number of Registered voters in 2020 to 168,308,000 or about 11,000,000 more from the previous 2016 Presidential Election. The huge increase in registered voters was due, in part, to voting laws being by-passed illegally in the "Swing States" like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan by administrators and judges, so to allow voter registration without identification which resulted in fraudulent voters and votes. Also Zuckerberg's funded CTCL forced their people into local voting election departments to accommodate fraudulent voter registration.

If you think 2020 was the first Presidential Election to be rigged in the U.S., think again, because some of the tricks used by Insurgents to overthrow Trump in 2020 was learned and used before in previous elections. You have to read this entire article to learn how the Jews and their operatives, who were mostly blacks in urban areas and supervised by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of the "6 Battle Ground States," stole the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Hillary lost and conceded the 2016 election at 3:00am and she was, at that time, behind by 3,000,000 popular votes nationwide. Although the Hillary Insurgents in states like California could not defeat Trump's electoral college win, they were able to tie the popular vote by 6:00am. and then give Hillary a 3,000,000 popular vote lead by 9:00am the day after election day. That 6,000,000 popular vote variance, in favor of Hillary, after the election was won by Trump, had all the markings of fraud, so that Hillary and her New World Order Insurgents could have something to complain about. No one was watching the vote count in 2016 after Hillary conceded at about 3:00am. and Trump had the necessary guaranteed electoral college vote.

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) - Soros is in charge of the U.S. voter rolls

The Ultra-Left led by George Soros saw an opportunity created by the lack of accuracy in voter registrations in the States because invalid registered voters were not being removed from the voter rolls. The Ultra-Left and its Democratic Party had fought to prevent cleanup of State voter registrations but in 2012 a left wing organization funded by Bilderberger, George Soros, was founded called the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), [see Exhibit 59]. ERIC is essentially a left wing (New World Order - Bilderberger Soros is the definition of Left-Wing along with Abbie Hoffman and Hillary Clinton) voter registration drive disguised as a "voter roll clean up" service. ERIC is now responsible for cleaning the voter rolls in 31 States in the Union, [see Exhibit 60].

The 31, as of January 2020, ERIC member States are required to not only submit all details of the State's active and inactive registered voters to ERIC, but they must also provide data on every individual in their State's Motor Vehicle Department database, [Exhibit 59]. ERIC then compares the voter registration data sent them by the 31 States with USPS address data and Social Security death records using advanced technology including Artificial Intelligence from Senzing. ERIC then provides each member State a list of people that are not registered vote; the ERIC membership bylaws require each of the 31 member States to contact at least 95% of these people within 90 days and solicit them to register to vote the Democratic Party. This ERIC is essentially a  left wing "voter registration drive" for the Democrats and all paid by the States not the Democratic Party, which is illegal (No government entities in the U.S., fed, state, local can act/campaign for any party or candidate). ERIC is no longer funded by George Soros, there is a $25,000 per year membership fee per State, but the costs can run into the millions to fund the activities required by ERIC, [see Exhibit 59, p. 2].

With this voter data, as in above paragraph, ERIC's left wing operators have the information they need to create new phony voter registrations, and to use inactive voter registrations as their own vote. It's all made easy when Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL mandates that 2500 Election Departments throughout the U.S. States hire their people to run the election and its functions, in order to receive over $439Million in Zuckerberg Money. And easier still when States like Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania change, or drop entirely, application laws for mail-in ballots and/or signature checking on mail-in ballots. No wonder ERIC has no requirement or mandate that the member States clean up their voter registration rolls ( removing voters who have moved, died, or who are inactive having not voted for two elections), [see Exhibit 59, p. 3]. 


No Invalid Registrations Removed in 11 States for 4 years traversing the 2020 Election

The U.S. Government, via federal law, National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the 50 States of the Union to report to Congress how many ineligible voters they removed from their voter registration rolls. The Watch Dog Organization, Judicial Watch, investigated this voting data for the 4 years from 2018-2021 and found that in 11 high density population urban areas,( some counties, others cities or boroughs), consisting of approximately 11,000,000 registered voters that only 26 registered voters had been removed from the voter registration records, [see Exhibit 57, p. 1-3]!! That's 26 out of 11Million registered voters removed in 4 years (not one year) because they are ineligible to vote. Judicial Watch's "Voting Integrity" division states that 10% of Americans move every year and that based on the11,000,000 registered voters in just those 11 urban U.S. areas that would amount to a conservative 4,000,000,000 ineligible voters who remained and were never, as federal law requires, removed from the voter registration records/rolls, (11,000,000 x .10% x 4 =4.4Million).

The number of ineligible voters gets worse when examining just five States by Judicial Watch's "Voter Integrity". "Voter Integrity" found, per Federal NVRA records, over the current 4 years ending 2021, which traversed the 2020 election, that in 75 counties in the combined states of Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Arkansas, Illinois that there were only 25 ineligible voters removed from the states voting records, [see Exhibit 57]!! Once again, the NVRA requires voters to be removed who have died or moved, [see Ex. 57]. There was a similar number of ineligible voters remaining as registered in states like North Carolina, [see Exhibit 58].

Is ERIC the reason Judicial Watch found that 8 States had state-wide voter registration rates exceeding 100% of the eligible voting population; these 8 states included Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont, [see Exhibit 26 p. 1-2]. With these huge numbers of ineligible registered voters allowed to remain on State's voting rolls/records while using ERIC it seems to be reasonable to conclude that ERIC's objective is keeping the ineligible listed as registered voters, instead of ERIC's claimed mission of "cleaning up" the voter registration records in the U.S.A..

The question arises is, why would any State in the Union join ERIC? Who's running the store in those ERIC member States that are  paying $25,000/year in dues to ERIC, so the States can give all their voter data to this George Soros creation that is being used to commit vote fraud and rig elections in the U.S.? Are State officials taking bribes which includes favors and consideration of future big paying easy jobs? Or are the State Elected Officials receiving big political campaign donations? Or, is it all the above and more?



15 Million Too Many Votes - Your Court System at Work

The above irrefutable vote evidence provided by the U.S. Government shows there were at least 15,000,000 "excess votes" counted in the 2020 Presidential Election and they all went to Joe Biden for President. That's what the "big picture" statistics, above, of the 2020 Presidential Election show. Read below and you will learn how some of those "excess fraudulent votes" were counted for Biden and also how votes were fraudulently taken from Trump in the "6 Battle Ground States". It will take years of investigation by Congressional and Legislative Investigations, "Watch Dog Groups", and "Think Tanks" and independent researchers before even some of the illegal votes of the 2020 Presidential Election can be identified as to method and type. 

Many lawsuits were filed, in many State and Federal Courts, concerning the fraud committed causing Biden's win, but the Courts never allowed "evidentiary discovery" because the Courts illegally required the evidence of fraud first, although the Plaintiff's in those lawsuits showed/presented ("Notice Pleadings") a "prima fascia case" that the 2020 Presidential Election was fraud, or at least that the results of the election were Unreliable. The Rules of Civil Procedure, both Federal and State, require that a civil complaint (law suit) be comprised of "notice pleadings" that put the defendant on notice of the claim against them, which was done in many of the sixty plus lawsuits filed regarding Biden's Fraudulent win in 2020. The Courts/Judges, both State and Federal, served to Cover-up the evidence of election fraud by dismissing the cases before the fraudulent evidence could be exposed. The lawsuits were "rush jobs" that had to be decided before 1-6-21, (two months) which is impossible in all Legaldom in this here U.S.. Further, had the lawsuits been given Due Process of Law they would have been a legal null set because there no way any of those lawsuits could have been decided before Biden was sworn in to office on 1-20-21.

Now, over a year and half after the 2020 Presidential Election the evidence of election fraud has accumulated as a result of investigations by State Legislatures, independent elected officials, "Watch Dog groups" and private citizens' investigations. No investigations by the U.S. MSM concerning the fraud, Rigging and Stolen Election of the 2020 Presidential Election!!

The above "big picture" statistics of the 2020 Presidential Election are impossible and are, at a minimum, proof that the results of the 2020 Presidential Election were not reliable. Those statistics produced by the U.S. Government regarding the impossible turnout of registered voters are not just evidence but irrefutable evidence that are exact to a scientific mathematical certainty.

The Left-Wing Main Stream Media (MSM) shouted "there is no evidence of a fraudulent election," thus brain washing the American citizenry, as the "Deep State", including the F.B.I. and the Dept. of Justice, chose to do their part in overthrowing the Government of Donald Trump and refused to investigate the election fraud, but instead agreed with their co-conspirators and denied the election fraud. Fox News fires all those like Trish Regan, Eric Bolling and Lou Dobbs, Heather Childers who disagree with the Globalists' Media; the rest of the hosts on Fox and Newsmax comply with the lies of the "third Coupe d' tat against the Trump Government" of Election Rigging in fear of being cancelled. After the 1-6-21 Capitol Building protest, there is no opposing view or position allowed on U.S. media, only Globalists' "New World Order" claim of "No Evidence" to the 2020 Election being rigged and stolen. Even the newly Trump appointed  U.S. Attorney General, Barr,  followed Orders of the Left-Wing and chose cowardice denying the evidence of election fraud. Yes, Trump hired another "Deep State" operative!

But don't blame Trump, the U.S. Senate would only approve "Deep State" candidates to be appointed by Trump to his Cabinet and other high ranking positions of his Administration. The U.S. Senate has been "bought and paid for" by the Globalists Jews for decades. Why should the Senate have the right of approval of Presidential Appointees? Aricle II section 2 of the U.S. Constitution is becoming a one of the few mistakes the Founding White Fathers made. 

It isn't just the Government that does the canceling, U.S. Corporations, including U.S. Jewish Controlled Media, enforce the Globalists' "New World Order Policies" lest they suffer retaliation from the Globalists' Controlled World Economy. The corporations refuse to hire, sponsor or do business with any who disagree with the fraudulent results of the 2020 Presidential Election. This Cancellation is another Globalists' victory defeating the rights and freedoms Americans are guaranteed and have lived with for Centuries to expect; the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Right guarantees no interference of rights and freedoms like free speech by the Government, but not by Corporations/businesses.



Not all in the United States are "Deep State" or Left-Wing traitors/insurgents, there still remain the Americans. No wonder that immediately after the election 63% of the U.S. voters believed that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and the election stolen by Biden and his Globalists Jewish Masters. That was 63% of the U.S. voters that were not in fear of stating that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged, and before President Trump was threatened with insurrection charges for the 1-6-21 "Capitol Protest," if he exercised his guaranteed free speech. Members of the legitimate U.S. media were silenced from any free speech or free press that the election was rigged and stolen. Many in today's U.S.A. have learned to fear the use of their free speech; such is the Totalitarian State 

Phil LeBeau of CNBC Financial Network summed up the 2020 Presidential Election on November 4, 2020 when the election count was still in Limbo when LeBeau said, "something stinks." New World Order Jew - Andrew Ross Sorkin was distressed and in pain when he heard such commentary on his Bilderberger sponsored network, CNBC, that exposed the obvious Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election. Andrew Ross Sorkin is another Jew in position to crusade the Jew Cause with his constant Ultra Left Wing commentary. Andew Ross Sorkin has expressed several times his loathing for the 1950's TV show "Leave it to Beaver"; "Leave it to Beaver's" setting is the late 1950's and portrays the thriving American Middle Class at its peak and they were all White People. Jews are not White but Semites, hence the Jew cries Anti-Semitic instead of Anti-Jew. The Jew pretends to be White when it pays off. It wasn't the Communists the Americans should have been watching in the 1950's and '60's, so to prevent them from stealing the culture and "American way of life" that we once had, but the Jews who were sneaking around behind the scenes getting their people in place to "Take Over" the U.S.. The Jew "Take-Over" is here in Today's U.S.A. and has been even stronger in Europe for decades.


Law of Elections in U.S. - the Legal Std. is "was the Election Reliable"

The Legal Standard, per the U.S. Supreme Court, to determine a valid election is not weather fraud can be proven, but weather the election  produces results that are "Reliable".


Evidence Deniers & the Election Misinformation Policy

The Jewish Globalists-Totalitarians are very small in number (yes a small minority of the U.S. Population), however, they own and control the U.S. media. The Jews have been working for over 100 years to "put their people in place" in the various "Power Centers" of the U.S. society, including controlling the rule of law in the U.S. through control of the political system and the legal system (lawyers' bar and Jewdiciary), additionally to control life, itself, through control of the medical profession and hospitals; the Jews control thought through control of educational system (the Jews run the teachers' Union) and media, and control money via their takeover of financial markets and free enterprise systems. Everywhere there is wealth and power you find the Jew is now in control in the U.S. The Globalists Jews have put their people in place in government, institutions of higher learning, professional organizations, the teachers unions. Deep-State Government appointees are pay-offs for the Globalists' political contributions to Presidential Candidates. The Globalists-Totalitarians also bought and own fake President Biden through corruption of political campaign contributions and blackmail (they only had more on LBJ than what they have on Biden). The Globalist-Totalitarians use their media and newly controlled U.S. President, Biden, and his regime, to brainwash the masses with "Evidence Denial" of the Fraud of the Stolen 2020 Presidential Election. The Left-Wing tells the masses that "up is down and left is right"; the Globalists believe themselves smarter than the American citizenry. The Americans are not fooled by the Left-Wing and its Jewish controlled media because at least 74,000,000 voted for Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Left-Wing got caught rigging the Presidential Election of 2020. "Say-so" are the only grounds the Left-Wing uses to defend their "evidence denial"; they refuse to examine or comment the evidence that has been produced in the last year and half since the November 3, 2020 Election. See Below for the Evidence that reverses Biden's win "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FIVE DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO FABRICATE A BIDEN VICTORY!"

First the Democrats said, "No evidence of Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election", then when evidence of election fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election became undeniable they said, "all elections have some fraud", then, when the evidence of a fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election became outrageous they said, "there was not enough evidence of fraud to overcome the difference in the vote between Biden and Trump." That Fraud acknowledged by the Democrats in the immediate few days after the 2020 Election before there was time for any investigation by State Legislative Bodies or Private Watch Dog Groups has grown exponentially.

When the Government's lies are confirmed by the U.S. media the masses believe those "Lies of Authority". The Globalists' control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives through Globalists' election contributions in return for Congressional votes that favor their Economic and Social Policies that all lead to the Globalist "Jewish Takeover" of the U.S.. The Globalists created the "Deep State" (C.I.A., F.B.I. etc.) that runs the U.S. from the shadows by making political contributions to U.S. Presidents in return for appointments of Dual Citizen Isreali's and other Left-Wing Operatives to the highest positions in U.S. Intelligence Organizations, Defense Department, and the U.S. Pentagon. Those dual-citizen Israelis gave the U.S. 9-11-01.

The U.S. Jewish controlled media in conjunction with the U.S. Government had the American People believing in 19 Arab-Islamics were responsible for the events of 9-11-01 (Greatest Conspiracy Lie ever), and that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" causing the mobilization of the American People to support the War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those war crimes only benefited Israel. 



Today's U.S.A. & U.S. History of the Planned "Reduction of the Social Status of the White Man"

The Negroes burn cities, loot businesses, and murder whites on the streets at 2020 U.S.A.. These Negroes demand reparations for slavery. The United States is bankrupt due to funding 60 years of Social Design programs, including 4 generations of "Welfare on demand". The American Negro and other coloreds are further provided Federally legally mandated "Affirmative Action" and "Employment and Educational Quotas" by U.S. corporations and the U.S. formal educational system; these Social Design Policies have artificially attempted to socially elevate and enrich the Negro and other coloreds at the expense of the White Man. The colored people are empowered by the U.S. Government and its New World Order Laws and are not allowed to fail. Society is weakened by the Government's enforcing of Colored hiring, Colored higher education, and promotions of the coloreds, via Affirmative Action and Quotas, when more qualified and better white people are available. The White Man and his children are being purged in their own country.

The Globalists Jews control the U.S. Department of Defense through political appointees that were made in return for the Globalists' political contributions to winning Presidential and U.S. Congressional candidates. The U.S. military is being used to be the "Policeman of World" at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers and blood of U.S. soldiers. The War Crimes being waged in the Middle East including, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, serve only the interests of the Israelis. These foreign policies have cost $Tens of Trillions further bankrupting the U.S., and cause the rest of the World to hate Americans.  

From November of 2008 through March of 2022, the Federal Reserve floods the U.S. economy with $9 Trillion of their money that the Federal Reserve "creates out of thin air" supposedly to rescue and bail-out the U.S. economy which make some rich with artificially inflated asset values. The Federal Reserve money has the same effect on the U.S. economy as counterfeit money and causes massive inflation which the Federal Government denies until late 2021; the inflation will increase causing fewer and fewer consumers to be able to afford goods and services, thus causing economic depression (inflationary depression). The Federal Government's welfare class reduces the U.S. labor pool, and along with excessive Corporate taxes, causes the U.S. to be to expensive to do business in and the U.S. remains uncompetitive; the corporations and industries leave the U.S. and employment is further reduced.

The U.S. Federal Reserve has to withdraw and cancel (not send it back to the U.S. Treasury for automatic spending) its Trillions of Dollars from the U.S. economy in order to stop the inflation, but that will cause the Economy and Stock Market to nose dive. Instead, at 2022, the Federal Reserve causes U.S. interest rates to rise by increasing its Federal Funds Rate and Discount Rate which will cause the Economy to slow, but the high prices will not reverse, but remain right were they are at the Summer of 2022. That's right, when the Federal Reserve sells its Treasury Debt money is taken out of the economy; any money taken out of the economy by the Federal Reserve and not used for its operational expenses (relatively small $100's of millions compared to money they counterfeit) is returned to the U.S. Treasury. Of course, the U.S. Treasury immediately blows that money thus maintaining the inflation.

Slavery is Irrelevant in the U.S. at 2020 because there are no slaves in the U.S. and no one in today's U.S.A. has ever seen a slave; slavery happened in the agrarian Southern States ending in 1865. The African slaves were bred like livestock. Today, the racism in the U.S.A. exists primarily from the hatred the Negro and other coloreds have for the White Man. The U.S. Supreme Court makes the Jews, coloreds,  and sexual deviants like transgender and homosexuals,  the "Protected Classes"; all are protected in the U.S. except the White Man who founded and built the U.S.A. to be the strongest and most powerful country in World History. Since the coupe of d' tat of November 22, 1963 the U.S.A. has been on the decline.

The "rights of the individual" are now superceded by the U.S. Supreme Court's "Protected Classes" in this here U.S.A.. The U. S. Founding Fathers' concepts of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom are no longer taught to the young, but are replaced by New World Order Totalitarian dictates that the White Man is always wrong and the repulsive "Woke World".

"Social Justice" as claimed by the Negroes in the U.S. is just more demands by the Negro to steal what the White Man has built, earned and owns. The U.S. Social Design Policies have made the American Negro a ward of the State. The U.S. Negro doesn't any longer seek freedom and equality as they alleged when the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act was passed, but the Negro demands "Entitlements" of handouts and a free ride where they have been allowed to parasite off the White Man. Once the unfair advantages of the Jewish Social Design Policies are taken away from the American Negro they will immediately fall back to a race of helpless tribal cultured people and many of the ills that plague the U.S. will be eliminated. The Welfare on Demand empowers the coloreds in the U.S. to be a parasitic and criminal culture.

The U.S. Civil Rights movement of the early and mid-1960's demanded "Equality"; the American Negro and other coloreds in the U.S. can't handle equality. The American Negro and other coloreds can't compete on equal grounds. The colored people need a "Social Safety Net" provided to them, via New World Order Laws, that provide special treatment including Welfare on Demand, Affirmative Action, Racial Quotas, all at the expense of the White Man and the future of the White Man's children. The colored people in the U.S., as well as the Jews, are given "Protected Classes" designation by the U.S. Supreme Court which allows the coloreds to continue their murder of whites in the streets of U.S. urban areas with impunity. You will never hear the U.S. media, which is controlled by Jews, headlining the murder of  white people by the coloreds in the Urban Kill Zones of the U.S..

6 unarmed Blacks were shot and killed by cops in the U.S. in 2021, but to hear to the racial hysteria verbiage on the Jewish Main Stream Media, especially TV networks, you would think they were talking about the 10,000 Blacks who are murdered every year, according to the F.B.I. 89% of those murders were by other Blacks. Some sources say that 97% of Black murders were by other Blacks but that leaves little room for murder of Blacks by other non-whites. The only time the Blacks aren't killing each other is when they find an unfortunate white that mistakenly strays into their neighborhood that they can all prey on.

"Ethnic Cleansing" of the White Race is caused by interracial fornication by white women. The Coloreds are given the White Man's jobs as legally mandated by Social Design Policies in the U.S. preventing much of the white population the financial means to marry and afford a family. In addition to the White Man's  jobs being stolen by unfair U.S. Social Design Policies,  whites are faced with escalating inflation and resulting  inflated costs of living, jobs leaving the U.S. with U.S. industries overseas for cheaper labor and fair taxes, and massive U.S. unemployment that is avoided by Government statistics. The White Middle class, as it was in the 1950's in the U.S., became extinct decades ago due to those same Federally mandated Social Design Policies, inflation caused by Government Monetary Policies, and Fiscal Policies that support needless oversized Military and the Welfare State, and unemployment also caused by the U.S. Government. Government policies, including excessive taxes and "welfare on demand", making it too expensive to do business (because of the cost of labor and unfair high taxes) in the U.S. has resulted in industries and related industry jobs to move to low cost countries so their products are price competitive and profitable. Wars include "Ethnic Cleansing".

Since the early 1970's many educational institutions, like Harvard, and all medical schools have had "White Quotas", to insure upward social mobility is stolen from the White Man and given to the inferior races and that medical care in the U.S. is controlled by the Jews. That's right, if you haven't noticed, like the U.S. legal, the medical is controlled by Jews. These "White Quotas" limit the amount of White Men enrolled in medical schools to 5% and less and that is why you can't get white male physician anymore. Forcing the Promoting of inferiors in U.S. Society, via U.S. Social Design Policies, makes the U.S. weak; a system where the White Man is treated on equal terms would cause better people to be educated and hired in the work place resulting in better production and efficiencies in the U.S. Economy. The Universities and Colleges in the U.S. reserve their scholarship money for the non-whites; these "institutions of higher learning" recruit non-white foreigners with the promise of free education via Scholarship and Grants not made available to white students. This free education and Quotas for non-whites, both foreign and domestic,  are tools of U.S. Social Design Policies created by the Jews to provide artificial "Upward Social Mobility" to non-whites, as is the the Affirmative Action Program the S.B.A. (Federal Small Business Administration) low interest Federally Guaranteed Loans that exclusively exclude whites.

The White Man has paid taxes for over 60 years in the U.S. that are used as the means to fund Welfare and Social Design Policies that allow the Colored People to over populate, outnumber and overrun and defeat the White Man; this is the "New American Communist System" where money is confiscated from the working people through taxation and redistributed to the Colored People via Welfare and a multitude of other Social Programs. The U.S. Borders are wide open for more invasion enforcing the Globalists' plan to allow more non-whites to outnumber the White Man causing his vote to be the minority resulting in a U.S. "Dark Age". The Left-Wing no longer cries "Minority" as reason to crusade their Social Design Laws that discriminate and steal from the White Population. Instead, they cry "Racist" every time someone disagrees with coloreds and Jews. Who cares what the enemy has to say, do what is in your best interest, just like they always have.

All medical students in the U.S. must adhere to New World Order Social Design Policies or their medical education will end. It is hard to find a white male doctor or dentist in today's U.S.A., as colored foreigners make a poor substitution for the medical profession that was a few decades ago dominated by white men whose first objective was benevolence, not their life style and greed and hate for the White Man.

The Americans remain ununited and are helpless to stop their demise by the Jew-Globalists and their allies the colored people. The elected representatives are bought by the Globalists as are their political parties. Only a very few, including Donald Trump, in the Republican Party have any sense "Cause".

Prelude of Fraud to the 2020 Presidential Election

The Democratic Senators wanted newly appointed, by President Trump, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Barrett, to agree that she would recuse herself from any future U.S. Supreme Court cases that had at issues the future 2020 Presidential Election. The Democrats knew well in advance of the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election that there would be legal actions claiming the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and wanted to rig any decision by the Supreme Court concerning the 2020 Presidential Election. The Left wanted to exclude Barrett in order to have a more favorable outcome regarding such challenges to the Election.

The Polls which allegedly predict the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election are more pre-planned lies to undermine Trump and his re-election bid in 2020. The Polls are controlled by the Left Wing and are lies. The same Polls predicted that it was a mathematical statistical certainty that Donald Trump would lose the 2016 Presidential Election and that Hillary Clinton would win; the Polls 2016 predictions for states like Pennsylvania and Michigan were not even close because they incorrectly predicted to a mathematical certainty that Hillary would win. The polls of 2016 were so lopsided in their bias prediction of the outcome of the 2016 Election that it cost Trump votes because some voters were saying that Trump doesn't have a chance, according to the polls, so why bother to vote. Why would anyone believe the U.S. election polls?

Trump's four years as President of the U.S. was bombarded by the Globalists', and their Democrat lackeys' in Congress, and their U.S. controlled Main Stream Media's constant fabrications and lies about Trump in order to undermine and discredit him. Those Left-Wing insurgents were successful in contaminating the 2018 election with knowingly false claims, as promoted by the Main Stream Media, that Trump was a Russian spy; that lying Left-Wing contamination/treason resulted in the U.S. House of Representatives being voted to a Democratic majority. Special Prosecutor, Mueller, is a traitor and should be put on trial for Treason and condemned to the maximum penalty allowed by law.


The Pre-planned illegal changes to the election law in order to accommodate the Fraud of Biden's stolen Presidential win of 2020

Many States Election Administrators and Judges, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona rushed to illegally change their election process in the name of the "Covid 19 Pandemic", without having the State Legislature change the election laws, so to provide fraudulent means to rig the 2020 Presidential Election for Biden and steal it from President Trump.  The Pennsylvania courts illegally extended the time to file mail-in votes for 3 days after the election day which was a pre-planned scheme used so that the Insurgents could have time to falsify votes in favor of Biden in case the fraudulent votes already counted by election day were not enough to defeat Trump. The election changes in these states were illegal because only  the State Legislatures can make changes to the elections via election laws; the changes by the above 5 states to accommodate the fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election were done by the Judiciary, and bureaucrats, not the State Legislature as is required by law, per the U.S. Constitution. See below "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FOUR DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO RIG A BIDEN VICTORY!" for each of the "Battle Ground States" illegal election procedures used to rig the 2020 Presidential Election.

The "Covid 19 Virus Scare" was used not just to attempt to destroy the U.S. Economy, so to hurt Trump's re-election bid, but as a reason for States to change elections so to promote "mail-in voting", Vote Ballot drop-boxes, illegal extensions for voting beyond election day, and the 6' social distance to prevent Republican Observation of the vote count. The changes in State Elections for the 2020 Presidential Election, including the use and promotion of mail-in ballots were used as a pre-planned scheme of election fraud. The Covid 19 Virus emergency would not have happened if Donald Trump was not up for re-election in 2020. If it wasn't for Trump's 2020 Re-election bid, Covid-19 would have been treated as no more than a Flu/virus, which it is, and which the U.S. Society had dealt with as generic for 100's of years before. 

The U.S. media in conjunction with the U.S. Government have been successful in utilizing Covid 19, so to get a large percentage of U.S. citizens to welcome a "New Normal" in order that they be "saved" by Government Orders at the cost of forfeiture of Personal Rights and Liberties. Many Americans, including the weak and cowardly, and even those informed, beg the U.S. Government to save them from imagined dangers created by the Government. The Arab-Islamic Terrorists the 911 Commission and U.S. MSM threatened never showed up after 9-11-01.

The election process provided a means for a cover-up of the pre-planned fraud of the 2020 election because all those fraudulent ballots are forever co-mingled with the legal/valid ballots causing those ballots to be forever unaudible; no one will ever know were those ballots came from. It takes months and longer to investigate and accumulate the evidence of the 2020 Presidential Election Rigging, but the Election Process allows only 7 weeks before it is finalized by Congressional Certification. However, there are alternative audit procedures that can be used to prove fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election, see the Arizona audit by the State Senate, below in "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FOUR DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO RIG A BIDEN VICTORY!". The Fraudsters knew that they should insure that the vote count and the voted ballots (both mail-in and in person) should be the same, but there are a lot of ways to commit election fraud and more than one audit procedure to expose the voting fraud besides physically counting ballots. In Pennsylvania State Legislators found a variance of about 200,000 more votes counted in the 2020 Presidential Election than, as Pennsylvania State voting Records documented, there were voters who voted, no wonder voter registration turnout was so high during the 2020 Presidential Election!!!


it will only look like Trump won - you have to wait til all the votes counted - could take days after election day

Leaders of the Democratic Party were well rehearsed of the scheme to delay to Election count, so to rig the Election for Biden. For months prior to the 2020 Presidential Election, the Left - wing media warned in advance that "it would just look like President Trump won the 2020 election on election night, but Trump would have to wait days until all the mail-in votes were counted before Biden would be determined the winner"; the socialist U.S. Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, said the same on U.S. TV., Ex. 50.  The left-wing media further enhanced their fabrication by claiming that the Biden supporters were more likely to vote by mail-in vote. The truth is that it took days after the Election Day of November 3, 2020 to Falsify enough votes for Biden to win the election; the Left-Wing had to first stop the election because Trump was going to win, if they continued with an honest count, and additionally they needed time to figure out how many additional votes they needed to falsify to cause a Biden victory. Please note, that as below detailed in "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FOUR DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO RIG A BIDEN VICTORY!" there was a whole election system that was changed for the 2020 Presidential Election that produced Millions of illegal votes for Biden. It was not until Saturday, November 7, 2020 (4 days after the election day of November 3, 2020) that the Left-Wing falsified enough Presidential Election votes for Biden, so Biden could steal the Presidency.

According Jew controlled, Ultra-Left Wing, CNN TV. Network, the pandemic has changed everything and there potentially can be long delays in the news media's ability to call the election on election night. CNN admitted they were rehearsing for the delay of calling the election until after election day. Senior Department of Homeland Security officials have urged voters to be patient, warning that the election results may not be known on Election Day 2020. Senior Vice President of The Associated Press, Sally Buzbee, made it clear that news outlets aren't in competition with each other on election night. These Jew Controlled News Outlets/Networks are all prepared to lie to the people and make them believe that the 4 day extension required to call the election for Biden was not so the Left could fabricate enough votes to steal Trump's victory, [see Exhibit 48].

The mail-in ballots were received prior to or on election day (unless accepted via illegal extension), as opposed to prior elections when there was a small percentage of mail-in votes (absentee voting has been around for ever and was used by the military people and other citizens living abroad), and almost all voting was done on the one Election Day. So why did it take more time to count the election in only the 5 "Swing States"? It should not have taken any more time to count the mail-in ballots than the in person voted ballots; they start counting the mail-in ballots at 7:00am.. The other 45 States, nor their Urban areas, although also using mail-in ballots, didn't need more time to count the election ballots. The Insurgents knew which States would vote Democratic-Biden and which States would be solid Republican - Trump and that it would be to difficult to falsify the vote count in those solid Trump states. The Insurgents planned to use the urban centers of the "5 Swing States" where the vote was closer between the two candidates, and also those were the states that these Insurgents financed by Mark Zuckerberg's money had been best infiltrated, so to stop the election for 4 days of vote fabrication for Biden.


The Globalist and their totalitarian tools the "Deep State" ( C. I. A. and F. B. I. etc., ) and Democratic Party knew Trump would win the 2020 Presidential Election, unless they rigged that election. The 2020 Presidential Election stopped for 4 days in the "5 Swing States", so the Left-Wing Democrat Operatives could falsify the Election and were all prepared to steal Trump's victory. Whoever runs those U.S. Intelligence Agencies also creates policy for those Agencies and the hired help (F.B.I. and C.I.A. agents etc) take orders from those Presidential Appointees who run those Intelligence Agencies, regardless that the orders are Anti-American; the Intelligence People, including the F.B.I., give up their culture and heritage for a weeks' pay and are nothing but traitors. The Directors/Chiefs of those 19 U.S. Intelligence Agencies are all appointed by the U.S. Presidents and approved by the U.S. Senate, who in turn were "bought and paid for" through campaign donations and by pay-offs by the Jewish lobby. Even Donald Trump took Jewish/Israeli money for his election campaign to the tune of $200,000,000 from George Sorros a foreign Jew and dual citizen Israeli. Sorros is a Bilderberger bent on "One World Government" controlled by Jews, but the United States is the biggest barrier to the Bilderberger's "One World Order" ruled by Jews.


The Legal System a preplanned No-Go (Another Rig Job)

The New World Order Co-Conspirators knew the legal system would be the avenue of relief used by Trump and the Republicans to reverse the Ultra-Left Wing Globalists' Conspiracy to rig the 2020 Presidential Election. Those "New World Order" insurgents also knew that they and their operatives in the various states of the Union, including the "6 Battle Ground States", would have custody of the evidence that would show the 2020 Election was rigged and that Trump's victory was stolen. An investigation required on the magnitude of the 2020 Presidential Election requires time which the Globalists calculated, correctly, that Trump and his allies did not have before the Electoral College voted on January 6, 2021 for Biden. The legal system requires an investigation to obtain evidence, and then, preliminary filings, via a complaint, that states a "legal cause of action" and "grounds for relief" that are then followed by various steps provided by Procedural Law including "evidentiary discovery", all of which takes at the quickest, many months and usually years; Biden would fraudulently be President by January 20, 2021. No court in the U.S., including John "the politician" Roberts' U.S. Supreme Court was going to order an injunction to stop the Biden Inauguration even though the evidence of fraud and illegalities was inordinate and plain before the Certification Day of January 6, 2021. The evidence of documented irrefutable election fraud grows outrageously as the results of investigations by State Legislatures, Watch Dog Groups, and Citizen Researchers is submitted to the American Public, if they care to know.

There was no one in the U.S. Government to investigate the blatant evidence of fraud and irregularities of the 2020 Presidential Election. It was the F.B.I.'s, the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney General Barr's job to investigate the inordinate complaints of Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election that started before and during the Election Day and continues endlessly, but the F.B.I. and Barr are traitors and Conspired to successfully Rig the 2020 Presidential Election and turned their backs on their legally required investigation of the fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election and aided in the 3d Coupe d' tat against the U.S.A. and the rightfully elected, by the American People, Government of President Trump.

What did U.S. Attorney General Barr say? "I don't see any evidence of election fraud." Of course not, Barr did not dare admit he looked and saw the obvious rigging of the 2020 Election! Barr turned out to be another insurgent and fat traitor. It is Appointees like Barr that were the source of all the leaks of secret information coming out of the Trump White House. What good are Presidential Appointees, if they have to be approved by the U.S. Senate which is owned by campaign contributions from the Jews?

State Legislatures, elected State officials working independently, have produced some of the most outrageous and blatant evidence of the Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election. Independent private institutions, watch dog organizations, and U.S. private citizens have also engaged in investigating the 2020 Presidential Election. State Legislatures can investigate with the power of law, but private investigations do not have the power of the police and force of law, so those investigations take much longer, similar to the private investigations of the JFK Assassination and the Events of 9-11-01 and the 2008 Financial Collapse. Main Stream Historians and University Professors of History run and hide from such historical controversy and confirm all that is dictated to them by the Official U.S. Government decree.

Fortunately, some of the best hard core evidence of Election Fraud has come from the Legislative Bodies of the "Battle Ground States" of Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. This documented Election Fraud provided by those State Legislative Bodies came too late, just as the insurgents who rigged the election had known would be the case, as planned, see "WE STOP THIS ELECTION FOR A "FOUR DAY FRAUD BREAK" TO RIG A BIDEN VICTORY!"  The Michigan Senate held an investigation into the 2020 Presidential election but refuse to release the evidence produced by the testimonies and documents during the investigative hearings.



Illegal Billions privately fund the 2020 Presidential Election - The Jews who Stole the Presidency of the U.S.A.

[Sources for this section include Exhibits 36,  Ex. 37, Ex. 38, Ex. 39, Ex. 40, Ex. 41 and Mollie Hemingway's, "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections"]

If you claim the Election was Stolen, then there has to be a person or co-conspirators (more people) attached to the crime. There are many researchers who have produced evidence of Fraud of a Rigged 2020 Presidential Election only to leave the reader of such published research void because there is something missing in all the Research on the Rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election. And that is "Who" Rigged the Election? If you don't tell the people who committed the crime of the Stolen Election your research is incomplete.


Ultra Left-Wing Molly Ball Confirms & Exposes Conspiracy to Rig & Steal 2020 Election

Months after the election of 2020, Time Magazine published an article by Molly Ball on how the election was won by a "well funded cabal of powerful people working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change election rules and laws, and control the information and media" [Ex. 40, p. 5]; this cabal is also a criminal conspiracy to defeat and falsify the Presidential Election of 2020. It is also Treason to overthrow the rightful Government of President Trump. "Cabal of billionaires" is hardly informative, it still does not tell you what Group of People with a common heritage and traditions and race are responsible for stealing the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election.

Molly Ball, an ultra-Left Wing stooge journalists, who gets paid by Jewish owned Time Magazine proclaims that she has the "inside story of the Left-Wing Conspiracy" "to save the 2020 election", based on access to the group's inner workings, never before seen documented and dozens of interviews with those (conspirators) involved to "save the election of 2020" [Ex. 40, p. 5]." Molly Ball should know because she is part of the Ultra-Left Wing and knows of those who participated in the "Conspiracy to save the 2020 election". Throughout her February 4, 2021 article in Time Magazine Molly Ball gives the Conspiracy (to Steal the Election of 2020) away; no Ball did not give the names of the individuals who constituted the "Cabal of Jewish Billionaires" led by Mark Zuckerberg, who at a minimum, bought the 2020 Presidential Election from Trump by funding over 2,500 local election departments throughout the U.S. with $439 Million Dollars.

Molly Ball wanted the "big scoop" and in the process "spilt the beans" on her Democrats by disclosing the names of two dozen Left-Wing Organizations, including "Black Live Matter" and "Antifa,", as well as members of the "U.S. Congress, Silicon Valley, and the nation's State Houses", "Twitter and its C.E.O. Jack Dorsey, Military Leaders, Cabinet secretaries, former elected officials" that were organized a year before the 2020 Presidential Election with knowledge that the election vote counting would not end on election night, or early the next morning; it has always been the case in past elections, even before computers and electronic scanners now used making it much faster to count votes, that the Presidential Elections votes would be counted and a winner decided by, at least, the early hours in the A.M. following Election Day. Molly Ball discloses in her Time article that the "Conspiracy", as she accurately describes it, was prepared well in advance for President Donald Trump to complain, immediately during and after election day of 11-3-20, that the Election was Stopped and Vote Counting Extended for 4 Days, so the Democrats run by the Ultra Left-Wing could Rig and Steal the Election. Molly Ball also describes "Conspirators" who were not Left-Wing or even Democrats but were eager to "agree" so to be rewarded and maintain their way of life and avoid the consequences of being found "out of favor."

Ultra Left-Wing, Molly Ball's disclosure of the secret plans and Organization of the "Conspiracy to Save the 2020 Election" is almost as revealing as Joe Biden admission that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged when he said during an 11-5-20 televised interview that "we had put together, and you guys did it for President Obama before this, we put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  No wonder the Ultra-Left Insurgents kept Biden in his cellar during the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign!

Molly Ball discloses that by the summer of 2020 150 "liberal groups" joined the "Protect the Results" coalition. These groups included the "Democratic Socialists of America" (new name for Communists) and "violent black professionals" who were paid to loot, steal, and arson causing the nucleus of the George Floyd uprising in the summer of 2020. [See Ex. 40, p. 15]. The "Cover-up Conspiracy" was all planned comprising of these many named groups who were all prepared to counter any actions by Trump to stop the rigging the 2020 Election or try and reverse the stolen election. How is it they were so sure so far in advance of the election of 2020 that the Election vote counting would be extended for days and not end as other past Presidential Elections? How were Molly Ball's Conspirators so sure that Trump would yell bloody murder that the Election was being rigged by their extended 4 days of vote counting? Because the "Conspiracy to save the election" knew well in advance that they were in process of rigging the election and exactly how their Fraud would end in a victory for Biden. The Conspirators, as Molly Balls aptly describes them, knew the Election counting would continue for extra illegal days until they falsified enough votes too make it look like a close election in the "Swing States" for Biden to just eek out a victory. These Conspirator Groups, according to Molly Ball, were going to "save the election" with violence, rioting, arson, looting, murdering innocent white people who can't defend themselves, across the U.S.A., if their Conspiracy to Rig the Election with Extended 4 days of fabricated votes failed.

That above Conspiracy to Save the Election with violence should Trump win because the Insurgent Network Molly Ball describes is unsuccessful in rigging the vote was confirmed by now phony Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, when she was interviewed on live U.S. TV and declared that if Biden does not win the violent protests will not stop in the U.S.

Why do they allow these Ultra-Left to use the term "liberal" or "progressive" to describe themselves? Everything these lefties do is to restrict and destroy the rights of the individual. A more accurate term would be "Restrictionists" to describe these lefties who want a more overpowering Totalitarian State instead of the United States.

The 2000 Presidential Election was a "test run" orchestrated by Jews who controlled the 5 southern counties in Florida. The Jews learned how that fraud they were committed failed and built on knew techniques and tactics to be used to aid Obama's election and Joe Biden's.

Molly Ball really gave it away when she described her people on the Left as "Conspirators" committing a "Conspiracy". This is an Admission of Guilt by a leader of "save the 2020 Election" that "save the 2020 Election" acted illegally to get Biden elected. You can't have a "Conspiracy" to do something legal! Don't believe it Molly? See Black's Law Dictionary which defines "Conspiracy as a combination of two or more persons to commit an illegality, or commit a legal act by illegal means." Affirmative Action at work.

Molly Ball names the "Chan Zuckerberg Initiative" (Mark Zuckerberg's wife) as participating, via at that point $300Million, in the Conspiracy to Steal the Election, but only in a "philanthropic cause" because, as Zuckerberg would have you believe, the Federal Government's $2Billion to aid the various election departments in the U.S. was insufficient to cover the costs newly incurred due to the "Covid 19 Scare". Donald Trump's HAVA (Help America Vote Act) provided $400million in emergency funds to the states in order to respond to the Covid 19 costs associated with the 2020 election., [Ex. 51] Zuckerberg wanted to remove himself as far as possible from being associated with this "philanthropic" activity by utilizing Non-Profit Organizations to funnel his $1/2Billion in Election Funding to the 2500 Local Election Depts., but of course it was his Facebook money! [See Ex. 40]. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to remove himself as far as possible from the objective of his $1/2Billion in funding because it would be used, not for philanthropy, but to Steal the 2020 Election.

Molly Ball writes that "they (referring to Left-Wing Analysts and her "Conspirators to save the election") hadn't comprehended how much better Trump was likely to do on Election Day". "Being able to document how big the absentee wave would be and the variance (how much Trump was leading by) by state was essential." [See Ex. 40, p. 14]. Molly inadvertently allows the Americans to know that her Ultra Left-Wing Conspirators had to be able to accurately calculate how many votes, by fraudulent mail-in ballots and other means, the Conspirators had to fabricate, so to overtake Trump's lead in the "6 Battle Ground States". That's why Zuckerberg's CTCL election department staff, who had access to all the blank ballots, blank mail-in ballots, voting registrations records, and ran the elections in many urban center in the U.S., took 4 extra days before the vote counting could stop on November 7, 2020. They had to trash a lot of Trump votes and fabricate millions of fraudulent Biden votes; the Insurgents funded by Zuckerberg's Facebook money were running the 2020 Election.

How is it that this "Conspiracy to Save the Election of 2020", as Molly Ball describes it, knew exactly what was to unfold during the 2020 Presidential Election. Stupidly, Molly Ball calls the Ultra-Left Wing's actions to "save the election" a "Conspiracy", which it was a Conspiracy, and Ball reveals these Conspirators knew exactly what was going to happen during the 2020 Presidential Election. How did these Ultra-Left Wing Conspirators know, as Molly Ball points out in her Time article, that the vote count would extend for days after Trump's election night victory. These Conspirators knew because they helped plan the rigging and stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election. This "Conspiracy to save the 2020 Election" "executed a national public-awareness campaign to make Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over the days or weeks" [Ex. 40, p.4], pre-planning for Trump's claims the Ultra-Left was rigging the vote count with the halting of the vote counting on election night in the "Swing States" and extension of the vote counting for four days until the Insurgents rigged a victory for Biden. The U.S. MSM was instrumental in this "public awareness" campaign and it brainwashed many that an obvious Conspiracy ( an illegal 4 day election count extension) was all caused because it took more time to count mail-in votes. How would they know all this in advance and be prepared? Only because they did know the election would be rigged and vote count extended for as many days of fabrication as needed to rig the election because these Conspirators were part of the Conspiracy and also the pre-planned Cover-up of  the Conspiracy to Rig and Steal the 2020 Presidential Election.

It doesn't take any more time to count the mail-in ballots because they were mailed in weeks before and up to the Election Day of November 3, 2020 and that made the conditions of vote counting no different, or difficult/time consuming, than other elections when all the votes came on the one Election Day and were all counted in all 50 States and all Urban areas in that one Election Day. The illegal vote extensions and 4 days of extended vote counting ending on November 7, 2020 was nothing but extensions beyond Election Day to falsify and count counterfeit votes.

Ball describes the "Conspiracy", as she identifies the "Save the 2020 Election", as organized a year before the 2020 Election and as a "loosly organized coalition of operatives", Ex. 40, p. 3], "the group had no name, no leaders and no hierarchy, but it kept the disparate actors in sync" [Ex. 40, p. 8].


Molly Ball strangely names a Jew named, Podhorzer, as a "front man" of the "Conspiracy to save the election", the Jews work in the Shadows and like using "front men" to avoid guilt. Ball claims that although Podhorzer's modeling of the election was "exactly in line with the vote surge for Trump" , Podhorzer, did not despair like many Democrats even though Trump was ahead in pre-election polling, because "he could tell that as long as all the votes were counted, Trump would lose." See Ex. 40, p. 16-17. Podhorzer knew if they kept the vote counting extended enough days after the election day of November 3, 2020 that enough votes could be fabricated by the Ultra Left Insurgents, who were paid by Zuckerberg's financed CTCL to run the election departments in the Swing States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona to overcome and beat any Trump lead.

The people responsible for Stealing the 2020 Presidential Election have been called Neo-Cons, Globalists, Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Ultra-Left Wing but they still have not named anyone. They never blame the Democrats because its much smaller and specific than Democrats. The People who stole the 2020 Presidential Election are Jews. These same Jews are part of the "Jewish Takeover" (by the scared called the "Great Reset"). The Jews have always been Globalists, as they have been trying to conquer the World for thousands of years and still wait for their Messiah who they believe will lead them to Great Conquests. However, the Jews' History is the opposite of Conquest, as the Jews have been exiled from every country in Europe, and beyond, over the last 1,000 years, including England, twice. The Biblical Prophesy of the New Testament was fulfilled when the Roman Emperors had their legions expel the Jews from their "Promised Land" at around 330 A.D. and they became the "Wandering People".

Today's Israel was given to the Jews in 1918 by the victors of WWI, the Brits. That area on the East End of the Mediterranean was conquered by the British in WWI and was prior to WWI part of the Ottoman Empire. The Brits had promised Zionist Jews their alleged "Promised Land" if they could get the U.S. to commit an Army to the European War. At the same time, Jewish lawyers represented a woman (Wilson's secretary) impregnated by President Wilson when he was President of Princeton University and Wilson refused to pay her a promised $40,000.00 so she could support herself and Wilson's child. The Jewish lawyers threatened to sue Wilson for the child support if he didn't "play ball". The "Peace Candidate", Woodrow Wilson, had been elected in 1916 to his second term in office and decided his reputation was more important than the over 300,000 American casualties who got slaughtered in Northern France; after running in 1916 for his second Presidential term on a "promise of no involvement in the European War" to the Isolationist American Citizenry, Wilson "the Peace Candidate" got the U.S. Congress to declare War on Germany in April of 1917. Lord Balfour of Great Britain kept his promise to the Zionists and the Brits gave the Jews their "Promised Land" and even made it a British Empire Protectorate, so the Jews could hold on to their desert real estate. See the Balfour Letter. Wilson had empty pockets, so the deal was that the Jew lawyers would pay the $40,000 he owed to his Ex-secretary for child support in exchange for Wilson committing the U.S. Army to northern France in WWI, and Lord Balfour and the Brits kept their word and ceded their conquered part of the East End of the Mediterranean to the Jews. British "Lawrence of Arabia" and the Arabs he befriended and lead to victory in the East End of the Mediterranean during WWI got double-crossed by the British Government because the Arabs were promised by the British that land that is now Israel in payment for the Arabs allying with the British to defeat the Ottoman Turks who were German allies in WWI.

European Royalty is gone, as well, the Great American and European leaders are dead! Who will protect the People from the Jews?



In today's U.S.A., people have been brainwashed that you can never point at the Jews, you can't say the word "Jew." The Jews are immune from prosecution and do no wrong in the U.S. because if you expose their illegalities, or simply disagree with the Social Design Policies in the U.S. that were created by Jews, then there is a fear of being called "a racist", losing your job, business, being "found out of favor" or "cancelled". These Jewish reprisals have existed in the U.S. for years and are getting stronger (part of the Jewish Totalitarian System/Jew "Take Over"). Who cares that the Enemy yells racist!!

The Jew believes they are God's Chosen People and God made the Earth and all its living creatures, including other humans, for the Jews' Exploitation and Aggrandizement. Now that is racist and Supremist. See the Old Testament. 

Why is "Jew" are dirty word?  If you want to know who Controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize!

Free Men must speak out or they will not be free any longer!! The Jews are easy to defeat in this U.S.; the Jews are a weak people and are easily defeated when the populace points at their illegalities/Conspiracies, including stealing the 2020 Presidential Election. That's all it takes to defeat the Jews, communicate, speak out, and "point the finger" at the Jew and the Jew will run in submission. Lucky that's all it takes is "word of mouth" and the "pointing finger" because the Jews control the Media. The Jews are very sensitive to public opinion, but once their "Jewish Takeover" is complete they will have you imprisoned for any lack of compliance, including free speech, with their "Jewish Rule" of the U.S.A..

At best the "Jews Takeover" will end like that of the Burbons and Romanoffs. The Jews don't have the manpower to enforce their "Takover" but rely on the enemy they are subduing for their Jewish exploitation.


Marky Zuckerberg the "Face" of the 2020 Election to the Rescue

Mark Zuckerberg thrust himself into the Controversial issues of the 2020 Presidential Election as discussed in this Web Site, herein, by funding through a Left-Wing Non-Profit Organization, CTCL, 2500 Election Departments throughout the U.S. with $439Million. Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, invested at least $439 Million in the outcome of  the 2020 Presidential Election; Zuckerberg funneled $350 Million of that $439,000,000 through the non-profit organization CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life), but first Mark Zuckerberg funneled his money to his wife, Priscilla's, "Chan Zuckerberg Initiative," in attempt to try distance himself from his Conspiracy to Rig and Steal the 2020 Presidential Election. Foreign Bilderberger, George Sorros, spent $100 Million to alter the results of the 2020 election in favor of Biden. One time presidential Democratic candidate, Mike Bloomberg (owns Bloomberg TV Network), also contributed $100 Million to the cause with contributions, just in Florida, to manage the outcome of the election against President Donald Trump. Google (owned by 2 Jews) also funded the CTCL with $Millions. With this funding to Local Election Departments from Zuckerberg, through the CTCL, came conditions on the various recipient 2,500 Local Election Departments (throughout the U.S.) as to regulations of voting procedures that had to be complied with, which is totally illegal; only the State Legislatures can regulate, via laws, an election. What a coincidence the entire "cabal of billionaires" are Jews tampering with the 2020 Presidential Election, another "Jewish Conspiracy."

Note: Zuckerberg's $439 Million did not go to Biden or his presidential campaign; Zuckerberg's $439Million went to Local State Election Departments that run the elections, including counting the votes. Like Stalin said, "it's not who votes in an election, but who counts the votes that determines an election."


Zuckerberg claims he "knew Nothing"

Does anybody really believe that Mark Zuckerberg did not know how his $439 Million would be used? Before Mark Zuckerberg came along with his $439 Million donated to the non-profit CTCL, the CTCL was harmless, as prior to Zuckerberg in 2020 the CTCL had only $1.8 million in revenues. It's hard to believe that when Zuckerberg took "de facto" control of the CTCL with his $350Million that he didn't just agree with the CTCL and its Network of Leftists Organizations about their tactics employed with the use of Zuckerberg's $439, but that he was at least one of the policy and Strategy makers of the CTCL and its Network's Conspiracy to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election. The use of his wife's non-profit organization, Chan Zuckerber Initiative, and the non-profit organization CTCL to funnel Zuckerberg's $439Million was a feeble attempt by Zuckerberg to try to remove himself from the illegal tampering of the 2020 Presidential Election. Zuckerberg's money/funding, via the CTCL, to 2,500 Local Election Departments came with illegal "strings attached", via a contract, which included illegally changing the election procedures and election rules without the approval of State Legislatures, and caused the 2020 Presidential Election to be privatized in especially the urban areas of the 5 "Swing States". Zuckerberg was conscience of his guilt.

Zuckerberg, Sorros, and Bloomberg used Non-Profit Organizations to funnel their over $1/2Billion into the various Local Election Departments in the 50 States to corrupt the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. This money spent by the three Jews did not go to Biden's campaign, the money was not classified as a political contribution where in the U.S. there is a small limit of about $2,000.00 per person that an individual can legally contribute to an election candidate. Zuckerberg's $439Million went to 2,500 Local Election Department (County, City, Voting Districts, etc.) throughout the U.S. , which resulted in that money controlling the actions, via contract, of those Election Departments and hence the 2020 Presidential Election. Some say that these 3 Jews have committed a crime of election fraud, or Treason, as they were obviously at the highest level of a Conspiracy, to not only Rig the Election, but overthrow the rightful President of the U.S., via the dictates (conditions) that were attached to over half $Billion in election funding. Using Non-Profit Organizations as a conduit to overthrow the rightful Government of Donald Trump, via Election Rigging,  does not shield the Conspirators from personal guilt. Due to the evidence Zuckerberg is a Co- Conspirator guilty of the Crimes of Election Fraud and Treason, but these Jew Conspirators' have friends that run the Government and "Influence Peddle" the Authorities and these Jews are secure that they will be immune from prosecution. While the F.B.I., C.I.A. and other U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Joe Barr and his Justice Dept. were all working against Trump and complied with Jewish Policy.

It is not believable that Mark Zuckerberg did not know how his $439,000,000 would be used!! Therefore, he was a planner of the CTCL's Network to Rig the 2020 Presidential Election.

With all the talk on the U.S. MSM about  the election, including campaign contributions for the 2 Presidential Candidates, there was not one word, even after the election, about Mark Zuckerberg being responsible for spending $439Million to fund 2,500 Local Departments of Election throughout the U.S. that came with contract conditions that allowed the Election of 2020 to be privatized and then Rigged for Biden. The American people didn't know these 3 Jews contributed over a half $Billion because the MSM kept it secret and after the Election it remained secret, including on "Fox News" and "Fox Business News" which is owned by a Jew named Rupert Murdock. Murdock is about 90 years old and his two children are Left-Wing politically and the heirs to the Fox Media Empire, so say good by to some truth that is offered by the partially censored "Fox Nation".


Zuckerberg's $439 funded CTCL, through a Network of non-profit organizations, required that states like Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania hire the CTCL's choice of election workers to staff the various Departments of Election throughout those States to run the 2020 election, who are loyal to the "Jewish cause" which is Biden. Biden is now indebted to Zuckerberg and Co-Conspirators to make favorable Appointments and decisions of law and political decisions favoring these Jews who spent Billions on the Election causing the 2020 Presidential Election to be Rigged. Biden owes the Jews for his Presidency, not the American People, and Biden is repaying the Jews and taking orders from them. Biden is nothing but "Puppet on a String" working for "Jewish Interests", "Jewish Social Design Policies, and conquests for the Jews. The one time isolationist country, the U.S.A., is now the "Policeman of the World" which is enforcing Jewish/Israeli policy to make the World safe for those Jews and their Profits and encroachment in the indigenous Arab Middle East Lands; the war crimes in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan have been fought with American Blood and U.S. taxpayers' money to the tune of Trillions all for the vengeance and protection of  Israel.

The Israeli's cry, "we have a right to survive." Fine, the Americans don't want anything to do with you, do your own murdering.


It was the illegal mandates, as to how the elections would be run (rigged), made by Zuckerberg's funded CTCL Network, including that Local Election Departments throughout the 50 States hire Zuckerberg's Insurgent personnel to staff the operations of the 2020 Election, that were attached to this Zuckerberg money that provided the means to rig and steal the 2020 Presidential Election and caused the 2020 Presidential Election to be, at a minimum, Unreliable and a total Fraud. These Zuckerberg Insurgents that were forced upon State Election Departments in States of Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan as part of the conditions of Zuckerberg's funding resulted in these Zuckerberg Insurgents, who staffed the Local Election Departments, to have access to all Election operations, voting data and information, blank ballots, poll books that contain registration information, vote ballot drop boxes and their harvesting, and the Voting Machinery such as Dominion Machines; which in turn allowed phony voter registration, counterfeit ballots, fraudulent vote counting, and more fraud. Once in the door of the various Departments of Election throughout the States, Zuckerberg's people were operating polling locations (where you vote), harvesting ballots from drop boxes, "curing" voted mail-in ballots, and of course, most importantly counting votes. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League supervised the election in the Urban cities of the "5 Swing States" while Republican Observers were kicked out and otherwise neutralized from their legally required duties to insure a fair election.

In many states they also were successful in illegally changing voting procedures while by-passing the State Legislators. These illegal changes included making time extensions on mail-in voting beyond election day, implementing vote drop-boxes

Zuckerberg's CTCL and its "Network" required that vote counting in large cities be "centralized" so to make it easier to prevent Republican observation of the voting and especially the Vote Counting. In Detroit, Michigan the police aided the Zuckerberg funded Insurgents in preventing the legally entitled observation by the Republicans of the Election Voting, vote Curing, vote harvesting of drop boxes, and especially Vote Counting.


The $439 Million Zuck-Bucks were never spent on Covid-19 Election Relief/Expenses

How did all this happen without the State Legislatures and Governors or one of the almost unlimited law enforcement agencies (State and Federal) making at least an issue out of this Election Fraud in Progress. There was no need for the States or the local voting Districts, Counties, Cities to take the Zuckerberg Money because the Federal Government, via Trump's Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) and Help America  Vote Act (HAVA) had already supplied the States with $2Billion to cover any alleged additional costs of the election caused by Covid 19, [see Exhibit 51]. Zuckerberg's funded "Covid 19 Response Grants" was all pre-textual! Standing 6' away from the next voter does not cost anything and even Fauci's foolish "Double Mask" for election workers doesn't cost but pennies. Were there pay-offs? Were there promises from the Jews of payment/compensation later in the form of big paying jobs or speaking engagements? Not surprising, nothing about this outrageous element of the 2020 Presidential Election has made the MSM not even Fox or Fox Business News. After 1-6-21, anyone who dares speak of the 2020 Presidential Election as "Stolen or Rigged" suffers immediate "Cancellation" by the U.S. Jewish Controlled Media. This cancellation of Free Speech about the 2020 Election is the ultimate violation of everything that was America and it is everything that is Jew and the "Jew Take Over."


How the Jews Stole the 2020 Presidential Election

The "Covid 19 Scare" would never have happened if it were not for Donald Trump running for re-election in November of 2020. The Co-Conspirators used the Covid-19 to scare the voters to mail-in their ballots, after first influencing the various States in the Union to encourage Mail-in voting because of the alleged danger of Covid 19. Groups like Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL provided Departments of Elections in the various States, in particular the "Swing States" of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and Arizona, with Millions of Dollars allegedly to fund the extra cost incurred by the various voting Districts to maintain a "safe voting environment" from Covid-19. The money Zuckerberg and his wife funneled to the CTCL Network was used to infiltrate the voting process, with their new election rules, procedures and their own personnel to staff the Election Departments throughout the country but were labeled as "Covid-19 Response Grants", ostensibly to help Voting Districts acquire "protective gear" for poll workers and protect all, including voters by creating a "safe" environment from the virus. Very little was spent on these "safety features" against Covid-19.

According to the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) Georgia received $31Million from Zuckerberg, via the CTCL. The three Georgia Counties that received the most of the $31Million spent only 1.3% of that money on "Covid-19 safety precautions". Not all Georgia Counties received Zuckerberg funding because they could not be corrupted by Zuckerberg (something still left of Dixie); the Zuckerberg Election funding went to Democratic strongholds which are urban areas, including Atlanta, Ga., were there are lots of votes, lots of invalid voter registrations, and lots of belligerent blacks to do the "dirty work" of voter fraud.


Wisconsin - An example of the Zuckerberg strategy to steal the 2020 Presidential Election

The CTCL distributed $6.3 of Zuckerberg's Facebook money to the Wisconsin Cities of Racine, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Kenosha supposedly to ensure 2020 Election voting would take place "in accordance with prevailing Anti-Covid 19 public health requirements". The 'Covid 19 Response Grant Money" was not issued to the Wisconsin Election Commission which is responsible for managing elections throughout the State;  the Zuckerberg "Covid 19 Response Grant Money" went to the Election Departments in the above 5 Wisconsin cities. About 40% of the Zuckergberg money in Wisconsin went to support both "vote-by-mail" and "early voting efforts", around $1 million went to "voter outreach and education efforts." "This initiative by the CTCL is clearly designed to provide a boost in registered voters, limited only to traditional leftist strongholds, in a critical swing state (Wisconsin) that is likely to determine the outcome of the Presidential election of 2020", according to Phil Kline of the Sir Thomas Moore Society's Amistad Project. Kline went to say, "Allowing private monies like Zuckerberg's to control state spending on voter turnout is an invitation to the State to engage in partisan politics in the operations of elections." In other words, Zuckerberg's millions caused Local Election Departments in the State of Wisconsin to be working for the Election of Joe Biden for President, which is totally illegal.

Zuckerberg fronts himself as a philanthropist being "socially responsible" about Covid-19, all the while Zuckerberg's money went to the planned Treasoness Act of Election Rigging. Zuckerberg's funding, via the CTCL, was attached with "new rules of election"; Zuckerberg's funded CTCL Network overthrew the State Legislature not just Trump because only the State Legislature can, as a matter of U.S. Constitutional law, make election laws and change the election process. The Zuckerberg money came with contractual conditions for the election and contained a "claw back" provision, if Zuckerberg's new rules for the election were not followed the "Covid-19 Response Grant Money" had to be returned. Evidently, Zuckerberg was confident that the Jewdiciary would make the Election Departments in the various States return his money, via this "claw back provision"; that's how bad things have gotten in the U.S. when Zuckerberg can be confident enough that any State or Local Election Department would honor a "claw back" provision and return Zuckerberg's money when Zuckerberg's funded CTCL Network was nothing but a means to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election and was totally illegal.

That's how bold these Jewish People are and how confident they are the Authorities, especially the Courts, will oblige them, regardless that their whole scheme was to violate the election laws. The Jews' conditions that came with their over 1/2 $ Billion in election funding is illegal because only the State Legislatures can put conditions (rules which become law) on the elections. Zuckerberg expected a "claw back" (the money returned) by the various Election Departments if their conditions were not met and the only way to enforce a "claw back" is through the courts. They don't call it the Jewdiciary for nothing!

Zuckerberg's funded CTCL made "available" (actually mandatory) a Zuckerberg "network of current and former election administrators" and "election experts" (experts in election fraud) to "scale up" the mail-in vote and ensure forms, envelopes, and other materials are understood and completed correctly by voters." The  "Network" was comprised of "Far Left Organizations" as follows: A Non-Profit Organization named "Power the Polls" a "liberal group" that recruited poll workers, and promised to "cure ballots" (I bet). The "liberal" "Mikva Challenge", part of the CTCL Network, worked to recruit high school-age poll workers (all black). The Ultra Left Wing "Bennan Center" offered help with "election integrity", including "post-election audits" and "cyber security". The "Center for Civic Design" designed absentee ballots and envelopes, voting instructions, and created advertising for targeted voting campaigns. The "Center for Secure and Modern Elections", another Left Wing organization that advocates sweeping changes to the election process, ran a conference call to help Green Bay develop Spanish language radio ads and geofencing to target voters in predefined areas. "The Election Group" provided "technical assistance" in handling "drop boxes" and conducted voter outreach. "Digital Response" set up a voter website, "set up communications channels", "set up voter support and email response tools", "brought vote-by-mail applications online", "processed incoming vote by mail applications", and did the "ballot curing process" and related voter notification". "The National Vote at Home Institute" was presented as a "technical assistance partner" that could "support outreach around absentee voting", provide and "oversee" voting machines, consult on methods to "cure" absentee ballots, and even assume the duty to "cure" ballots. (No Wonder the Election got rigged!!). Exhibit 40.

If that wasn't bad enough in Wisconsin, then a Jew named Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein ended up running the election in Green Bay. Rubenstein was able to take over in Green Bay by-way of an introduction by the CTCL that Rubenstein was an experienced election staffer "who could embed with Election Departments in a matter of days." Rubenstein took over the election planning, illegally, in Green Bay causing the Green Bay City Clerk, Kris Teske, to quit because Rubenstein wanted all the voter documentation and information and was engaging in election duties that he was not legally authorized to do. It was Green Bay City Clerk's Office run by City Clerk, Kris Teske's, job to plan and run the 2020 Election, as mandated by the laws of the Wisconsin Legislature. Teske quit because she "didn't understand how the City Clerk's office fit into to the election anymore, although legally appointed", and Teske said, "I don't understand how people who have no knowledge of the voting process can tell us how to manage the election."

Teske is in error, the Insurgent Jews had plenty of knowledge of the election system; it could not be that hard, if the election is run by lazy Government Municipals workers, whose only concern is their easy jobs.

"Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich simply handed over Teske's authority to agents from outside groups and gave them leadership roles in collecting absentee ballots, fixing ballots, and even supervising the  counting of the ballots" (Joseph Stalin's favorite election strategy). Before Teske quit Mayor Genrich contacted her because the "Grant Mentors" (term given to Zuckerberg people forced into Election Departments as a condition attached to Zuckerberg money) would like to meet with you to discuss ballot "curing process." Before the 2020 Election Day of November 3, Rubenstein had keys to the Central Counting Facility and access to all voting machines. Rubenstein's name was on contracts with the hotel hosting the ballot counting. Rubenstein made decisions on how to handle and transport ballots.

Spitzer-Rubenstein explained to Teske and other Green Bay officials that the "National Vote at Home Institute" had done the same for other cities in Wisconsin, in particular Milwaukee.


Under oath at the Wisconsin Legislature Hearing while investigating the 2020 Election in Wisconsin, Sandy Juno, the Clerk of Brown County, where Green Bay is located, later testified about the problems surrounding Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein. Sandy Juno testified, "Rubenstein was advising them about the election process and procedures", "Rubenstein was touching the vote ballots, Rubenstein had access to see how the votes were counted." Other officials and municipal employees testified, "Rubenstein was giving orders to poll workers and was the person running the election night count operation."

Green Bay City Clerk Juno went on to say, "I would really like to think that when we talk about security of elections, we're talking about more than just security of the Internet," "You know, it has to be security of the physical location, where you're not giving a third party keys to where you  have your election equipment" (and vote ballots both blank and voter submitted).

The Democrats in Conspiracy with the Zuckerberg insurgents prevented third-party candidates like Kayne West from getting on the ballot in the State of Wisconsin. Kayne West would have taken a chunk of Biden's votes via the Black and Left Wing voters.

Zuckerberg's Economy of Scales - $439 Million can Rig an Election in Today's U.S.A.

Only $6.3 Million of Zuckerberg Money went to the combined Wisconsin cities of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Madison and all that money came with contractual "strings attached", via  mandatory contractual dictates, from the Jews as to how the election was to be run by their Election Staff and how the votes were counted. After seeing how Zuckerberg's money effected the election in Wisconsin with just $6.3Million, then it is easy to see how the balance of $433 million of Zuckerberg's money going to other States in the Union, with election changes and "string's attached", stole the 2020 Presidential Election. Election Departments all through the 50 States were required to work with "partner organizations" provided by Zuckerberg's funded "CTCL Network", so that they could massively expand mail-in voting, ballot drop boxes and ballot vote harvesting and staff their Election Departments operations with the CTCL's contractually required partisan activist (Ultra Left Wing Insurgents and their Jew Bosses) who rigged the 2020 Presidential Election for Biden. The CTCL's Network of Zuckerberg funded Insurgents were counting the votes of the 2020 election.

The cabal of Jew billionaires is the "Shadow Government" that is running the elections in the U.S.A.. They got caught in 2020 because Donald Trump was so popular with a majority of the Americans and the Jews' cellar candidate, Joe Biden, needed too much help to rig and steal the Election. They used the Covid 19 "crisis" as a false-pretense to pump over a 1/2 $Billion into various Local  Elections District Departments in the U.S. to "Purchase the Election." How many times have the Jews and their Ultra-Left Wing rigged Elections in the past? As above, Biden said during a 2-2-21 televised victory speech that the Obama election was a product of Fraud. The Jews know how to Rig elections and they are not going to stop; the Jews control the "Deep State" and act with impunity from prosecution. The next election of 2022 is an in process "Rig Job". 

[Sources for the above section include Exhibits 36Ex. 37Ex. 38, Ex. 39, Ex. 40, Ex. 41 and Mollie Hemingway's, "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections"]


"Battle Ground States" where Democrats are guilty of preventing Republican observation of the Vote

Election voting centers in urban centers of Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee-Madison, Phoenix, Las Vegas in the "6 Battle Ground States" are manned and controlled by blacks which results in millions of votes unobserved by Republicans. Why? Why was the Republican observation of election voting and vote counting in those urban voting centers, as required by law, prevented by Anti-Trump operatives? The reason can only be to falsify the vote and hide the evidence, which they did. The Democrats in those cities even had cops illegally enforcing a ban on Republican observation of the voting and vote counting in those cities; who do you call when the cops are the ones breaking the law?

How many other cities in the U.S. did the Left-Wing Democrats violate the law and block Republican observation?

Blocking of Republican observers was so outrageous the violators didn't care who knew it. In Detroit, Michigan the insurgents boarded up the Windows of the Voting Center to block Republicans from seeing the fraud. The Republican observers were not even allowed inside the Voting Center in Detroit. But the Jewish Anti-Defamation Legue was welcome to observe that their scheme of election fraud.

The above evidence and election procedure illegalities are undisputed and are more than enough evidence to show that the election was rigged and Biden is a fraudulent President. That at a minimum, the results of the 20202 Presidential Election cannot be relied on.

Many of the issues of fraud surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election require that the source of the ballots be determined, but that can not be done because there is no identification on a voted ballot. The evidence of fraudulent ballots have been co-mingled with the other valid/legal ballots, as the election process provides a built-in, pre-planned cover-up by the insurgents. The courts would not allow "evidentiary discovery" to expose fraud via deposition testimonies and production of documents of voting records.


The Internet was connected to the Voting Machinery

It is the law in every state, including the "6 Battle Ground States", that the voting machinery not be connected to the Internet. The reason is simple and that is hackers and Operatives rigging the election records and vote count from remote locations. The  Record of hackers or other illegal activity can be detected on the hard drives of the computers used at election voting centers, but the election staff  in Maricopa County, Arizona where the computers were connected to the Internet simply erased the hard drives and refused to produce Court Ordered Computerized Election equipment, like routers, to conceal the evidence that the computerized election in Maricopa County, AZ. was connected to the Internet. XXX need more.


They got caught Rigging the Presidential Election - more Cover-Up needed - Retaliation for Free Speech and Free Press

The Globalists and their Democratic Party knew they got caught rigging the 2020 Presidential Election! Where's the proof they knew they got caught? The Globalists and their Democratic Party and their Main Stream Media refused to even consider the evidence that the 2020 Election was rigged, and they Purged any communications on the U.S. media of any evidence that the Election was rigged and stolen from Trump; any in the U.S. media who did not comply were fired from their job. Trish Reagan and Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News were fired for not agreeing with the Globalists' dictates that there would be no freedom of the press regarding the 2020 Presidential Election and its results. Both Reagan and Dobbs presented televised evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged against Trump and both were immediately fired. Evidence!! The New World Order insurgents who rigged the 2020 Election can't allow evidence on the TV Networks they own!!

When the Authorities of the U.S. Government and the MSM conspire and broadcast the same lies that "there is no evidence the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and Stolen" the American People believe these Authorities. But, "you can't Fool All the People", see Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arounet) during the Enlightenment (Age of Reason).

In order to cover-up the evidence of the Stolen Election of 2020, Free Speech and Freedom of the Press have been silenced. If the Government can't fabricate a crime against you for speaking out about the evidence of the Rigged 2020 Election, then the private sector, which is also controlled by the Jews, will cancel you. Look at the stock ownership of the Television Networks, Radio, Big Screen Movie Studios, and Music Recording Studios and you'll find that they have a majority of Jewish ownership. Larry Fink's (another Jew) BlackRock controls many U.S. corporations with voting control over $10 Trillion in ETF stock ownership; BlackRock like other massive fund managers demand that these U.S. corporations pay reverence to all that is ESG and exercise loyalty to all that is "Woke" and the Jew.  Now, at June 2022, the U.S. House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi, via the "1-6-21 Hearings", want to fabricate a charge of "Election Tampering" and "Insurrection" against Trump because President Donald Trump stated the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from him and Pelosi and her Democrats falsely claim that caused the "1-6-21 Capital Protest"; isn't that the ultimate Cover-up of the evidence of Election Rigging!

It is your Constitutional Right to Protest!

Pro-Trump advocates on FOX News (owned by Jew - Rubert Murdock), including, Hannity, Bartiromo, and Varney keep their big paying jobs and comply with the Globalists' "New Normal" to regulate freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and they, like all the remainder on FOX news after 1-6-21, remain silent about the Rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election and are afraid to mention any of the mountains of evidence that show the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulently won by Biden. After January 6, 2021, NewsMax TV Network, the alleged new media champion of free speech and freedom of the press, shuts down any word that questions the validity of the 2020 Presidential Election. During a 2-2-21 NewsMax interview with Mike Lindell ( "Mike the Pillow Man" ) co-host Bob Sellers ( a Jew ) walked off the TV set because Mike Lindell presented evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged against Donald Trump. While stomping off the TV set Sellers exclaimed in disgust, "I thought the results of the election were all settled." No, Sellers the Americans do not agree, nothing is settled, they know Biden is a fraud. Co-host Heather Childers, during the same 2-2-21 NewMax Show featuring Mike the Pillow Man, was polite to Lindell; isn't strage that Heather Childers was no longer on NewMax shortly after 2-2-21. 

Why bother watching NewsMax with a TV host like Sellers?


The 1-6-21 Capitol Protest - Trump Silenced & Impeached without Evidence

The January 6, 2021 "Capitol Building Protest" in Washington D.C. was welcomed by the U.S. "Deep State" and its Globalists Bosses, and their allies Antifa, and Black Lives Matter and was allowed to happen by co-operative Federal Police, then, it was used to threaten to frame Trump, with the help of the "Main Stream Media", for a phony case of "inciting a riot", so to silence Trump and his supporters in the U.S. Congress from any further claims that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and Stolen. There are enough police, para-military and U.S. troops, in and immediately around, Washington D.C. to stop a foreign invasion, let alone a group middle aged meandering Trump supporters who followed "Deep State" Operatives into the U.S. Capitol Building on 1-6-21. The F.B.I. did nothing except stalk and take pictures of the unsuspecting Trump supporters who, as shown on live Network T.V., were walking into an ambush as the Capitol Police invited them in and allowed their tour of the Capitol Building. After the 1-6-21, the Globalists and their "Deep State" were successful in intimidating Donald Trump into silence about the Presidency that was stolen from him via the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election. 

After 1-6-21, the President of the United States - Donald Trump was silenced from any further comment that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and stolen; they threatened Trump with criminal charges for inciting the 1-6-21 Capitol Riot, if Trump did not shut-up about the Election that was stolen from him. Had Trump not shut up about the election being stolen from him the Deep State and Left-Wing Democrats were going to charge him with inciting a riot at the Capital Building and insurrection. The Federal Jewdiciary would have gladly complied and convicted him with fabricated law; the Jewdiciary would have simply said, "we say that Trump, by approving protest against the election being rigged, violated the law" and the Jewdiciary would have followed through with a conviction regardless that Trump had every right to encourage protest by peaceful demonstrators at the Capitol Building. Trump didn't tell anybody to do anything illegal; protesting is so legal in the U.S. it is Constitutionally Protected by the Bill of Rights. When convenient the Authorities interpret the law for the convenience of their Agenda and devices, especially when they have problems with citizens who won't lay down and go away. Then they fabricate evidence to satisfy a conviction of their newly interpreted law. 

Protest is not a Riot!

It didn't do Trump any good to be intimidated into silence about any further complaint about the 2020 Presidential Election being rigged and stolen. At June of '22 the U.S. House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi are fabricating law and evidence in order to frame Trump for Insurrection. Why? Because Trump is going to run for President in 2024 and they want him indicted on their phony charges or preferably in jail on those phony charges in November of 2024. Protesting at the Capitol Building is perfectly legal as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

If they can frame the President of the U.S.A. with the legal system, how does the common citizen stand a chance for justice.

Donald Trump is a novice at law and can't even figure out how to hire a competent lawyer with a blank Billionaire's check. Rudy Guiliani will put Trump in jail after tripping over himself and confessing for Trump that Trump committed the crimes the House of Representatives is fabricating. Trump would be "loyal" while ending up confused in a jail cell caused by fabricated law and fabricated evidence.

Tours of the U.S. Capitol Building have always been a standard tourist attraction in Washington D.C., who would have thought that Trump supporters would be arrested for trespassing and endangering Congressman for entering the U.S. Capitol Building?  Because live TV broadcasts showed the police not just letting the protesters in but inviting them in, therefore, there is no trespassing or illegality. So a few of the 1-6-21 Protesters urinated in Nancy Pelosi's desk drawers and on her desk; Pelosi should just shut up and clean it up and be happy that they were just pissed off and not having a shitty day.


On 2-14-21 on the Fox Network T.V. show "Sunday Morning Futures", Ohio congressman, Jim Jordan, disclosed undisputed evidence that the Capitol Police asked for the assistance of the National Guard before 1-6-21 and the F.B.I. knew of a planned attack on 1-6-21 and that there were pipe bombs found in Washington D.C. before 1-6-21. Those pieces of evidence stopped Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, from holding an evidentiary hearing regarding the impeachment, for the absolutely groundless charges, that Trump incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on 1-6-21. No doubt, Nancy Pelosi knew far more about the plans by the U.S. "Deep State" to turn a simple protest by Trump supporters at the Capitol Building into a crime with use of Antifa and undercover Government Agents while the Capitol Police opened the doors of the Capitol Building to allow the protesters in, just as it was all recorded live by U.S. TV.

Guess who had the pipe bombs? Antifa. And no doubt, the F.B.I. and the Mossad was involved in these pre-planned attacks on 1-6-21. The F.B.I. makes the snowballs and Antifa throws them.

Further stopping Nancy Pelosi from holding evidentiary hearings regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump (not this new 1-6-21 Capitol Investigation of June - July '22) immediately after the 1-6-21 Capitol Protest, for an absolutely ridiculous claim that he incited a riot on 1-6-21 at the Capitol Building, was that Republican leadership in the House of Representatives were going to call Pelosi as a witness and make her testify under oath about her knowledge of the pre-planned "riot"; Pelosi had something to hide, so Pelosi cancelled any evidentiary hearing and led the impeachment of President Trump without any evidence! So much for Liberty, Freedom and Justice that once was the standard in this here U.S.A., if a U.S. President can be treated that way, then, no wonder there is no Justice for the average American citizen in U.S. Courts.

Trump was Impeached twice by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, but won the trial of those Impeachment charges before the U.S. Senate. Impeachment has lost its force and credibility because it has been so abused by Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives; Impeachment is now a "rubber stamp" used by the Democrat U.S. House of Representatives. Our system of Government no longer works and also has become non-credible and an "International laughing stock".

The Democrat Party is a zombie party taken over after 1963 when the Jews blackmailed LBJ for Conspiring to Assassinate the U.S. President Kennedy; the Democrats were known to be the "working man's party", but the Democrats no longer even make such claim. The Democrats are at best the "Welfare Party", the Welfare Problem that in today's U.S.A. is so "politically correct"` no Presidential candidate in this U.S. dares even address it. The annual Trillion Debt caused by the "welfare on demand" social design policy is another factor destroying the U.S.. The "New American Communist System" which features the "U.S. Welfare on Demand for Life" (one of the many "Entitlements" in the U.S. to this class of Social Parasites) has embolden and spoiled the colored people and caused the White Taxpayer to pay to be overrun and outnumbered by the by- product of "Welfare on Demand". The Non-whites come illegally from the four corners of the Earth for automatic benefits (free hand-outs) they are "Entitled" to in today's U.S.A.. Along with other features like Affirmative Action, Racial Quotas, Government Guaranteed low interest loans and Protected Classes, Recruitment by U.S. Colleges and Universities for Free Education, the Coloreds are not allowed to fail but cheat the White Children of their future. 

The Blacks publicly demand on U.S. TV a "Social Saftey Net" that they require to hold them up so they don't fail, and when these Blacks do flop then the "Social Safety Net" will stand them up and give them another "hand out" so they are happy. Nothing for Whites or their children.

The Insurgent Left-Wing and its Democratic Party lead by Nancy Pelosi were successful with the use of operatives, U.S. Intelligence Agencies, and the Capitol Police in creating a Constitutional Protected Protest by Trump Supporters into fabricated "riot" to stop the certification by the Congress of Biden's fake 20202 election as President. Jewish puppet, Nancy Pelosi, and the Jews' Ultra-Left Wing used this fabricated "riot" of 1-6-21 to silence all on the Media from presenting evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged for fear of being accused of insurrection or being cancelled.

The Protesters did not know how right they were that the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen; there has been accumulated, since 1-6-21, far more evidence of the Rigging, Fraud and Steal of the 2020 Presidential Election.


The Jews want to Crucify Trump - Nancy Pelosi plays Pontius Pilot

Now, at June of 2022 the U.S. House of Representatives is holding a Kangaroo Investigation ("U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol") into the 1-6-21 Capitol Protest. The entire 1-6-21 protest was televised live, including the Capitol Police opening doors to the Capitol Building and waiving the protesters inside. The Jews rig elections successfully and they are in power and want to get even with President of the U.S., Donald Trump, for interfering with their "Jewish Take Over". Trump is the Anti-"One World Jew Order," and like Ronald Reagan, slowed the Jewish Conspiracy to rule the World under "One World Government". The object of this Kangaroo Investigation is to frame Donald Trump with manipulated evidence that House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will proclaim (lie) caused a Riot and Insurrection at the Capitol Building on 1-6-21, all in attempt by Trump to overthrow the Election.

How absolutely amateur of Nancy Pelosi the leader of the lynch mob and Speaker of the House of Representatives. Protests are Constitutionally guaranteed and Donald Trump cannot be held responsible for the crimes of vandalism by a few of the protesters, no more than Trump can be held responsible for the murder of Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police Officer. Every bit of exculpatory evidence surrounding Trump on 1-6-21 will be defined by Pelosi and her Democrat Puppets in the House of Representatives as evidence of a crime because they "say-so".

Donald Trump wants to run again for U.S. President in 2024. The Jews are trying to make sure Trump is taken out of the picture for the next Presidential Election with either an Indictment or a conviction before an all Black jury in Washington D.C., the most Left-Wing jurisdiction in the U.S.. In the U.S. the proverb goes, "they can Indict a ham sandwich", which is true because the prosecutors lie and there is no defense allowed before a Grand Jury. A criminal trial verdict can be rigged by the politics of the jurisdictional area; they rig juries in the U.S..


The Americans Waiting for a Leader

These are the worst of times for the Americans. We waited for decades for another leader, got Trump who had no government, legal experience or knowledge of law, and who walked into a swamp/ambush of ("deep state") that he, like the Americans, had no idea existed, at least not to its extent or depth. For those Americans brave enough to want to know, Trump was successful in exposing the "Deep State Problem" and its autonomous actions in the U.S. for its Jew-Globalists Masters. Trump could barely make an appointment that was not "Deep State" because his appointments had to be approved by the Senate.  

The two party political system in the U.S. eliminates leaders for the Americans because of the policies in those two political parties caused by the Influence Peddling of the Jews political contributions. Those two political parties reward conformity to Jewish New World Order Policies and purge those with independent thoughts of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and anything that is Pro-American. Pro-American (Nationalism) is Anti-Globalist and Politically Incorrect in Today's New World Order U.S.A..


Neophyte - No place as President in Today's U.S.A.

Trump is poorly spoken as he is unable to support an argument with facts and evidence and make a point during nationally televised interviews and speeches; Trump speaks in gross generalities, as if he is incompetent to use the mountains of evidence against his "enemies within" who tried to overthrow his government. It was exposed that Trump needed a "fixer", an attorney Cohen, while doing business in New York. Trump paid XXX whores, who he fornicated with while his wife was pregnant in 2006, not to talk in order to keep these scandals secret during the 2016 election (Why didn't Pelosi and her Left call this payoff a crime?). Trump's son got caught lying under oath to Congress about his father's knowledge of the "Meeting in Trump Tower" which caused Trump to hire to his Cabinet Posts the "enemy within", including three Jews, Bolton, Cohn and Mnuchin, whom Trump previously despised. Trump campaigned that he was against the U.S. war in Iraq and Afghanistan and would not get involved in Syria, but he did the opposite once his son got caught lying to Congress. Trump allows, in most amateurish fashion, his attorney, Donald McGhan, to be drilled by the fraudulent Globalists' appointee and "Special Prosecutor" - Mueller (another traitor who is portrayed as patriot by MSM). Trump was terrified of the "Special Prosecutor" whose investigation was nothing but a fraud and bluff that was deliberately extended for 9 months into the U.S. 2018 election, so the House of Representatives would be lost by the Republicans. Why was an innocent man, Trump, so worried about this pious jackass traitor, "Special Prosecutor"- Mueller?

Trump could not figure out where the leaks from his White House originated from, it was the Jews who Trump appointed.

Trump hires Rex Tillerson to be U.S. Secretary of State without speaking to him and learning if they share similar political beliefs. Trump hires Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General only to be double-crossed by Sessions because Sessions recused himself from the fake "Russia Investigation" of Trump causing the "Russia Witch hunt" by Special Fraudster Mueller, as the Democratic Left-Wing puts Sessions in Fear (they had something on that little dwarf with the big ears) of what we never learned. If Jeff Sessions had not recused himself, the Treason of the Russia/Mueller Investigation would not have happened.  Compounding the stupid appointment of Sessions is that it caused Trump to lose a valuable Senate seat that he needed to fully get rid of Obama Care, and other issues, and then the Republicans lost the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018 because of the cloud over Trump during the phony "Russia Investigation". Trump could have hired Chris Cristy, but declined because of the alleged brains, named Steve Bannon, who does not have enough smarts to exercise his 5th Amendment Rights, but instead got arrested for not testifying before the U.S House of Representative January 6th Investigation. How stupid is Bannon, just stick it in their face and exercise your rights moron. General Flynn is appointed by Trump as U.S. National Security Advisor (gone are the days of real generals like Patton and McArthur). During his first week on the job, General Flynn speaks to cops (F.B.I.) about White House foreign policy and gets charged with "Obstruction of Justice" and then runs in panic and cries when he gets nothing for his $2 Million sucker legal fee fleecing he paid a Law Firm to defend him against those charges. Flynn proved to be hopeless amateur. Trump hires his "green" kids" to work in the White House that is surrounded with spies and Jews (also spies) from previous administration causing leaks that Trump never can to stop. Surprisingly to the Americans, the President of the U.S. never seems to be allowed to talk to anyone without being observed and/or recorded.

Why was Flynn discussing foreign policy with F.B.I. agents who amount to no more than gumshoe cops? Keep the incompetence in today's politically correct U.S. military out of Government decisions.

Trump hires Rudy Guliani as his attorney. Guiliani is a disaster every time he opened his mouth, and Guiliani did the impossible and confessed on the U.S. TV to two crimes by Trump. However, Donald Trump decided that no matter how obviously senile and incompetent Guiliani was as his attorney that Trump remained "loyal" and refused to fire this obviously senile attorney. This made Trump look stupid; how could the President of the U.S.A. hire such an incompetent, as Guliani, to do anything, let alone be his legal advisor. Trump's management of the U.S.A. is questioned by his supporters when Trump refused to fire this clown of Rudy Guiliani, but the Left-Wing delighted.  

Trump's most loyal advisor on his staff was Peter Navarro. At this writing in mid-July 2022, Peter is in jail because he refused to answer a House of Representatives subpoena to testify at the "Investigation into the 1-6-21 Capitol Protest". Navarro is another Trump advisor who needs to learn law! All the idiot had to do was show up and snub the "Nancy Gang" by exercising his 5th Amendment Rights Under the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights (the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights gives all citizen the right to decline to testify). Trump allowed his attorney, Donald McGahn, to be interrogated under oath for 30 hours by Special Prosecutor Mueller regarding the fake "Russia Investigation". All Trump  had to do was exercise his Rights under the 6th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights to his Right to Counsel and preventing his attorney, McGahn, from disclosing any attorney-client information and decline to answer to "Special Prosecutor" Mueller.

In 1958, even New York City gangster, Joey Gallo, during the McClellan hearings, knew enough to exercise his 5th Amendment Rights. It is a sad commentary, when this society produces such a dearth of leaders that examples of leaders are found in Organized Crime.

In the U.S. the school systems do not teach the citizen's Rights under the U.S. Constitution because it is viewed as an insult to Authority! And to make it worse, the cops in the U.S. are legally allowed to lie and trick about the citizen's rights during an investigation, arrest, or in custody!

Trump's lawyer, John Dowd, quit when President Donald Trump decided he "would be great witness" and answer, under oath, 'Special Prosecutor" Mueller's questions.  Attorney John Dowd told Trump he's going to jail if he answers Mueller's questions. Dowd said, "Trump is to dumb." Fortunately, Trump finally got the message and declined to be interrogated by the "Special Prosecutor (special Insurgent Traitor)" Mueller. It would be nice to see Mueller wearing a noose around his neck, after of course, a finding by a tribunal of citizens that Mueller is guilty of Treason for trying to overthrow the rightfully elected Government of the United States and obstructing Free Elections in 2018.

Trump was stupid enough to allow Bob Woodward, another Left-Wing sycophant, to interview him, so Woodward could publish a book. Trump also allowed George "the Bilderberger" Stephanopoulis of ABC news to stand over him in his "Oval Office" and drill Trump about Trump's "Ukrainian call"; this was all Nationally Televised showing Stephanopolis lecturing Trump and prepping Trump with questions that paved the way for Trumps first Impeachment. Trump looked so dumb during that Stephanopolis entrapment, didn't Trump have anybody to advise him? Trump should have told that little Greaseball, Stephanopoulis, to heal and then kicked his ass out on live TV.

The Americans have had to watch the U.S.A. decline into a welfare state and pay for the U.S. military to be "Policeman of the World" while fighting "War Crimes" for the benefit of Israel in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan with American blood and taxpayers money that has caused a National Debt of 30 Trillion as measured by the Treasury Debt issues; the U.S. also owes other Trillions of Debt including the money sacked from the Social Security Fund, initially by LBJ to fund the Viet Nam War in the middle 1960's. That debt can never be repaid and the U.S. is bankrupt. The white man's social status has been reduced and along with it the American Middle Class and its standard of living and Culture, as it existed in the 50-60's, is long gone at 2020.

Trump has the same personality as on his TV show the "Apprentice", regardless, the Americans needed a leader who wasn't afraid to address the issues that have been troubling the Americans and destroying the U.S. for decades. And Trump did address and crusade those issues! At least 74,000,000 Americans realized in November 2020, that although they have been made to feel isolated and alienated by the U.S. Left Wing Media and U.S. politicians for decades, they are united with the same cause and ideology that Trump championed.

Trump is a pure inspiration for anybody who seeks a fortune because if Donald Trump could make $Billions then it cannot be that hard.

Who will Protect the People? Royalty is gone and the Great European and American Leaders are dead!





At midnight on the evening of November 3, 2020, President Trump was ahead in 4 of the 5 "Swing States" as follows:

    Wisconsin 110,000 votes

    Michigan 290,000 votes

    Georgia 356, 945 votes

    Pennsylvania over 500,000 votes

        The above mid-night election night statistics are from the Associated Press and Edison Statistics. [See Ex. 42, p.4]

But by November 7, 2020, after 4 days of manufacturing fraudulent votes for Biden, Biden won the election by winning in those same, above 4 "Swing States", by the narrowest of margins. In Arizona Trump was defeated by fraud of the narrowest margin of all states in the amount of just over 10,000 votes. [see Ex. 42 p. 4 of the "Immaculate Deception"].

The U.S. MSM warned the American People the Presidential Election will be "Real Close", "Real Close". The MSM and the Democrats and their agents  warned that the American Public might have to wait weeks until the "mail-in votes" are counted so it can be determined who would be the next U.S. President. The Insurgents knew they would have to fabricate votes for as long as it would take, so they could eek out a victory by the narrowest of margins for Biden; and that is exactly what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election.

It appeared due to the Conspiracy of the MSM-TV that the voting of the 2020 Presidential Election stopped at midnight, but the Insurgents were busy calculating how many votes they needed to fabricate in the Swing States and then getting their job of Rigging the Election completed 4 days later. Nothing like this has happened in U.S. Elections, it was all to obvious that the Insurgents had Rigged and Stolen the 2020 Presidential Election while the U.S. citizenry had to look helplessly on while their way of life, freedom, liberty, heritage and culture were being destroyed. Once free Elections are gone there is nothing else.

In this era of the Modern World and hi-tech computerized State of this here United States, the various states and Authorities never explained why the election counting stopped at about 12:00am (midnight) of election night in those 4 states, and also North Carolina, when President Donald Trump had the election won. Incriminating, the other 45 States in the Union and their urban centers had no problem getting the votes counted just hours after the voting ended at 8:00pm. The Ultra Left Wing U.S. Media exclaimed that the urban centers ( largely colored people) would take longer to tally the votes, but the left can't deny the voting poles closed hours before at 8:00pm. and the vote counting was done by computerized scanners. So why the delay? The Delay was planned and calculated, so that Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL's forced election staff, who were in position in those, above, "Swing  States" and also Maricopa County, Arizona could falsify vote ballots for the "Cellar Candidate" - Joe Biden.

Trump did way better than the Ultra-left Insurgents anticipated causing them to need 4 days (Wednesday through Saturday) to count the votes they fabricated for elderly Joe Biden 

Don't believe it? Do you deny the evidence? Read below for more fraud that was the 2020 Presidential Election win for Biden. 


Evidence of Fraud of the 2020 Election is Documented, as below, Causing Biden to Lose over 36 Electoral Votes & Election

Below, we will show enough fraudulent votes and illegal voting procedures (also fraud) in each of the "6 Battleground States" to cause the Electoral Votes in those "6 Battle Ground States" to flip to President Donald Trump. Adddtionally, the evidence below shows a Presidential Election of 2020 that was totally Unreliable causing Biden to lose the Electoral Votes in the "6 Battleground States" and therefore not having the required 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the election; the election would then be thrown in the House of Representatives which had more Republican States (each state gets one vote) causing the election to be won by President Donald Trump.

The Official Government Narrative is that Biden received 306 Electoral College Votes v. Trump's 232 Electoral College Votes. The Evidence below shows that Biden win was fraud and the elections in the "6 Battle Ground States" were totally unreliable.


Pennsylvania - election stopped for 4 days of election rigging to steal Biden 20 Electoral Votes from Pennsylvania caused by 81,597 fraudulent votes.

Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania at about 1:00am. of election night by 750,000 votes with 75% of the votes counted according to the U.S. TV media, (also see Exhibit R, p. 1 ) The vote counting then stopped, but why? The vote counting stopped because Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania and in the 3 biggest of the other 6 Battle Ground states, and Trump had an unbeatable lead in those 4 "Swing States", as above. The vote counting stopped in North Carolina, also, but the Insurgents were unsuccessful in rigging the election in that State of North Carolina. The election counting had to stop, so that the Globalists-Democrat operatives forced upon Election Departments in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by Zuckerberg's funded CTCL could falsify ballots and falsify the election count so Joe Biden could steal the election. 

Jesse Morgan, a truck driver for a USPS subcontractor, testified via affidavit that on October 21, 2020 , he hauled 24 bulk mail containers holding from 144-000 -288,000 ballots from New York and delivered them to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, (See Exhibit I, p. 2-3 & Ex. J) Morgan observed that the ballots had been filled out by voters. The next morning the truck was gone along with the 24 ballot containers. These counterfeit Ballots crossing State Lines exposed the Ultra Left Wing election rigging to such an extent and causing such a Scandal that the Jewish Main Stream Media fabricated that Morgan recanted and that he was claiming none of these counterfeit ballots ever existed; the Left was lying, again, causing Morgan to broadcast an interview on Fox Business News that what he initially testified to has not changed and he never recanted. Jesse Morgan never changed his account of facts that showed the Election was rigged to the tune of 144,000 - 288,000 votes; the MSM was desperate to nullify Morgan's evidence and the MSM got caught, again, lying to the American People. Jesse Morgan was interviewed again by the Thomas Moore Society's Amistad Project and again confirmed his eye witness observations of the 144,000-288,000 counterfeit ballots crossing the New State Line into Pennsylvania.

Gregory Stenstrom, a Delaware County poll watcher and forensic computer expert, testified before the Pennsylvania State Hearing  and via affidavit, that he observed between 60,000 -70,000 vote ballots kept in the backroom and were never counted (see page 4 of Ex. J). Stenstrom further testified, via affidavit, that in Delaware County Pennsylvania all the forensic voting evidence sheets including, virtually all chain of custody logs, records, "yellow sheets", are gone; "so we have 100,000 to120,000 ballots, both mail-in and USB, that are in question," Stenstrom concluded., (See Ex. J p. 3-4) In other words, there is no evidence as to where these 100,000 to 120,000 votes ballots came from.


Stenstrom testified before the Pennsylvania Senate that he and other poll watchers witnessed a  voting machine warehouse supervisor who showed up with bags of USB cards, and was seen illegally uploading them into voting machines, (see page 4 of "Forensic Destruction at the Delaware County Bureau of Elections"). Stenstrom testified he saw the warehouse supervisor upload the USB cards to the voting machines over 24 times and Stenstrom testified there are multiple other witnesses, including other poll watchers and a Democrat poll watcher, who saw this illegal uploading by this voting machine warehouse supervisor. Stenstrom is a GOP poll watcher in Delaware County (Philadelphia) during the 2020 Presidential Election and witnessed, as he further testified, "I personally observed the warehouse supervisor come in the election vote counting headquarters with bags of USB cards. I observed this warehouse supervisor uploading the USB cards to voting machines by the 'voting machine warehouse' supervisor 24 times; this warehouse supervisor was not part of the vote counting process and was not observed by any official including poll watchers. I brought it to the attention of the deputy sheriff and to the attention of the clerk of elections and objected to this warehouse supervisor tampering with the election count." Stenstrom testified that, as also per his affidavit already submitted to the Committee, he took pictures of this warehouse supervisor with the bag of USB cards and then uploading the USB drive/cards into the voting machines. Stenstrom testified that the law enforcement personnel failed to act after he reported the mishandling of the USB devices into the voting machines by this warehouse supervisor. Stenstrom testified that this warehouse supervisor with the bag of USB cards was not being supervised when he uploaded all those votes and that this warehouse supervisor was not part of the  election process. Stenstrom testified that he complained to the deputy sheriff who was stationed there and the "clerk of elections" but no action or correction was taken. (See Exhibit P, Exhibit Q, Exhibit J)

Gregory Stenstrom, the poll watcher at Delaware County and forensic data computer scientist, also testified on 11-25-20 at the Pennsylvania State Majority Policy Committee that 47 USB cards (aka USB flash drives) were still missing.  Stenstom testified that he was told that 47 USB cards are missing and they are nowhere to be found and that these 24-30 USB cards that the 'warehouse supervisor' uploaded to the voting machines were not there." [See Exhibits 20Exhibit 21, Exhibit 22].

Stenstrom testified before the Pennsylvania State Majority Policy Committee, as above paragraph, that the USB cards contained at least 120,000 votes. [see Exhibit 20].



"Jane Doe"an election clerk at the Delaware County Bureau of Elections (Philadelphia), who requested anonymity because she fears for her safety, per affidavit, listed a series of security breakdowns including blank ballots that were left unsecured that could have been accessed by anyone walking in the area, broken seals on boxes of ballots, ballots that weren't sealed at all, ballots that were stored in unsecured/unauthorized Dunkin' Donut bags instead of secured sealed ballot boxes they were supposed to be sealed in. The clerk also swore under oath, per affidavit, that a third of the "blue canvass bags" set aside for storing provisional ballots were returned without an 81/2" by 11" "fluorescent pink sheet" of paper that's supposed to identify what polling place the ballots came from (means no chain of custody for 1/3 of those vote ballots), as well as, display matching bar codes from each polling place (votes were counted and nobody knew where the ballots came from). See Exhibit Q.

The same "Jane Doe" clerk continued, per affidavit, that the county lost 64  out of 428 "vDrives"; a USB drive attaches to a vote scanner to summarize election results. The vDrives were supposed to be turned over to the Bureau of Elections, so to preserve the chain of custody, the clerk stated in her affidavit. The county sheriff was given the task of locating the missing vDrives and returning them to the Bureau of Elections. Some of the vDrives had to be "recreated" (more opportunity for planned fraud in favor of Biden). See Exhibit Q.

Phil Waldron, a retired Army Colonel, testified at the Pennsylvania Senate Hearing that in the early hours of November 4, 2020 there was a spike of 570,000 votes for Biden and during that same time only 3,200 votes were counted for Trump. This impossible spike in Pennsylvania voting, after the vote counting had stopped, helped Biden steal a sure victory from Trump as that 570,000 lopsided vote surge for Biden accounted for large gap of Trump's late election night lead of 750,000 votes. See, also, page 4 - 5 of "Forensic Destruction at the Delaware County Bureau of Elections."

Pennsylvania State Rep. - Frank Ryan and a group of Pennsylvania State lawmakers did their own investigation of the 2020 Presidential Election in Pennsylvania. They found that there were 202,377 more votes counted than there were voters (people who voted in the 2020 Election) in Pennsylvania. Ryan and his fellow Pennsylvania State Representatives used the State DoS/SURE system voter records that indicated only 6,760,230 voters actually voted and compared that to the Pennsylvania 2020 Presidential Election total vote tally of 6,962,607. Among the 6,962,607 given credit for being cast only 6,931,060 were cast in the Presidential race leaving a difference of 35,471, (called the under/over). (See Exhibit O and Exhibit H.)

The difference of 202,377 between the votes counted and the State DoS/SURE vote records, less the 35,471 (under/over) leaves excess  unaccounted for fraudulent votes in the 2020 Presidential Election in Pennsylvania of 170,830. See also, Penn. Lawmakers - Numbers of the 2020 Presidential Election do not add up for certification. That's 170,830 votes that were fraudulently counted making the 2020 election in Pennsylvania totally Unreliable; that's without any of the long list of fraud so far listed herein. Those 170, 830, no doubt, went to Biden. (See Exhibit O and Exhibit H.)

See Penn. State Legislature's evidence as to excessive votes in 2020 Presidential Election. See Exhibit O.

100,000 non-U.S. citizens are illegally registered to vote in Pennsylvania, as State Officials in Pennsylvania have admitted.. The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) sued because the Pennsylvania Department of State refused to cooperate and recognize that they were in violation of law by allowing non-citizens to be registered to vote. [Exhibit 14]. Were these foreigners really knowingly registered, or unbeknownst to them, did the Election Staff that was forced, by Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL 2020 Election Network, take opportunity to falsely register these non-citizens and then vote their "mail-in" ballot?

100,000 absentee ballots, as disclosed by public records of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State's Office, have impossible return dates per analysis of Pennsylvania's State's voter database. 51,000 ballots are marked returned just a day after the absentee ballot was sent out to the voter; 35,000 absentee ballots were returned to the State the same day the State sent the absentee ballot out to the voter; 23,000 have an impossible return date that is earlier than the date the ballot was sent to the voter; 9,000 have no sent date. In Pennsylvania, voters have to request a ballot, which is sent to them (sent date) by USPS, the voter then fills out the ballot and returns it by mail (return date in entered in poll books); the process would take more than a day even if the voter decided to return the vote in person (what would be the point of an absentee vote if the voter returned it in person?). The "sent date" is described by Pennsylvania State voting records as "the date the county confirmed the application for the ballot and queued a ballot label to mail the ballot materials to the voter." This description of "sent date" including "queuing a mail label" eliminates the possibility that voters went directly to the county voting office and voted their absentee vote, so that the sent and return day would be the same (that would be early voting). The Office of Pennsylvania's Secretary of State didn't respond for comment on the public records that disclosed obvious abuses with the 2020 Presidential Election. [ Ex. K "Tens of Thousands of Ballots Arrived Before Sent in Pennsylvania....].

44,892 Registered mail-in ballots never counted. There were 44,892 mail-in ballots sent to Registered Republicans that were returned by the Registered voter/requester and never recorded by the State of  Pennsylvania  as being returned and as a result never counted in the 2020 Presidential Election. There were 165,412 mail-in ballots requested by Registered Republican voters that, according to Pennsylvania voting records, never arrived to be counted. Of these 165,412 mail-in ballots, in addition to the above returned and not counted, 40,875 of those mail-in ballots were requested by someone other than the Registered Republican. These numbers were derived by a mathematician who was supplied data sets of the Pennsylvania State voting records of mail-in votes of the 2020 election. [Ex. L "Expert Report on PA Mail-in ballots"].

The Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, a democrat, issued election guidance illegally allowing "naked ballots" to be counted. A "naked ballot" is a mail-in ballot that comes in envelope without the voter's signature, When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected this guidance, the Secretary of State refused to issue new guidance to not count "naked ballots", see U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump v. Kathy Boockvar.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found there were at least 21,000 dead Americans still on the Pennsylvania voter rolls at the date of the 2020 Presidential Election. The PILF filed suit and the acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Veronica Degraffenreid, settled agreeing to rid the voter registrations of dead people by the 2021 election. [see Exhibit 12]. Some of the deceased registered after they died!! When the Government pushes mail voting, registered voters who don't exist, either by moving or by death, cause an opportunity to send the mail-in ballots to other recipients, especially easily accomplished fraud when the Penn. Secretary of State orders that signatures not be verified. [see Exhibit 17]. Pennsylvania Rep., Francis X. Ryan and a Group of Pennsylvania State Legislators released a joint statement on 12-28-20 that included, via their investigation of Pennsylvania voter registration records, that 1,573 registered voters were over 100 years of age. [Ex. 24, p. 4]

The United States Supreme Court ordered that Pennsylvania mail-in ballots accepted after November 3, 2020 be separated from ballots that had arrived on Election Day. A poll worker reported on November 7, 2020 that this Order from the U.S. Supreme Court was ignored and those late mail-in ballots were co-mingled with the other ballots received by November 3, 2020 causing them to be unidentifiable. Why did Pennsylvania allow mail-in voting for extra illegal 3 days (the Penn. Legislature did not allow this 3 day extension)? And why did Pennsylvania Election Officials disobey the U.S. Supreme Court by not separating those 3 days of extended mail-in votes? The answer is the same to both questions; the extension was used to falsify votes and those phony mail-in ballots had to be covered-up by commingling them with the other vote ballots.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Frank Ryan, testified at the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in early December of 2020 that "the Pennsylvania Dept. of State posted an update in mail-in vote counts for Philadelphia County at 11:30am. on November 4, 2020. Ryan continued his testimony that the update was impossible because it reported an impossible 508,112 ballots, despite the fact that only 432,873 ballots had been issued to voters in that county. The fraudsters got caught and admitted their guilt by reducing that 508,112 ballot number. So they changed the number to make it possible, who can rely on such an election system? Rep. Ryan went on to demand, "who had the authority to add and subtract votes that were reported by the Pennsylvania Dept. of State. [Exhibit 18, p.5 & Exhibit 24 p. 3].

Pennsylvania State Legislators, including Rep. Francis X. Ryan, presented evidence to the U.S. Senate Hearing on December16, 2020 concerning the 2020 Presidential Election that a discrepancy of 400,000 mail-in votes remain unexplained. On November 4, 2020 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Open Data sites reported over 3.1 million mail-in ballots were sent out, but on November 2, 2020, the day before the Presidential Election, the same State Open Data Site reported 2.7 million mail-in ballots were sent out. There was no explanation given to the Pennsylvania State Legislators as to this 400,00 mail-in ballots sent during the Election Day of November 3, 2020 and a day after. [Exhibit 24, p. 4]. No wonder there were almost 200,000 extra votes counted than there were voters in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Legislators, including Rep. Francis X. Ryan, presented evidence to the U.S.Senate Hearing on December16, 2020 concerning the 2020 Presidential Election that a newly available voter dataset on was updated on 11-16-20 showed 75,505 more ballots returned than it showed on 11-15-2020. This added 75,505 remains unexplained by the Election Authorities in Pennsylvania. [Exhibit 24, p. 4]. However, it is easy to explain, it just more of the same Fraud to attempt to Cover-Up the Fraud discovered by Pennsylvania State Rep. Frank Ryan that there were 170,830 too many Fraudulent votes, as above, in Pennsylvania for the 2020 Presidential Election.


Nevada - 6 Electoral Votes for a Biden victory of a mere 33,596 votes surrounded by evidence making that victory not reliable

The Nevada legislature rushed to pass a universal vote-by-mail bill in response to the "Covid-19 Virus Scare". However, that bill, known as AB 4, lacked safeguards to assure voter identity and was implemented without cleaning the voter rolls (voter registration) of deceased voters, those who had moved, or who had become ineligible to vote. As a result there was proof/evidence by Attorney Jesse Binnall presented to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, via testimony resulting from audit of the Nevada voter registrations, on 12-16-20, of nearly 90,000 fraudulent or illegal Nevada votes counted in the 2020 Presidential Election as follows:

More than 40,000 people voted multiple times. 

More than 1,500 dead people voted

Almost 4,000 non-citizens voted

Over 15,000 votes were cast from vacant lots or commercial property

Over 8,000 mail-in votes were cast from non-existent addresses

More than 19,000 non-residents voted

8,952 votes counted in excess of Nevada registered voters who, per Nevada voting records, actually voted, Per investigation of the VRF ( Voter Reference Foundation. [Ex. 23].


Georgia - 16 Fraudulent Electoral Votes to Biden by a narrow 11,779 (before recount 12,670) unreliable votes

Scandal pervades the 2020 Presidential Election of Joe Biden in Georgia. On November 4, 2020 at 9:00am. on NBC "Today Show", the morning after the Presidential Election Day in Georgia, Secretary of the State of Georgia, Brad Raffensberger, calmly noted that 'Trump won Georgia". Trump was at that time of Raffensberger's statement, "Trump has won", ahead with 50.5% of the vote to Biden's 48.3% and as Raffensberger admitted only 2% of the vote in Georgia remained to be counted. That 2% of the vote remaining to be counted equaled 93,298 votes which was less than Trump's lead at the time of 103,705 votes. Soon thereafter Raffensberger's declaration that "Trump had won Georgia," and there was no mathematical possibility of Biden winning, an inexplicable deluge/surge of mail-in ballots was said to be "discovered" which resulted in about two additional days of vote counting. Biden won the election in Georgia due to 178,036 "Phantom Vote Ballots" "found" after election day. [See Exhibit 44 & Exhibit 47]. Later in the day, Wednesday afternoon, November 4, 2020 Raffensberger played a different tune and announced on "Twitter" there were only 47,863 vote ballots remaining to be counted and at the same time 2:15pm Trump's lead had, due to "phantom votes," become only 12,000 votes, [See Exhibit 45]. On Friday, November 6, 2020 ballot counting continued with Biden gaining a lead of 1,000 votes out of about 5 million votes cast in the State of Georgia, [See Exhibit 46]. Trump claimed victory in Georgia on the day after election day, Wednesday, November 4, 2020, as he should have because it was impossible for him to lose, as per the information provided by Georgia Secretary of State, Raffensberger, as above this paragraph, [see Exhibit 46, p. 4], but the Insurgents stole the election from Trump as the voting counting continued in Atlanta counties of Fulton and Cobb and Savannah Counties of Gwinnett, and Chatham, [See Exhibit 46, p. 3].

Trump won Georgia but the Insurgents manufactured enough phony "mail-in" ballots to cheat Trump's win. The American Public was never alerted by the MSM and Trump was unable to communicate as to the fraud that took place Georgia, all were silenced after 1-6-21 with censorship and cancellation for merely questioning the results of the 2020 Election.


100,000 illegal voters allowed to register and cast votes in Georgia, as follows:

    66,247 Underage (under 18 years of age) persons allowed to illegally register and then illegally vote. [ see p. 10 Chairman's Report]. [Did so many underage teenagers really register to vote? Or, were their names being used by the Zuckerberg's funded staff in Local Election Departments, like  in Atlanta/Fulton County, to use for counterfeit votes for Biden?].

    8,718 Dead Voters based on available records. Only the Secretary of State of Georgia has all the information necessary to determine how many dead people voted in Georgia. [see Conservative Action Committee's "Five States" .p. 10]. Bet all these dead people voted for Biden.

    2,560 Felons voted in Georgia; Georgia is one of the states that does not allow convicted felons to vote (almost every criminal violation in the U.S. that carries year in jail, even though the defendant is sentenced to less, is classified a felony, regardless that it may not be that serious) [Ex. 5 see p. 10 of Chairman's Report]. [Was this more work of the Insurgent staff in Election Departments, like Atlanta/Fulton County, required to be hired to get Zuckerberg's Covid-19 funding for alleged "safe elections"]. Those same Insurgents had access to the voting registrations and could have registered felons as voters and then voted their ballot.

    2,423 Unregistered persons voted in Georgia. [see Conservative Action Committee's "Five States" p.10...]

    4,926 persons voted in Georgia after moving from Georgia and registering in another state. [see Conservative Action Committee's "Five States" p.10]

    1,043 persons registered to vote illegally using a P.O. box which is not a legal residence. [see Conservative Action Committee's "Five States" p. 10]

    13,609 Georgia voters lived at addresses different than the address listed on their voter registration [ Ex. 6 ][These voters voted twice, or the Insurgents who were running the election voted twice for them].

    10,000 votes came from counterfeit ballots in Fulton County.[ see Ex.10 point #2 and supporting Affidavits]

    1,736 Georgia voters voted twice in the 2020 Presidential Election, but their fraudulent votes were not cancelled, nor has there been any prosecutions for the double-voting. Most of the the double-voters were in Fulton County (includes Atlanta) where poll workers were recruited by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union ). The way they got caught by honest employees of the "State Election Board" per "RealClear Investigations" is that they voted in person and then dropped off an absentee ballot in one of the "ballot drop boxes" in Fulton County, and at December 13, 20202, 1736 were found by review of the voting records. The ACLU took control of the 2020 Presidential Election and stationed their lawyers in each of the 255 polling sites (places where you vote and votes are counted) replacing poll managers and overriding normal county procedures for catching absentee voters who showed up at the polls. The ACLU (Anti-White Jew Legal Organization) was in charge of detecting double voting and other illegalities. The Jews hate President Donald Trump because he is an obstruction to their New World Order where the Jews are working to cause One World Government run by the Jews. The Jews have been waiting for a Messiah for 5,000 years to lead them to conquest of the World and all they have succeeded in doing is to become the "Wandering People." The ACLU in Fulton County hired a black run temporary employment agency called "Happy Faces" to recruit 340 poll workers who were characterized by Garland Favorito, a certified Georgia election poll worker, and leader of, as inexperienced, rude, incompetent, and highly partisan against Donald Trump. [see Ex. 11 RealClear Investigations]. Those dark poll workers made the Jews "faces happy" by trashing Trump votes.

Fulton County, Georgia was not alone, the ACLU recruited, trained and deployed more than 2,700 election workers at polls across the State of Georgia on November 3, 2020. The ACLU also recruited "technicians" to help operate and "troubleshoot" the machines of Dominion Voting System. [see Ex. 11 RealClear Investigations].

The Georgia Secretary of State's Investigation Office is still fielding reports and complaints from poll workers in the various precincts at the writing of "RealClear Investigations" report dated 12-13-2020, so that 1,736 double-voting will increase. According to 'RealClear Investigations" the number of people who showed up at the polls on November 3, 2020 despite having caste an absentee ballot by mail or "drop box' is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. [see Ex. 11 RealClear Investigations, p. 5], but if the Jews were running the election the double votes and other illegal ballots will go undetected for that voting jurisdiction. 


18,000 Counterfeit votes in Fulton County counted by a deliberate fraudulent plan to eliminate Republican observers.

Georgia law requires election duties be performed "in public", and entitles each candidate to have "poll watchers" to observe the process and of the counting and recording of votes.

President Trump was leading by more than 356,945 votes in Georgia at the end of election night according to The Associated Press, then vote counting stopped. The counting didn't really stop; the Jew controlled MSM (including Fox) stopped reporting, so Jew backed Insurgents could counterfeit phony ballots/votes for Biden.

On Election Day at 10pm., Fulton County officials at State Farm Arena instructed Republican poll watchers, and the press, that they were finished counting votes for the day because of a flood caused by a pipe burst. This flood and pipe burst was a lie, although there had been an unrelated leaky toilet that occurred earlier in the day. The Republican Observers were told that the voting would resume at 8:00am the next day.

When the Republicans all went home and they thought no one was watching, the few remaining Democrats got caught by the security video camera pulling out several suitcases full of vote ballots from under the covered tables in the voting room and the vote count continued from approximately 10:35 until 12:50. It is estimated that 18,000 counterfeit ballots were surreptitiously counted after the Republican observers were tricked into leaving and the ballots pulled from under the table were counted. [Ex. 9 "The Conservative Action Project" - "Five States..."p. 12]. The sneak 18,000 counterfeit votes were also confirmed by the "Georgia State Senate Election Law Study Subcommittee" in December of 2020, as below.[ p. 5 of Chairman's Report]. The video recording of this 18,000 fraudulent "under the table suitcases ballots" counted surreptitiously "in after hours voting" by Insurgent Election workers at the State Farm Areana was also broadcast several times on TV by Fox News and Fox Business News.

Because of the Democrats being caught in this 18,000 vote fraud, via video, the Georgia Secretary of State, in typical manner, declared that the designated monitors would be given complete access to observe the recount, but the recount in Georgia of the 2020 Presidential Election resulted in more of the same tricks and cover-up [see Conservative Action Committee's " Five States, p.12]. The recount amounted to no more than recounting the fraudulent ballots that were the product of the first vote count; once co-mingled all the ballots (valid or fraud) look the same. These video taped 18,000 clandestine votes that were concealed from legally mandatory observation was confirmed by the Georgia Senate via their "Election Law Study Subcommittee" [ Ex. 5 Senate Chairman's Report].

The State of Georgia had a state-wide recount of the entire election due to the multitudes of publicly exposed 2020 Election Scandals in that State. However, all the counterfeit votes, (including the above 18,000 ballots which are not traceable once commingled with the legitimate ballots) were all just recounted. There is no audit trail or identification on those voted ballots (valid or counterfeit/fraud); the re-count meant nothing except recounting the same fraudulent vote ballots produced for the first count. The recount only resulted in a few 1000 votes more for Trump.


The Georgia Senate's Election Law Study Subcommittee of the 2020 Election

The Georgia Senate Subcommittee produced evidence of fraudulent votes, fraudulent election procedures, and election illegalities as follows:

The Georgia State Senate Subcommittee on Election Law Study reviewed the video at State Farm Arena in Fulton County that showed at 10:00p.m. of election night, as per testimonies of election workers, that all but six election workers were sent home and told that election counting was over for the night. After the other election workers departed the video recorded the six remaining election workers pulling four concealed suitcases out from under a table and running ballots that filled the 4 suitcases through multiple election counting machines for two hours, each machine  could process 3,000 ballots per hour. There is the Senate's confirmation of the 18,000 illegal ballots counted when the insurgents thought no one was looking. [Ex. 5, p. 5]. The Georgia Senate confirmed that there were 18,000 illegal suitcase case votes as in the above section.

The Senate Committee produced graphs and written testimony from an expert witness, David Cross, that shows a sudden vote surge in Georgia of 135,155 votes for Biden at 1:59a.m., November 4, 2020. [ Ex. 5, p. 5 of Chairman's Report ].

There was another unexplained vote surge for Biden at 3:36a.m. on November 4, 2020 [Ex. 5, p.11 of Chairman's Report].

14, 980  votes in the State of Georgia came from people who moved out of Georgia and lived in another state. [Ex. 5,  p. 9 of Chairman's report].

40, 279 votes were from people who had moved across county lines 30 days prior to the election, yet allegedly still voted in their former precincts which is a violation of Georgia law. [ Ex. 5, see p. 9 Chairman's Report].

96,000 "phantom votes" were counted in Georgia, but there was no record of the counties recording those ballots as "received". [ Ex. 5, p.10 Chairman's Report]. These 96,000 could well have been blank ballots the Insurgents in the Election Departments throughout the State of Georgia had access to and filled out voting for Biden. That's right, the same Insurgents that were the election staff people required to be hired by Local Election Departments in order to get Zuckerberg's Covid-19 safety funding for the 2020 Election.

18, 325 voters registered to vacant residential addresses according to the U.S. Post Office, as published by [ See Ex. 10 p. 5 point 9].

904 voters were registered to a P.O. box address, which is illegal, as published by [ See Ex. 10 pt.10 ].

43,000 ballots voted in DeKalb County that came from "drop boxes" that had "no chain of custody forms" to authenticate those votes, per investigation of [ See Ex. 10 pt.10 ].

2,525 fraudulent extra votes went to Biden as a result of redundant adding mail-in ballots in Fulton County during the audit count of 36 batches of mail-in ballots. This 2,525 double votes was discovered by Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) in July of 2021 as a result of a Court Order of April 13, 2021gained through a lawsuit giving VoterGA legal right to access to Georgia voting records, [See Exhibit 32]. The 2,525 is the net difference that resulted from the redundant count during the audit of the 2020 Election which revealed 3,390 extra votes for Biden and 865 extra votes for Trump. [See Exhibit 30].

VoterGA audit team found 36 batches of mail-in ballots with 4255extra fraudulent votes were redundantly added into the Fulton Co. 2020 election audit results, of those 4255 votes 3,390 votes went to Biden, [see Exhibit 30, 3d paragraph]. 151 Fraudulent Biden votes were also discovered by VoterGA due to 7 Falsified audit tally sheets that showed 850 Votes for Biden and -0- (zero)  votes for Trump and zero for Jorgenson. Those audit sheets were originally 554 for Biden and 140 for Trump and 11 for Jorgenson. [See Exhibit 30 & Exhibit 31]. No wonder Fulton County failed to produce 100,000 tally sheets which included more than 50,000 mail-in ballots when Georgia Secretary of State ordered a hand count audit of the 2020 Election. [See Exhibit 30].

5,000 ballots were counted in Fulton County but there was "no chain of custody" for these 5,000 ballots that allegedly came from "drop boxes". Fulton County did not provide "drop box transfer forms" for at least three pickup days. What happened to the "transfer forms" for those three days of ballot collection? Could be those 5,000 ballots don't have transfer forms because they are fraud by the insurgents running the election in Fulton County, Georgia. [ Exhibit 32, p. 2]. But those 5,000 ballots with "no chain of custody" were commingled with valid votes and were Re-counted during the State-wide Election Audit in Georgia as if they were perfectly valid.

In Fulton County (Atlanta area), local election staff claimed to have adjudicated 106,000 vote ballots in one day. This would seem high even for Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL election saboteurs who controlled the election process in Fulton County.[ Exhibit 1]. Adjudication of vote ballots is supposed to be the exception, as anyone would admit; This 106,000 vote ballot adjudication in one day is an indication that something was seriously wrong in Fulton Co., Georgia and that wrong is election fraud traced back to the Insurgents that Fulton Co. Dept. of Elections had to hire in order to obtain Covid-19 Relief funding provided by Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL Network. How many more vote ballots were adjudicated under the same circumstances in the entire State of Georgia has yet to be disclosed or calculated.

"Adjudication" means that the hired poll workers take it upon themselves to decide what the voter "really meant to vote on the mail-in ballot" or "what the mail-in ballot really says." As in above paragraph, the poll workers (election staff in Fulton County) voted 106,000 times in one day and you can bet those votes all went to Biden.

In Georgia, almost a year after the election, the Dominion Democracy Suite 5-5 voting system was declared in violation of Georgia law by the U.S. District Court of Northern Georgia. The above Dominion Voting system used during the 2020 Presidential Election did not produce a paper ballot that are marked with the elector's choices in a format readable by the elector (voter). The touchscreen system prints the voter's selection and also produced a QR code on the printed ballot that is supposed to represent the voter's choices. However, the voter cannot read the QR code and the scanners that read the ballot for vote counting only read the QR code and ignore the rest of the printed voter selection. The law in Georgia is that the counting system must be human readable ( as per the printed ballot selections that coincide with the voter's touchscreen selections) which the QR code is not, thus making the Dominion system illegal. [see Exhibit4]. The Georgia Secretary of State paid an unbelievable $100,000,000 for the system!!

VoterGA ( Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia ) found through investigation of 159 counties in Georgia that 74 of those counties could not produce the "original ballot images" from the 2020 Presidential Election. VoterGA obtained admission from 56 counties in Georgia that "most or all of the images created by the Dominion voting system for results tabulation have been destroyed." This investigation by VoterGA utilized Georgia's "Open Records Request" (ORR) that allows any citizen the right to see voting records in Georgia and was triggered when VoterGA learned that Georgia's former State Election Director, Steve Harvey, had sent a letter to a county in Georgia to go ahead and erase ballot images from memory cards despite the requirement under Federal Law that those voting records be kept for 24 months. VoterGA's investigation took place within a year after the 2020 Presidential Election. [ Ex.7 ]. Now why would the ballot images be deleted? Because otherwise, the Insurgents in the various Local Election Departments in Georgia would have been caught trashing Trump votes and counterfeiting Biden votes; the ballot images were different than the physical ballots (that included counterfeit ballots to rig the Election) they used to for the official vote count in Georgia.

VoterGA, per investigation using (ORR ), found that in Fulton County (Atlanta), alone, there were 17,324 votes certified that have no ballot images. VoterGA disclosed that in the 74 counties that failed to produce ballot images of the 2020 Presidential Election there are a total of 1.78 million vote  ballot images from the 2020 Presidential Election that have been destroyed. In Cobb County, alone, 393,000 vote ballot images were deliberately destroyed. [see Ex.8 ]

The Georgia Secretary of State, Raffensperger, sent unsolicited absentee ballot applications to all persons on the active voter rolls before the 2020 Georgia primary, and allowed requests for absentee ballots for the general election by checking a box on the application for the primary. [Ex. 9, p.10]. The Secretary then entered into a Consent Decree with the Democratic Party on March 6, 2020 to no longer require election officials to "compare the identifying information on absentee ballot application with the voter registration information on file and no longer required that absentee ballots applications be "signature checked" with the voter's registration signature on file; instead, the same Consent Decree allowed election officials to match signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes against the signature on the application rather than the voter registration file [Ex. 9, p. 11]. That same Consent Decree with the Democratic Party on March 6, 2020 entered into by the Georgia Secretary of State, in violation of state election laws, weekend signature matching on mail-in ballots to one verification (one election worker), [Exhibit 9, p. 11].  Theses illegal changes including, not matching voter identification information and signatures on ballot applications with voter registration information on file, and matching the signature on the outside of the mail-in ballot envelope with the applications for absentee voter ballots rather than the voter registration record signature, combined with the Georgia Secretary unsolicited sending of absentee ballot applications to all active voters, provided the "election staff" hired in Georgia, due to non-profit organization, CTCL, mandates attached to Mark Zuckerberg's $Millions in alleged Covid-19 election safety funding, to have opportunity to rig the election with counterfeit absentee (mail-in) ballots and to call into question over 1,000,000 mail-in votes in Georgia for the 2020 Election.


18,901 absentee votes are not accounted for in Fulton County Georgia because 385 "absentee ballot drop box transfer forms" are missing. Fulton County, Georgia is under investigation by Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, because Fulton County's inability to produce the 385 "ballot drop box transfer forms" representing 18,901 "absentee drop box ballots" from the 2020 Presidential Election. Fulton County has admitted there are "ballot drop box transfer forms" missing.  The "drop-box ballot transfer forms" are required so it can be determined where the ballots came from and that there was proper "Chain of Custody" surrounding the ballots. Statewide there were 300 "ballot drop boxes" in Georgia for the 2020 Presidential Election and 37 were in Fulton County available for ballots for 41 days before the Election from September 24 to November 3, 2020. [Exhibit 16]. "Ballot Drop boxes" provide a means for massive election fraud because there is no Republican Observation when these "drop boxes" are unlocked (hopefully they are locked?!) and the "drop box" pick-up and transfer is an open opportunity to flood the election with phony Biden ballots and trash Trump ballots.


The Re-count of the 2020 Election in Georgia

The State of Georgia did a re-count of the entire 2020 Election, but no signatures were checked on the mail-in ballot envelopes. All that was done was to re-count the same vote ballots that were counted in the first count. The illegal ballots were commingled  with the valid vote ballots and there was no way at that point to audit the ballots. Just re-count the same fraudulent ballots that were the product of the first election vote count. The fraud that produced the first vote count in Georgia are exposed herein.

The 2020 Election in Georgia was so ridden with Scandal of Fraud that the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, ordered a state-wide re-count of the 2020 Election. Some on the media called this re-count an audit, but it was not an audit at all. The ballots the various Local Election Departments in Georgia had accumulated, physically possessed and counted as the first official vote for the 2020 Presidential Election were physically just re-counted. The result was a few thousand votes more for Donald Trump. The Democrats and their Ultra-Left Wing rejoiced and said, "told you so". However, the re-count of the election ballots accomplished nothing because the fraudulent votes were commingled with the good valid votes and all were counted. The re-count was just, again, counting the bad with the good votes ballots. The re-count in Maricopa County, Arizona yielded even less of a variance (few hundred votes), but as in Georgia the proof  of fraud causing a rigged Election is overwhelming in both locations, see herein. The auditors hired to audit the election in Maricopa County, Arizona found massive fraud that was, at a minimum, to cause the Election results to be Unreliable and the 2020 Presidential Election win for Biden in Georgia to be pure fraud, see this section.

According to Mollie Hemingway, a Federalist Magazine Editor, in her book "How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections" there were 234,000 invalid voter registrations on the voter rolls in Georgia.







Arizona - 11 Electoral votes to Biden by a mere 10, 457 vote gap.

 The only audit of the 2020 Election in Arizona was done in Maricopa County where the Arizona Senate had learned of excessive election abuses rising to a level of Fraud in Maricopa County.

The auditors hired by the Arizona Senate found over 50,000 irregular ballots in Maricopa County, see p. 5 Vol 3 of Auditors' Report, alone, that caused the results of the 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona to be Unreliable, see the Auditors' results below.

Almost 700,000 mail-in votes were counted in Maricopa County without any Republican oversight, according to eight witnesses at the November 30, '20 hearing at Maricopa County. Republican Election observers were either removed from the voting location or made to stand 10-12' from the counting process so they could not see the ballots. This distance requirement was a pre-planned excuse, resulting from the exaggerated danger of Covid-19, to prevent Republican observation of the fraud committed during the voting process of the Election of 2020. Covid-19 did provide an excuse for many pre-planned tools and tactics for voter fraud, including funding to Local Election Departments in the U.S. by Mark Zuckerberg, via the CTCL and its Network, in the name of voting safety from Covid-19, and changes to voting rules and voting procedures, including mail-in voting and the CTCL's network of forced election staff. Needless to say, Arizona law requires "political party observers to be allowed to effectively observe the election process". [ Ex. 9 "Conservative Action Project" - Five States...]. The law was violated by Biden supporters in Maricopa County because they prevented Republican Observation of the 2020 Election.

Six minutes after the polls closed at 7pm on November 3, Biden received a net gain of 143,100 votes; cyber security expert witness, Col. Phil Waldron, testified that such an increase was a mathematical impossibility because there were not enough machines in use to process that many votes in that short amount of time. [Ex. 9  "Conservative Action Project" - Five States...].

It has not been highlighted enough that all the massive vote surges in the "5 Swing States" in favor of Biden during the 2020 Election came after the polls closed and the election workers were all allegedly sent home. How can it be overlooked as just a coincidence that all the irregularities, including vote surges after the polls allegedly were closed and election workers/vote counters sent home, favored Biden?

Dominion voting machines were connected to the Internet thereby completely violating all security mandates and the election law in Arizona against the Internet being connected to the Voting Machines. [Ex. 9  "Conservative Action Project" - Five States...].


    Arizona Senate Auditors find massive Cover-Up of the Fraud and Rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election

The Arizona Senate's ordered cyber audit of election results in Maricopa County never happened. The election officials of Maricopa County prevented the cyber audit of its 2020 Presidential Election results by destroying all the computerized records of the 2020 Presidential Election, [See Vol. 3 p. p. 65 -73].

The Arizona Senate immediately saw that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged, and specifically Maricopa County, and hired a computer audit company, Cyber Ninja, to audit the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election in Maricopa County. With 2.1million votes, Maricopa County, which includes the city of Phoenix,  is the largest urban area in the desert state of Arizona and accounted for more than half of the vote total for the entire State of Arizona. [See Vol. 1 p. 1].

Maricopa County filed numerous lawsuits to prevent an audit of its 2020 Election records by the Arizona Senate. Maricopa County sued the Arizona Senate claiming that the Senate had no right to audit the 2020 Election records and results of Maricopa County. The Arizona Senate defeated that Maricopa County's county lawsuit, which in turn, allowed the Cyber Ninja  Auditors from Florida to examine all the voting records including, voter registrations, the voting ballots and computerized voting records. For sure, Maricopa County Election Officials knew what happened during the 2020 Presidential Election in their jurisdiction and wanted to conceal the truth from auditors; Maricopa County Election Officials were "conscience of their guilt" of Election Fraud and Vote Rigging and wanted to conceal the evidence, so they deleted all the election files of the 2020 Election. 

Additionally, the Cyber Ninja Auditors were prevented from performing their "Canvassing Audit" due to another lawsuit by Maricopa County. The "Canvassing Audit" would have included the Auditors to knock on voter's doors and ask them if they voted and were registered to vote at that address; Maricopa County lawsuit successfully claimed that knocking on voter's doors was a violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act causing voter intimidation. There were 30K "voters"  in Maricopa County who had moved away, yet still voted, (See Vol. 3 p. 5 of Auditors' Report); the Insurgents that had been hired in Maricopa County as mandated by Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL voted those "inactive" registered votes". This "Canvassing Audit Procedure" would have resolved many disagreements by Maricopa County Election Officials that there was no election fraud.

During the 9-24-21 Arizona Senate video presentation of the results of the their audit of Maricopa County's 2020 election, the Senate President, Senator Fann, declared their had been "Arizona election statutes broken" and "the chain of custody for election records had been broken". Senator Fann was being charitable and didn't want to stick her neck out too much. The auditors would find Election Fraud in Maricopa County even though the Officials in Maricopa County did everything they could, via destruction of the Computerized Voting files and the filing of lawsuits, to Cover-Up the evidence of the Conspiracy to Rig the 2020 Presidential Election in favor of Biden.

***The Arizona Senate's Audit, as performed by the Cyber Ninja Auditors, was no longer "Cyber" because all the computer data was deleted by Maricopa Election Officials. Instead, Maricopa County Election Officials handed the auditors the 2.1 ballots "allegedly" caste in the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County; in other words, the auditors were handed the product of the fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County. Maricopa County Election Officials tried to "limit the audit scope" of the 2020 Presidential Election to those "alleged" ballots of the 2020 Election produced by the Maricopa Election Officials. Voted Ballots have no identification and are not auditable (especially when the Ballot Images were destroyed in Maricopa County) as to source of the registered voter in order to determine if the vote the ballot represents is valid; the valid and fraudulent ballots were commingled. The Auditors were in essence just told to re-count the Fraud that was the 2020 Election in Maricopa County. As herein, the Cyber Ninja's and Dr. Shiva's audits were severely limited in scope and restricted by Cover-up fraud (deleting all the computerized voting records and destroying about 300, 000 ballot images, and Maricopa County lawsuits preventing the "Canvassing Audit" and the "Signature verification Audit" on the envelopes of the "Mail-in ballots") although both audit groups were hired by the Arizona Senate. However, through alternative audit procedures, both audit groups found over 70, 000 specific votes (more than 50,000K by Cyber Ninja Auditors and at least 20,000 by Dr. Shiva) that were either the product of pure fraud or "irregularities" that, at a minimum, made the Biden win in Arizona Not Reliable. The 70,000 in invalid and fraudulent votes in Maricopa County was more than enough to overcome the pitiful 10K win by Biden. 

According to President of the Arizona Senate, Senator Fann, during the 9-24-21 Arizona Senate Hearing on the Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County, and the Cyber Ninja Auditors and the Cyber Ninja Audit Report issued by the Arizona Senate, "had Maricopa County chosen to cooperate with the audit, the majority of the obstacles the audit faced would have been easily overcome." See and [See Vol. I p. 2].


Cover-Up Concealment is Fraud - Maricopa County Election Officials Delete all Computerized Election Files

Cyber Ninja auditors found that all the computer files of the 2020 election were deleted the day before the audit started, as a result Cyber Ninja could never do the forensic audit they were hired to do on the 2020 Election in Maricopa County, Az. Even the Election "Scanners Vote Ballot Images" were impaired or erased, not just the hard drives of the computers used by Maricopa County for the 2020 Presidential Election. [See Vol. III p. 63 - 69], [also see AZ Senate Hearing video @ 1:36 through 2:00:50 and 2:02:00 "all voting records Purged"].

The law, both state and federal, is that all computer and paper records of the election must be kept for 22 months after the election.

Cyber Ninja did find that the servers and computers that controlled the vote tally of the 2020 Presidential Election were connected to the Internet but Maricopa County refused to turn over the routers and other computerized Internet Connection Equipment that would have allowed the auditors to determine the activity and date of the activity through the Internet, even after Court Ordered. The Arizona Senate got a Court Order for those same routers and computerized equipment, but Maricopa County refused to produce as Ordered by the Court. [See Vol. 3 p. 78].

However, the Cyber Ninja audit team didn't walk away emptied handed and found more problems with the vote totals of the 2020 Presidential Election, just in Maricopa County, far in excess of the vote win of about 10K by Biden in AZ, regardless of the fact that all the computerized voting records had been deleted. The vote count "inaccuracies" found by the auditors were more than enough, by far, to overturn Biden's election win in Arizona by a mere 10,457 votes. Instead  of performing an audit on the computers and servers used in the election in Maricopa County, the Cyber Ninjas audit team had to use alternative audit procedures; most of those audit procedures involved the voting records of registered voters in Maricopa County. Hey, the Insurgents who ran the 2020 Election could not delete all the voting records!!! The Auditors were given custody of all the paper ballots (some valid ballots and some fraud ballots voted by the Insurgents) that allegedly were voted in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County. These paper vote ballots were nothing more than the results of the Insurgents Fraud committed in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election. In other words, the auditors were told to re-count the Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County, via the ballots (some fraud/counterfeit and some valid) that were produced to them by the Maricopa County Election Officials. As Senator Fann disclosed during the Audit Hearing the difference between the Auditors' count of the vote ballots and the "official" vote was a difference of a few hundred votes and not enough to overturn the election, [See 9-24-21 Hearing @5:27 on Arizona Fann was "playing it safe" during that 9-24-21 video taped Auditors' Hearing and didn't dare disclose all the fraud or "irregularities" and "inaccuracies" found by the Ninja Cyber Auditors via their audit of the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County. Nor did Senator Fann dare disclose that all the Computerized election records were destroyed, so that the Cyber Auditors could not expose more and bigger Fraud committed by the Insurgents who ran the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County; Fann left that to the Auditors to disclose during the 9-24-21 Video Hearing on the Internet and the Auditors' Report, as cited below.



The Arizona Senate ordered audit by Cyber Ninja yielded the following "inaccuracies" of over 50,000 votes in the Maricopa County 2020 Presidential Election vote total. See all the Auditors Report on the Maricopa Cty. 2020 Election, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 p. 1-30, Vol. 3 p. 31-47, Vol. 3 48-61, Vol. 3 p. 62-96. Also see the 9-24-21 Arizona Senate Hearing of the Audit of the 2020 Election @

The following statistics of illegal voting in Maricopa County produced by the Auditors hired by the Arizona Senate, see Vol 3 of the CyberNinja Auditors' Report, p. 5 and pgs. 6 - 30:

    23,344 mail-in ballots voted by people who moved and no longer lived at their voting registration address in Maricopa County.

    9,041 more Early Voting Mail-in ballots shown returned and counted as a vote than ballots were sent out to voters.

    5,295 Votes by voters voting in multiple counties.

    3,432 more votes per official vote tally than people who voted per the "VM55 Final Voted File."

    2,592 more duplicate votes counted than original ballots duplicated.

    2,382 in-person votes by people who had moved out of Maricopa County prior to 10-5-20 "registration deadline".

    2,081 votes by voters who had moved out-of-state during the 29-days preceding the election.

     1,551 more votes than voters who voted per the VM55 File.

    2,000 approximate votes caused by various "voting irregularities" contributing to an election that can't be relied on. [see Vol. 3 p. 5 line items 5.6.2 through 5.6.14].

See Vol 3 of the CyberNinja Auditors' Report, p. 5 and pgs. 6 - 30 for a detailed auditor's evidentiary explanation for the above vote inaccuracies.


More Fraud Found in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County by the Cyber Auditors - Scanned Ballot Images Deleted, the Insurgents "Adjudicate" 11% of the Votes

 284,412 ballot images on the EMS (Election Management System) were either corrupted or missing and therefore destroyed for audit purposes. There were 263,139 ballot images on EMS (Election Management System) that were corrupted and another 21,273 vote ballot images missing, along with all the Maricopa County computer records being destroyed. The Cyber Ninja's could not perform a cyber audit (computerized audit or audit of the election computers and software) because the Officials in Maricopa County deleted all the computer records of the 2020 election in Maricopa County. That's right, in Maricopa County, as in many voting jurisdictions in the U.S. (there is no standardization of voting machinery or voting processes in the U.S.), a picture is taken of the ballot causing a "ballot image" as the ballot is "scanned in" to a scanner and counted. [ See Vol. 3 p. 70 - 73]. The the ballot images produced by the ballot scanner as the ballot is counted should match exactly the physical ballots and both should equal the vote totals for the various candidates running for election; because of the 2020 Presidential Election fraud committed in Maricopa County these equalities did not exist so the Maricopa County election workers deleted the scanned ballot images. And that is called a knowing Cover-Up of the Election fraud that got Biden elected in Arizona.

Why did the Election Officials in Maricopa County delete or corrupt a total of 284,412 computerized generated ballot images? Because the ballot images would not have matched the physical ballots in custody of the Maricopa County Election Official that they say represented the  2.1 Million vote count! In other words, real ballots for Trump were thrown out and counterfeit ballots added for Biden, so to rig the vote total in Maricopa County for Biden and win the State of Arizona. Once again, the Election Officials (Conspirators) had "something to hide" and were "conscience of their guilt" so they Covered-Up the evidence of their Election Rigging Conspiracy by corrupting and/or deleting the EMS Ballot images in Maricopa County. The Maricopa County Election Officials defeated the election system that was implemented to prevent election fraud, but they got caught and were not fooling anyone.

11% of the paper ballots were "adjudicated" in Maricopa County. When a ballot is adjudicated it means that the county election staff take the ballot and then decide who the voter intended to vote for!!! They call this adjudication "curing" the ballot. Yes sir, like Stalin said "the most important factor in an election is who counts the votes." The actual number of ballots adjudicated in Maricopa County during the 2020 Election was 11.3% which totaled to 235,392 ballots and 235,392 votes. Adjudication is supposed to be a rare remedy for problem ballots. [see Ex. 1 and cite Cyber Ninja report]. Guess who Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL forced election staff in Maricopa County voted for when allegedly "curing the ballot"? You guessed right, all votes for Biden!



Additional illegalities found by the Cyber Auditors causing election fraud and an election that is Unreliable

The Cyber Ninja computer auditors hired by the Arizona Senate found that all election workers in Maricopa County used the same "user name" and "password" to access and use the election computers and equipment causing there to be no accountability for the flagrant violations surrounding the election including deleting all the computerized records the day before the audit started. The auditors also disclosed that Maricopa County failed to preserve the security logs on the computers and scanners used during the 2020 Presidential Election. [See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 2:23 and go to], [also see Vol. 3 p. 62].

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had repeatedly told the Auditors that the Computer Network and election voting systems were not connected to the Internet. However, the Cyber Ninjas found computerized artifacts (records on the Election Computers' Hard Drives) that showed that hundreds of connections to the public Internet had been made since the installation of the Dominion Software on 8-6-19. The Maricopa County Officials were not efficient enough in deleting their computerized records, so their illegal connections to the Internet were exposed. [See Vol. 3 p. 89 - 91].

Even bigger evidence of fraud, the Internet was connected when all the Computerized Voting Files were deleted in Maricopa County. [See Audit Hearing Video of 9-24-21 @ 2:12 through 2:15  and go to].


Maricopa County failed to release the routers and Network Data and poll workers laptops used to perform various duties, including totaling votes and validating voters, even after being Ordered to do so by Court Order.

Although Maricopa County was successful in concealing the truth about their election from being cyber (computer) audited by deleting all the computerized election records, the auditors were able to determine by the use of the SQL logs when the computerized election data was deleted and then used the timing on the video of security cameras to catch the people responsible for that illegal deletion of the election records. The Auditors from Cyber Ninja during their 9-24-21 video presentation before Arizona Senate disclosed they would not produce the identities of the individuals responsible for deleting the computer records but did forward all information to the Arizona Attorney General for criminal prosecution. The Arizona Attorney General did nothing! [See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 2:00 - 2:12 and go to]. That AG in Arizona isn't going to screw with Jews, he has a career to worry about and a family to support.

The Cyber Ninja's also found that Maricopa County was using the wrong paper for thousands of its ballots. Maricopa County was supposed to use "VOTESECURE" paper for its ballots which do not bleed-through when marked by pen. [See Exhibit 2, p. 3 and Vol. III p. 52 -55]. Where did these counterfeit ballots come from? These ballots that were produced of Unauthorized paper are the same ballots that were counterfeited causing the Election Officials in Maricopa County to delete the EMS Ballot Voting Images. [See also Vol. 2 p. 9-10]. Maricopa County was required to hire insurgents to run their election, as per contract with Zuckerberg's funded CTCL, resulting in open door opportunity for Fraud by those left-wing Insurgents; these insurgent election workers had access to how the paper vote ballots should be produced well before November 3, 2020, and simply ran fraudulent ballots through the vote counting Scanners until there were enough phony votes to make Biden win, that's why there was so many different types of paper used for vote ballots in Maricopa County found by the Auditors.  The Auditors found per examination of the 2.1 Million ballots they were handed that there were at least 10 different types of paper used for ballots. [See Vol. 3 p, 54 and p. 52 - 53]    and [see Vol. 2 p. 9-13]. After trashing Trump votes and falsifying the vote totals in favor of Binden, the vote totals would not match the physical ballot count; the Insurgents had custody of the ballots and voting machinery and had plenty of time to balance the physical ballot count with the "official" vote totals with use of these counterfeit ballots produced from the 10 different types of paper.           

The Auditors found 10 different types of paper used as voted ballots in Maricopa County. And that caused another Cover-up regarding the Maricopa County paper election ballots of 2020. Only "Votesecure" Paper Ballots were supposed to be used in Maricopa County. The Ninja Auditors tried to contact "Rubek Election Services" after being refused information about the paper ballots by the Maricopa Election Officials. "Rubek Election Services" told the Ninja Auditors that Maricopa County ordered Rubek not to respond or otherwise talk to the Auditors about the ballot paper used. See Vol. 3 p. 48. Rubek is the company that sells Maricopa County the "Votesecure Ballots". The Insurgents were using different paper to counterfeit fraudulent vote ballots than the "Votesecure" paper ballots, so to make Biden the winner. 

At the 7-15-21 Arizona Senate Hearing, the Cyber Ninjas disclosed that 11,326 voters were not on the voter rolls on November 7, but were on the voter rolls on December 4, 2020 and were marked as "voted" in the November 3, 2020 election. [ Ex. 2, p. 4-6] and [see 7-15-21 Cyber Ninja hearing]; the Officials in Maricopa County were balancing the "books" (aka "voter rolls") to cover-up for counterfeit voting, no wonder they would not let the "Cyber-Ninja Auditors" do their "Canvassing Audit" by knocking on doors to determine how accurate the voting was in Maricopa County or let Dr.Shiva examine the voter registration records to "check signatures" on the "mail-in ballot" envelopes (see next section on Dr. Shiva). This is also a product of extended "vote counting" beyond election day legal limits, after all Arizona was only won by Biden by 10,457 votes.

It was disclosed at that same 7-15-21 Senate Hearing that the Cyber Ninja Auditors found 18,000 voters voted and then were removed from the voting rolls after the election [ Exhibit 3 and cite hearing]. Why were these 18,000 voters removed from the voting rolls immediately after the 2020 Election? Because they were most likely stale and or inactive registered voters who were either dead or who had moved away or were registered to phony addresses and the Zuckerberg funded election staff used those registrations to create counterfeit vote ballots; those 18,000 registrations were deleted to hide the evidence, but they got caught.


Another Audit of the 2020 Maricopa County Election Prevented - All per Internet Video of the 9-24-21 AZ Senate Hearing 

Dr. Shiva Ayyaadurai of M.I.T. (known as "Dr. Shiva") was hired by the Arizona Senate to perform a second and completely different type audit on the 2020 Maricopa County Presidential Election. Dr. Shiva was hired to examine all the signatures on the EVBE (Election Voting Ballot Envelopes) with the signatures per Maricopa voting registration records; the signatures should, needless to say, "match". Dr. Shiva and his company "Echomail" were hired to verify, with the help of hi-tech, the validity of the signatures on mail-in ballots in Maricopa County. That's right, the mail-in votes are delivered to Maricopa County Election Dept. by mail contained in an envelope that requires the voter's signature on the outside of the envelope. However, Maricopa County Election Officials had something to hide and Maricopa County successfully sued to prevent "Dr. Shiva" from having access to the voter registration documents required of this signature audit match. [ See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 8:30 and go to].

Most of the votes in Maricopa County, via the 2020 election, were by mail-in ballot all caused by the hysteria of the Covid Virus "Scare".

Although Dr. Shiva, per video of the 9-24-21 Arizona Senate Hearing, was stopped from performing his audit of voter's signatures on the Maricopa Mail-in Ballot Envelopes with that voter's signature per election registration records, Dr. Shiva found 17,322 Duplicate Voter Envelopes. Of these 17, 322 duplicate mail-in ballots, 96% were received after the election day. [ See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 21:00-39:00 and go to]. The U.S. Postal Service "post-mark" is the tell tale evidence that reveals these 17,322 mail-in votes were delivered after the election day of November 3, 2020.

Dr. Shiva also found, per his audit, that in the 4 weeks prior to the 2020 Presidential Election  95% of the signatures were legible and 5% illegible. Dr. Shiva found just the opposite occurring on signatures on voter's Ballot Envelopes received in the 4 days after the election from 11-5-20 through 11-9-20; Shiva found 95% of signatures on Ballot Envelopes to be illegible  and 5% illegible. [See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 36:00 - #9:00 and go to]

Why were mail-in ballots being received and counted after the Election Day of November 3, 2020? It was illegal in Arizona to vote after the election day, let alone receiving mail-in ballots for 4 days after the Election Day! The Insurgents that were running the Maricopa County 2020 Election needed 4 days of extended ballot counting to produce more counterfeit votes ballots for Biden!

Only the Arizona State Legislature can authorize voting rules as is extended voting; the Arizona Legislature never allowed extended voting for the 2020 Election.

Dr. Shiva testified that there was a surge in Duplicate and Blank Signatures on the EV envelopes received during the 11-4-20 to 11-9-20 extended vote counting in Maricopa County. [ See Auditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 46:45 and go to]

Dr. Shiva found, per audit, that only10% of the Mail-in Ballots Envelopes had been stamped "verified and approved" in the signature region of the Envelope. Senator Fann, disclosed during the 9-24-21 video presentation of the Maricopa Audit that "instead of a 27 point signature check required by Arizona law, at the end of the election counting there was no signature check at all, " which is totally illegal because only the State Legislature can change the election laws not Local Election Authorities. No wonder Biden won Arizona! [SeeAuditors' Senate Hearing of 9-24-21 @ 45:50 and 56:01 go to]. These ballots are, in part, the approximate 30,000 ballots of citizens who moved out of Maricopa County but Maricopa County's voter records left them as "registered voters"; the CTCL Insurgents, who ran the election in Maricopa County, were voting the ballots of these expired registered voters and had good reason not to check the signatures on these mail-in ballots that all went to Biden, so to get a win in Arizona.


Michigan - election illegalities provide Biden with 16 Electoral votes & a fraudulent win by 146,007 votes

The Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, illegally sent out 7.7million unsolicited applications for absentee ballots prior to the primary and general elections of 2020; Michigan law allowed a voter to request an absentee ballot in 3 ways (written request signed by the voter, by absent voter application form provided by the clerk of the city or township, by federal postcard application), Michigan law did not allow Secretary of State Benson to distribute any absentee ballot voter applicationsTexas v. Pennsylvania, et al, U.S. Supreme Court - Complaint, paragraph #81 - 84

Benson also allowed  absentee ballots to be acquired, illegally, online through the Internet without signature verification; Michigan law, did not allow Benson to unilaterally allow absentee ballots to be acquired over the Internet nor did it allow any absentee ballot to be acquired without signature verification. As one would expect, Michigan law required signature verification on all applications for any kind of voter ballot. Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al, U.S. Supreme Court - Complaint, paragraph #85 - 87.

3.2 Million absentee ballot votes (these absentee ballots are actually better termed "mail-in ballots") were cast in Michigan in the 2020 Presidential Election, or about 57% of the total vote, as compared to only 587,618 absentee ballots being requested by voters in 2016. Five times more absentee votes were cast in 2020 than absentee ballots were even requested in 2016. Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al, U.S. Supreme Court - Complaint, paragraph #88.

Wayne County (urban area includes Detriot which is black-left-wing) made an illegal policy decision to ignore Michigan's statutory signature verification requirements for absentee ballots. See affidavit of Jesse Jacab, an Election Department employee and whistleblower, Texas v. Pennsylvania paragraph 94 and Appendix to Expedited Motion, paragraphs 34a - 36a. The TCF Center was the only location within Wayne County authorized to count ballots for the City of Detroit. Centralization of the voting and vote counting in non-white urban areas, like Detroit and Atlanta, Georgia, made it easier block Republican Observation and to rig the election by a nucleus of Insurgent leaders controlled by the Jews.

 Per analysis of 566,694 absentee ballot data, via the "Wayne County Statement of Votes Report" (public record), by Charles Cicchetti, Cicchetti found there were 174,384 absentee ballots counted that did not come from registered voters,  (See Texas v. Pennsylvania suit paragraphs #95-98 & Paragraphs 27 through 34 of Appendix to the Texas v. Pennsylvania suit's "Motion to Expedite").  These 174,384 fake votes were not a result of Cicchetti doing a statistical sample, but were the result of hard-labor of going through and analyzing 566,694 mail-in vote ballots envelopes that had the voter's signature and finding 174,384 of those ballot signatures were people that, at a minimum, were not registered to vote. No wonder the Michigan Secretary of State cancelled signature verification of mail-in vote ballots after first making sure there were millions of mail-in ballots made available to falsify by the Insurgents who rigged the Election and were paid by Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL money. The Plaintiff in the Texas v. Pennsylvania suit  believes those extra 174,384 fraudulent votes counted in the 2020 Presidential Election were the result of the election workers fraudulently running the same ballots through a tabulator multiple times as Republican poll observers were denied access and election officials ignored poll watchers challenges as documented by numerous declarations, (see Texas v. Pennsylvania suit paragraph #98).

***The more likely cause of those 174,384 unregistered voters casting ballots, as above paragraph, that were tabulated/counted in the 2020 Presidential Election are the blatant illegal voting procedures implemented by Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, as above. Were all those 174,384 votes to Biden? We will never know for sure because as the Globalists and their puppet, Nancy Pelosi, know those illegal ballots are commingled with the other millions of ballots and are forever impossible to audit. Cicchetti made this detection of the fraudulent 174,384 mail-in ballots because the mail-in ballots come in envelopes that have the voter's signature and must be retained by the local government. Unusual, the government actually did what the law mandated and saved the mail-in envelopes, otherwise, the ballot that came in the mail-in envelope is commingled with the valid ballots and not traceable/auditable.

For those who don't remember, the Administrators in Michigan (and all 50 States), are only allowed to follow the election laws as passed by the State Legislature. All the above unilateral changes by Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, to mass distribute mail-in/absentee ballots without application and via the Internet and ignoring signature verification was blatantly illegal and more important part of the Conspiracy to rig the 2020 Election for Biden.

71% of Detroit's Absent Voter Counting Boards (AVCB's) were unbalanced according to affidavit of Wayne County Board of Canvassers, William Hartman, (see paragraph #99 - 101 of Texas v. Pennsylvania suit). The plaintiff (the Texas Attorney General) explains this to mean as, "the number of people who "checked in" did not match the number of ballots cast - without explanation." This explanation by the Texas A.G. has a lot to be desired, for example what did he mean by "checked in" ? Could he by trying to say the number of registered voters who voted per Detroit poll book registration? In other words, there were phantom votes not by registered voters, as ties in with the 174,384 votes that did not come from Registered Voters found, above, by Cicchetti.

The Texas A.G. also omitted the all important number of votes that were effected by this large 71% unbalance of Detroits's Absentee Voter Counting Board's!! The Texas A.G.'s expert witness, Phd Charles Cicchetti and the two Wayne County Board of Canvasser's members, William Hartman and Monica Palmer also were remiss and explaining in their affidavits what 71% of the Detroit absentee vote equals in terms of the "number of Votes."

This 71% unbalanced Detroit AVCB's and other material reports of Fraud and voting discrepancies caused two Wayne County Board of Canvassers, William Hartman and Monica Palmer to refuse to certify Wayne County's 2020 Presidential Election results. Those two Board members were then threatened and legally tricked to believe that their vote was "ministerial" and they had no right to refuse to certify the vote that they found ample evidence was a product of fraud and was not reliable. Those Board members were also falsely told that a complete audit would take place in Wayne County to resolve voting discrepancies; no audit was ever done, just a trick to make Palmer and Hartman sign off on the Detroit vote..

Those two Wayne County Board Canvassers, Hartman and Palmer agreed to certify the election results and then tried unsuccessfully to rescind that certification because they certified they were threatened and tricked. 



Chris Schornak, a volunteer for "Guard the Vote", went through 30,000 of the 172,000 absentee ballots in the city of Detroit. Schornak said his group from "Guard the Vote" found 229  of the 30,000 to be deceased or 229 dead people voted. They also found 2,660 of the ballots were attached to registrations with invalid address described by vacant lots and burnt-down houses. Normally, such investigation of a Federal vote would be done by the Department of Justice, F.B.I. and U.S. Marshalls, but all Federal agencies are "Deep State" and controlled by the Globalists; those Federal policing agencies, including the Department of Justice and  F.B.I. refused any assistance or investigation that could expose illegalities or inaccuracies in the 2020 Presidential Election. So, Schornak and his "Guard the Vote" instead of completing a review of all 172,000 votes in Detroit due to limited resources, extrapolated that 8.9% error rate they found and calculated that over 16,000 of the 172,000 absentee votes in Detroit were pure fraud of people voting from vacant lots, burnt out buildings or who were dead..[Ex. 43 2020 Vote Fraud not Baseless].

1,326 dead voters voted in Michigan in the 2020 Presidential Election according to review of voter registration records of the Secretary of State of Michigan. See website which lists each dead voter in Michigan who voted according to Michigan State voting records.

45,000 dead registered voters on the Michigan voter rolls at August of 2021 caused the Public Interest Legal Foundation [PILF] to file a lawsuit against the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson. Those 45,000 had been dead more than 5 years. The 45,000 dead registered voters in Michigan existed on the voter rolls at the 2020 Presidential Election. The PILF sued to get those dead 45,000 dead registered voters removed because the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, was violating Federal law, the Federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993, that requires that voter records, including voter registration records, be accurately kept and maintained. The dead registered voters were a tool of the Insurgents (People forced to be hired in Michigan Election Departments in order to receive Mark Zuckerberg's Covid 19 election aid money), who were able to acquire the dead registered voters mail-in ballots, due to Secretary of State Benson's illegal distribution of mail-in ballots and canceling of signature verification on mail-in ballots, and vote those fraudulent ballots. The PILF states that none of the 45,000 were removed. [see Exhibit 13].

The PILF found that many of the dead voters registered after they died!! How's that for pre-planned voter fraud? [Ex. 13].

177,000 Michigan voters were found by PILF to have moved away from their registration address by the 2020 Presidential Election and the State of Michigan was slated to remove them from the voter rolls as registered to vote. The PILF stated that none of the 177,000 registered voters had been removed. The PILF was clear that there was no overlap of these 177,000 registered voters with the above 45,000 dead registered voters.  [see Exhibit 13, p. 3].

The proof the PILF's finding that there were 177,000 invalid registered Michigan voters at November of 2020, due to moving away from that address, is that the Michigan Secretary of State removed from the voter records those 177,000 invalid voter registrations , but well after the 2020 Presidential Election. The 177,000 inactive registered voters were removed in the summer of 2021. [See Exhibit 19].

The 177,000 registered voters who had moved away and their registrations were allowed to remain on the Michigan voting records provided another means for the Insurgents to rig the Michigan election with votes for Biden. Especially, when the CTCL and other Ultra-Left wing organizations funded by Mark Zuckerberg's $439Million forced the various Local Election Departments, including Wayne County, to staff those election departments with Insurgents. That's right, under the illegal conditions created by the Michigan Secretary of State by sending out 7.7 unsolicited absentee mail-in ballot applications, allowing absentee ballot applications to be acquired on-line via the Internet without signature verification, those Insurgents could easily vote those 177,000 votes, no wonder the 71% of Detroit's ACVBs were unbalanced.

Connie Johnson a Republican poll observer at the TCF Center in Wayne County/Detroit, per interview that is on You Tube (at least still on at 4-19-21), witnessed 3 cars empty boxes of vote ballots totaling 130,000 votes that were all for Biden. Connie Johnson further observed that the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties, a Jew controlled and run organization ) was allowed to freely roam and observe the vote counting at that Detroit voting center but the Republican observers were interfered with and prohibited from making observations of the vote count. The Republican observers had a right, as a matter of law, to observe the vote count and the ACLU (Jews) had no right to be there. Wouldn't you know the Jews could be counted on to make sure all was going as they planned to steal!

More than 100,000 ballots were seen delivered after the 8:00pm. Election Day deadline at 3:00am at the TCF Center, Detroit, Michigan by Michigan Senator Pat Colbeck and election observer, Shane Trejo. Trejo describes 50 boxes of vote ballots being delivered to the TCF Center in Detroit at 3:30am as having 1,000's of vote ballots in each box. Trejo per affidavit witnessed another late drop off of 138,000 votes at 10:30pm.. Biden would take the lead in Michigan after these vote ballot drops at the TCF Center, [Ex. 52]. See page 3 of Ex. 52 where the New York Times documents Biden received 96% a 149, 772 "vote surge" of 149,772 votes over Trump.

6,000 vote switch surge got the Globalists-Democrats' operatives in Antrim County, Michigan caught red-handed committing fraud in favor of Biden and against Trump. In the Republican stronghold of Antrim County, Michigan, while using the Dominion-Smartmatic hardware-software combo for vote counting, the Globalists switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden. The Globalists were ready and prepared because they were able to falsify 6,000 votes for Biden in the middle of a Republican stronghold, but the 6,000 vote surge switch was to obviously wrong and there was a check made on those votes and they discovered the 6,000 votes belonged to Trump and were stolen by Biden operatives. [Ex. 42, p. 23].

The Democrats claimed that the 6,000 was "just an error" and that "the error was corrected", so it is not an issue. The usual sleepy Republicans cried foul. It sure was an error and they got caught.

A resultant forensic audit of the 6,000 vote fraud in Antrim County an audit of the vote tabulation found that the Dominion system had an outrageous error rate of 68%. The Federal Election Committee allows an error rate of voting systems to be no larger than 0.0008%. Even as concerning in Antrim County is the fact that the Dominion-Smartmatic voting system was connected to the Internet and the computer hard-drive records that would have detected the activity of that Internet connection are gone, or in other words, the computer hard-drives conveniently Disappeared; those computer records were confiscated by the Globalists operatives in order to cover-up the evidence. Michigan law requires those voting records to be retained for 22 months. Those Globalists were well prepared and not only had infiltrated the Republican stronghold of Antrim but they knew to trash the evidence when they got caught, so any bigger evidence regarding the Internet and the Stolen Election of 2020 would not be discovered.  [Ex. 42, p. 23]. The Authorities, as always, did nothing about this voting illegality; the Insurgents are exempt from prosecution because the Jews control the Legal System.

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hosted 7 hours of testimony in Lansing, Michigan over vote counting in Wayne County and Detroits's TCF Center. Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck testified for the longest period on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Colbeck was at the TCF Center as an election observer and raised several issues of election illegalities including ballots, computers, election software, and the chain of custody of ballots and the election results. During his testimony, Colbeck testified, "We've got 8.1 million registered voters here in the state of Michigan, the only problem with that is demographic analysis shows that more than 300,000 and as high as 600,000 of those folks should not be on the voter roles." The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee would not release any of the affidavits or testimony produced that showed the illegalities that occurred in Michigan during the 2020 Presidential Election., [see Exhibit 49].

Bob Cushman, a Republican Election Observer at the Detroit TCF Center swore under oath, per affidavit, that during the absentee ballot counting process he witnessed election workers create new voter registration ballots obtained from mail-in ballots. Cushman went on to explain, per the affidavit, that none of the names of these new ballots were on the QVF or the Supplement Sheets (two systems that include all voter registrations both old and new). Every one of these mail-in ballots were being fraudulently and manually entered into the voter registration system and were identified as having been born on January 1, 1900. When Cushman asked about the impossibility of all the alleged voters who submitted these same mail-in ballot as all having birthdays of January 1, 1900, Cushman was told that was the instruction that came down from the Wayme County Clerk's Office. When Cushman asked election workers what their justification was for counting ballots of unknown and unverified "persons", Cushman was told by election supervisors that the Wayne County Clerk's Office had "checked them out", [See Exhibit 53]

Lori Levin, another election observer at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan swore per affidavit that she also saw election workers opening mail-in ballots and that the names on those mail-in ballots did not appear as registered to vote, but the election worker scanned that same unregistered mail-in ballot to be counted as a legitimate vote. Lori Levin also described per affidavit how she was shut out of the TCF Center and was even blocked from looking through the widows because workers inside used cardboard and pizza boxes to block the windows, [see Exhibit 53].




Wisconsin - 10 electoral votes goes to Biden by 20,565 votes

170,140 absentee ballots counted in Milwaukee and Dane County that are illegal. Wisconsin law s 6.86(1)(ar) specifically prohibits a clerk from issuing an absentee ballot "unless the clerk receives a written application". However, everything was done illegally concerning absentee ballots counted as votes in the 2020 Presidential Election in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. The Canvassing Boards in Milwaukee and Dane Counties decided that the Clerk's receipt of the envelope that contained the completed absentee ballot satisfied that requirement of the clerk first receiving the application and approving that application. 170,140 absentee ballots (mail-in ballots) without the statutory required applications were issued, cast, and counted in Milwaukee and Dane Counties for the 2020 Presidential Election. [Ex. 9 the Conservative Action Project "Five States ...]. James Troupis, a Wisconsin lawyer who testified at the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in early December of 2020, testified that "as many as 170,000 ballots were submitted without any application." [Exhibit 18, p. 4]. So how did they get the absentee ballots? One can only construe that Insurgents had blank ballots (real or counterfeit) and when these Insurgents working for Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL in the various Local Election Departments in Wisconsin received those illegal absentee ballots they were counted for Biden.


28,395 people voted by mail by receiving a mail-in ballot without identification because they claimed to be "permanently confined". However, James Troupis, a Wisconsin lawyer who testified at the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in early December of 2020, testified that these 28,395 voters were not "permanently confined". In other words, if you claimed to be permanently confined Wisconsin Clerks would send out a ballot without a signature check. [Exhibit 18, p. 4].

Dane County's city of Madison on several different dates created 206 locations dubbed "Democracy in the Park" during which absentee ballots for the 2020 Election were distributed. These "Democracy in the Park" absentee ballots were distributed illegally and violated Wisconsin law S6.855(1). These "Democracy in the Park" sites were not established by an act of the City of Madison Common Council which is the governing body, as required by law. The Biden campaign officials advertised the 206 "Democracy in the Park events, thus inappropriately coordinating with the city's election officials. 17,271 absentee ballots were distributed during these "Democracy in the Park" events. [Ex. 9 "Five State...].

The Wisconsin Circuit Court in, Tiegen v. Wisconsin Election Commission, found that "drop boxes" and "ballot harvesting" are against Wisconsin law and on appeal of that decision the Supreme Court of Wisconsin Affirmed that decision. The Supreme Court went on to say that Wisconsin law is the "absentee ballots shall be mailed by the elector (voter) or delivered in person, to the municipal clerk issuing the ballot or ballots". The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) had implemented a voting policy during the 2020 Presidential Election of using "drop boxes" and unsupervised "ballot harvesting". According to the Wisconsin Supreme Court's Decision in Tiegen v. Wisconsin Election Commission there were 570 drop boxes spanning 66 of 72 counties in Wisconsin. There were 100,000's of thousands of votes by these illegal "drop boxes" and "ballot harvesting" in Wisconsin during the 2020 Presidential Election. [Exhibit 15]. 2 million voters voted by absentee ballots (mail-in or Drop box), and now the drop boxes are illegal as they were during the 2020 election [see Exhibit 61 and Exhibit 62 for original Wisconsin District Judge's finding that drop boxes were against the law; that District ruling was, as in this paragraph, appealed and confirmed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court ]; it was Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL that mandated these illegal drop boxes in their contract with the 5 most populace urban areas in Wisconsin, so those Election Depts. in those 5 Wisconsin cities could be granted the alleged Covid-19 Relief.

The Wisconsin Assembly (Legislature) appointed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Michael Gableman, to investigate the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin. Nearly $9Million in Zuckerberg money was funded directly to 5 cities (Gableman called them the "Zuckerberg 5") in Wisconsin (Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha). Gableman stated, per his report, that the $9 million in Zuckerberg money to those 5 cities in Milwaukee violated the state's election code's prohibition on bibery. Gableman wrote, the $9 Million Zuckerberg money violated Wis. Stat. s 12.11, which prohibits election bribery, by providing it is illegal to offer anything of value to or for any person in order to induce any elector/voter to go to the polls and vote. Gableman reported that in exchange for the $9million to those 5 cities the 5 cities operated a Democratic get-out-the-vote drive; that's right the 5 Wisconsin city/county's Election Departments were advocating the Democratic cause and supporting the Democratic candidate for President - Joe Biden, [see Exhibit 63]. According to the Gableman's report, the "Zuckerberg 5" also violated the federal and state constitutional guarantee of "Equal Protection" because the $9 million in Zuckerberg grant money targeted specific voters in the Democratic "Zuckerberg 5" for special privileges, to the disadvantage of similar situated voters located in Wisconsin counties, [see Exhibit 63, p.4]. Gableman also detailed how Zuckerberg's funded CTCL Network unlawfully administered aspects of the 2020 election, including where one organization was unlawfully embedded in local government election administration, [see Exhibit 63, p. 4]. Gableman is concerned as is the Wisconsin Assembly that this privatization of the elections in Wisconsin and the rest of the U.S.A. destroys the Democratic Voting System for citizen's Representatives, thus destroying the Republic and nullifying the U.S. Constitution.

Special Prosecutor, Gableman, stated that Wisconsin government officials have tried to obstruct his investigation into the 2020 Election causing more widespread violations of the election laws. Both the Wisconsin Attorney General and the Wisconsin Election Commission have refused to cooperate with Gableman's investigation, [see Exhibit 63, p. 5]. Yes, it is against the law to Conspire to Cover-up illegalities, in this case the election illegalities of 2020 in Wisconsin.

Nathan Pease of Madison, Wisconsin presented evidence, per sworn affidavit, that on November 4 and November 5 of 2020 that two separate postal workers informed him that the United States Postal Service on November 4 was gathering Tens of Thousands (10,000's) of ballots and backdating the postmarks to November 3, so that those backdated ballots would be counted within the November 3, deadline for receipt of the ballots. These 10's of thousands of fraudulent, by the U.S.P.S., backdated ballots, as per Pease' sworn statement, coincides with a dramatic dump of votes on the morning of November 5 that heavily favored Biden that caused significant controversy regarding the possibility that 10's of thousands of votes would be inserted heavily favoring Biden on the morning after the election. Where did these ballots come from that were backdated by the U.S.P.S.? Those backdated ballots were not late ballots but fraudulent ballots that the U.S.P.S. service conspired to enter into the voting tally by backdating the postmarks to November 3, 2020. [Ex. I "Press Release: Amistad Project Announces Major New election Whistleblowers" p.3] . The Left-Wing Insurgents needed votes because Trump did far better than they thought he could with all their illegalities surrounding the 2020 Election; these counterfeited tens of thousands of votes, were counted after the 2020 election should have been over with Trump the winner, and were used to rig the election for Biden.

115,252 votes by 569,277 registered voters in Wisconsin who are over 100 years old at 2020, according to Wisconsin Assembly Attorney Jeff O' Donnell before the Wisconsin Assembly during a hearing on election integrity! Per investigation submitted to the hearing on Election Integrity before  the Wisconsin Assembly (Wisconsin State Legislature) all those 569, 277 "active" registered voters in excess of 100 years of age were in fact, if you chose to believe such fabrications, the same age of 102 at the time of the 2020 Presidential Election because they all had recorded the same birth date of 1/1/1918! At least the Insurgents who fabricated these 102 year old voters made it easy to audit their fraud, [ see Exhibit 54, and Exhibit 55].

157,000 voters in Wisconsin have the same voter registration number was evidence disclosed at the Wisconsin Committee on Campaigns and Elections Hearing in December of 2021. Additionally it was disclosed at the same hearing that 42,000 registered voters listed as "inactive" voted at the 2020 Election, [see Exhibit 56 and Exhibit 55 p. 3]. Also, it was disclosed at the same Hearing on Wisconsin Elections that 64,000 people listed as voting in the Nov. 2020 election were switched to "inactive" voters after the Election. Combined with the discontinuance of ballot applications and the use of illegal drop-boxes and ballot harvesting in Wisconsin, as above, this is evidence that significant (more than 100,000) fraudulent votes were counted in Wisconsin during the 2020 Presidential Election. Not only fraudulent votes were caused to be counted by these voter registration abnormalities and impossibilities but the number of registered voters was increased in order to conceal the excessively high registered voter turnout in Wisconsin during the 2020 Election. All these voting illegalities causing illegal votes and phony and excessive voter registrations could only be accomplished by the Insurgents who staffed the Election Departments as required by Mark Zuckerberg's funded CTCL contract with those Election Depts. in Wisconsin for Zuckerberg's money under the guise of "safe elections." 


More coming on Wisconsin - waiting for the results of an investigation sponsored by the Wisconsin Legislature.





The U.S. Social War started in the early 1960's.

The Masses have believed the lies of Authority of the Jewish Controlled U.S. Media and U.S. Government for over a half Century.

The United States is no longer "One People". The United States is divided by factions of People who are each other's historic enemies. Since the 1960's with the Government's new laws mandating welfare, the coloreds have been paid by the White U.S. taxpayers to overrun the once predominately White Nation with the bi-product population of Welfare. The Jewish Controlled Federal Government starting in 1993 invites mass immigration into the U.S. to further overrun and outnumber the White Race. The culture in the U.S. is destroyed and the U.S. becomes a place of murder in the streets, looting, arson, riots, while the Government recognizing the social chaos they have created believes a bigger and bigger police state, and reducing the rights of the individual citizen, is the solution to control the colored problem the Government has caused.

The colored people are the majority in the U.S.

The Jews looked from Europe and other far reaches of the Planet about circa 1900 and saw the wealth the White Man had created in the U.S. that resulted from his inventions, science, technology, commerce, political thought, and the White Man's Industrial Revolution which started at 1800. The Jews also saw a Democracy or system of laws these White Americans had created that the Jews could prey on, after first being protected by these laws of the justice of the White Man.

The Jews know how to rig elections in the U.S.A. and they don't stop at 2020. The Jews anticipate and counter future attempts to stop their Election Rigging.


The Jews have been waiting for a Messiah for thousands of years who will lead them to conquer the World. The Jews seek a One World Government to run their New World Order.

The Jews have successfully used the Colored People to run interference for them in the U.S., so the Jews can gain control of the U.S. Society with their "Jewish Social Design Laws" and "Reduce the Social Standing of the White Man", who built the U.S. to its Greatness in the 19- 20th Century. The White Man is the obstacle to the Jews' "Take Over" of the U.S., Europe and the World.


The Colored People live in a World of make believe; they are "Entitled" while the U.S. goes bankrupt due to the cost of Social Programs to maintain the  keep of these Parasite coloreds who come from the far corners of  the Earth over the Rio Grande River to sack the U.S.A. while the Americans are forced to pay for their support through tax enforcement.

If the American Negro isn't bad enough, the Puerto Ricans and other colored that invade the U.S., look at the Americans as total fools; these varieties of Colored People in the U.S. have absolutely no respect for the Americans who are forced to pay taxes to support these freeloading Colored People who overrun the U.S.A.. In the U.S.A. the Colored People get Welfare Benefits that include free housing, clothing, food, utilities, of course health care, all essentials of living, and they receive monthly discretionary cash of about $500.00 a month. 

The Jews' Shadow Government doesn't need Assassinations because the Jews successfully rigged the elections of 2008-2012 and 2020 and beyond causing the Jews' "Take Over" of the U.S..

The U.S. Republic has been destroyed from within; the U.S. Constitution is never abolished, just re-invented by the biased politics of the U.S. Supreme Court and ignored and overruled by Left-Wing Executive Orders from U.S. Presidents and State Governors and even Congress.

Spontaneous riots occur in U.S. cities because blacks are unhappy with police and the newly elected President and his majority Congress. They promise, as former Vice President Kumala Harris did in 2020, "that the violence will not stop." This is the start of what will become the second American Civil War.

Blacks claim descendants of Slavery and sue for Reparations in the amount of $10 Trillion. The Federal Courts dismiss all Slavery suits for Lack of Standing ruling the Plaintiffs are not Slaves and have never seen a slave, but have had the advantage in the U.S. of years of Special Civil Rights and Social Design Policies, including over a half century of Welfare on demand, and even Social Safety Nets so the Negro can't fail. The U.S. Supreme Court denies Certiorari Review.

The American Negro files the same Slavery lawsuit in the World Jew Court in Brussels, Belgium claiming they are entitled to Reparations for Slavery in the U.S. Southern States 200 years ago; the Negro Plaintiffs argue they are as entitled to Reparations as much as the Jews who the World Court found in favor of Jews for 100's of Billions due to Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebelles, claim in an April 1945 speech in Berlin that 6,000 Jews had been killed. Amongst other demands the Negroes argued there is no historical evidence that 6,000 Jews were killed in World War II.

White Nationalists around the World argue in disgust that there has never been Reparation for the 3.5 documented German civilians (mostly woman and children and elderly) who were murdered after World War II ended due to the Allied Forces agreeing to Stalin's Plan of German Repatriation across Europe.

The heightened rioting in U.S. Urban centers by American Negroes becomes a Civil War; these urban centered riots will increase in the number of cities effected and will grow to include invasions into white areas previously thought to be safe harbors for White People and Jews, many being fragile and cowardice and isolated from violence. These riots will increase in duration and territory, into a second American Civil War.

This urban civil war that spreads to suburban and rural areas of the U.S., causes interference and often total obstrution of commerce, transportation, communication, government and the government's taxes. The U.S. Economy nose dives.

The Northern Skies Rumble.

Combined with the U.S. National Debt and unsound Federal Reserve "money creation" the dollar is caused to weaken and no longer be used as the World Reserve Currency of Exchange. The U.S. Federal Government has been bankrupt for decades and now with its debt insolvent the World looks elsewhere for yield and safety. U.S. Treasury debt is avoided in favor of other World Government's debt compounding the funding problem caused by decreased tax revenues resulting from this new American Civil War.

U.S. Social Design Policies can no longer be funded nor can the massive overpriced U.S. military. U.S. troops have to be withdrawn from Policing the World because it is impossible to pay for, either by tax collection or the issuance of new debt.

The U.S. Whites unite in common cause across the Atlantic with Whites in Great Britain, Western Europe; the defeated countries of WWII had their Constitutions re-written after WWII by Jews and Communists who have controlled Socialist Europe since the Communist Victory of 1945. Ethnic cleansing and Reduction of the Social Status of the White Man by the Jews' Social Design Policies pervade these areas of the World.

The blacks will find many fast initial victories and deaths of many innocent white people and Jews (Jews are Semites, not white). There will be massive property destruction, via arson and looting, rape/ethnic cleansing in White and Jewish areas of the U.S.. However, although their objectives seem to be unified, their leadership is splintered. Some Blacks reap the rewards of urban warfare, via their looting and robbery, but fear never to be able to spend it due to the Civil War because the White Man's World they coveted no longer exits. The Blacks are quickly demoralized as they find the loot has run out and they have to support themselves in urban wastelands. Coloreds then rob and prey on each other which had always been the case on a smaller scale.

The White "Liberals" no longer can run to the safety of their suburbs and be protected from the system they "paid lip service to" for over half a century, so to keep their jobs and be rewarded with promotions, both in academia and the work place.

The new and ever growing Asian Populations are attacked by the other Coloreds because of the Asians' Government sponsored financial success in "Progressive America"; the assets and wealth the Asians have accumulated are also targeted by the destruction that is the New American Civil War.

The foreign drug cartels and U.S. mafias are put out of business because the State and Federal Governments have bigger problems than drug law enforcement. With no enforcement of the drug laws the black market no longer exists and the price of drugs plunges putting the high rolling drug sources with their expensive overhead to go out of business. With cheap street drugs comes a reduction in drug related crimes, the addicts no longer have to commit crime to get money for their drugs; in the midst of a Civil War this relief from drug related crimes goes unnoticed. There are no longer taxpayer supported Government Programs for drug addicts causing further reducing drug usage.

Whites no longer depend on the Authorities for protection. The police in the U.S., who had functioned primarily as traffic cops while harassing hard working citizens with traffic violations and answering citizen's 911 complaints that do not rise to a criminal violation, run away from the warring Coloreds in fear of their lives claiming they have families. The Policemens' Union demands that the Police are not a military organization and demand the U.S. Military should defend the Police against the Civil War. The police demand they are not a military force as they claim is required to engage in war. The U.S. military breaks down along racial lines leaving a U.S. military of white men. The U.S. military leadership, Generals etc., that run the U.S. military are the product of "political correctness" and were hand picked by the "Jew Neo Cons" political appointees, who have run the U.S. Defense Dept. and Pentagon, and U.S. Presidents who were bought by the Jews, for decades.

The Military Generals and high ranking officers, who were appointed by Neo-Cons, are useless in fighting the Civil War. These military leaders still want to answer to their Jewish Masters of the past and obey the Jewish Political Correctness that helped cause the Civil War.

The Civil War sees foes Surrendering to forces that don't take Prisoners.

The Jews controlled the U.S. Government as they have since their candidate Bill Clinton got in as U.S. President in 1993 and prior during the Johnson Administration. The Jews made remarkable progress in their plans to "Take Over" the U.S. starting with the U.S. coupe de tat of November 22, 1963 that resulted in the Viet Nam War (1964-1973), the American Civil Rights Acts being passed, riots and cities burning in the U.S. in the summers of 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968; the Jews had the new U.S. President L.B.J. right where they wanted him or he would be hung for murder and as the greatest Traitor in World History. The American Society got "turned inside out and upside down"; "Go to Church on Sunday America" of 1960 looked like an entirely different Land by 1970 of "Hippie Radicals" led by Jerry Ruben and Abbie Hoffman, never to return and a culture of greatness and "way of life" "destroyed from within".

Hispanic Gangs and rank and file Hispanic population engage in the urban warfare only to find themselves at odds with American Blacks and their Hispanic neighborhoods torched, along with their personal property and livelihoods. The Hispanics, even gang members, are quickly disenchanted as their are no more Welfare Checks, Government Programs, and those who had jobs no longer get pay checks. Food is no longer automatic for those assuming Hispanics that filled their shopping carts with Welfare Food paid for by the White Man's taxes.

Most coloreds become to realize that life was much easier when they were fed and could complain to the authorities when their shelter was not to their likings or they weren't happy with "something" or claimed discriminated against and could get the ACLU to sue in a biased court that complied with Jewish policy., after all that's why they came to the U.S. in the past decades. The Blacks and other colored are no longer assured safety of the "Hate Crimes" when they start their trouble on the streets of the U.S.. With Civil War they have no rights, no Entitlements, they blame the White Man and claim to be disadvantaged, after all there was slavery in the agrarian U.S. south 200 years ago. With Civil War the Federal Government is no longer there to "protect" them.

The U.S. military is able to defeat the Coloreds as the Coloreds flee from military force. The U.S. military does not find such easy success in urban areas where the warring Colored factions live; due to the urban guerilla warfare, it is impossible to tell if the Coloreds in city streets are innocent civilians or will be trying to kill them when they turn their backs or when it gets dark. There is no reversal of the Civil War even as the Coloreds are subdued by the U.S. military in one city after another, only to have the Civil War re-ignite when most convenient. The "ill will" cannot be killed and the Civil War has compounded it. The military moves slow, the guerilla war is fast.

Most Jews try to flee the U.S. as they are Dual - Citizens and had no allegiance to the U.S. in the first place. Their allegiance was always to the Promised Land the Bloody Brits gave them in 1918 for getting the U.S. troops in the European War of 1914-1918.

Jews want foreign troops called in and controlled by the U.N., which moved to Brussels, Belgium, to make sure there is no discrimination and that White Men who engage in the Civil War are targeted by the U.S. military like the American Negro and Hispanic Gangs. The Jews insist all rights must be observed to protect these underprivileged Negroes. Jewish leaders still insist it is not the Blacks fault because there was slavery and that the coloreds had to resort to decades of Welfare Support; those Jew leaders don't reveal that the Jews believe in exploitation of other humans on the Planet Earth as ordained, the Jews falsely claim, by God.

The White "liberals" are silenced as there is no longer a gain for agreeing with Jewish Social Design Policies and Jewish Political Correctness.

You have been silent as you watched the U.S.A. destroyed from within, the generations before you were worse and had a culture of "don't say anything". You "curried for for favor" so you could succeed in academia and keep your job, but now it costs you much more. You didn't speak out, let alone step up, and now you have social chaos and war.

You drank the Jews' Kool-Aid, now you are paying the price.

You've been scared of a mere flu called Covid-19; You've been scared of the Bank Panic of 2008-2009; You've been scared of Arab-Islamic Terrorists who had nothing to do with the Events of 9-11-01; You've been scared of Terrorists the Government promised who never existed or showed up in the U.S., all so the Jew Controlled Government of the U.S. could mobilize you for support of Middle East War Crimes that only benefit Israel; you've been scared into silence about the rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election. The U.S.A. has become a population of scared people causing them to beg the Government to save them, when it is the Government that is the threat and danger. Now you can get scared again with horrors of Civil War that you caused  by not opposing the Jew Rule of the U.S. that has gone for decades.

Thomas Jefferson was right.

.......and the deer and the antelope play.